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Penned by Michael Oberndorf - (10/23/11)



A reasonable person, such as you or I, would probably say that involvement in acts that resulted in murder constitutes a high crime. It would certainly become one, if the perpetrators went on to lie and cover up their involvement. It has become quite clear that Attorney General Eric Holder, perhaps Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, and highly likely, their boss, Usurper Barak Hussein Obama-Soetoro, were involved in just such a crime and cover-up with Project Gunrunner and Fast and Furious.


Even at the current level of cursory investigation – a congressional committee, rather than a special prosecutor or counsel – there appears to be undisputed evidence that this was a politically motivated plan designed to create the false impression that massive gun trafficking from the U.S. to Mexico was taking place, so Democrats could demand and impose new, draconian gun-control laws. They allowed thousands of guns to be illegally transported across our open border into Mexico by known members of Mexican drug cartels. Some of these weapons were used to murder Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, ICE Agent Jaime Zapata, and wound ICE Agent Victor Avila. In addition the weapons were used to murder dozens of Mexican citizens.


At the very least, the actions of the people who proposed, approved, funded, and carried out Project Gunrunner and Fast and Furious resulted in criminally negligent manslaughter:

Involuntary Manslaughter Involuntary manslaughter is the unlawful killing of another human being without intent. The absence of the intent element is the essential difference between voluntary and involuntary manslaughter. Also in most states, involuntary manslaughter does not result from a heat of passion but from an improper use of reasonable care or skill while in the commission of a lawful act or while in the commission of an unlawful act not amounting to a felony…


…Generally there are two types of involuntary manslaughter: (1) criminal-negligence manslaughter; and (2) unlawful-act manslaughter. The first occurs when death results from a high degree of Negligence or recklessness, and the second occurs when death is caused by one who commits or attempts to commit an unlawful act, usually a misdemeanor…


…Criminally Negligent Manslaughter A homicide resulting from the taking of an unreasonable and high degree of risk is usually considered criminally negligent manslaughter. There are numerous cases in which an omission to act or a failure to perform a duty constitutes criminally negligent manslaughter. The existence of a duty is essential…When the failure to act is reckless or negligent, and not intentional, it is usually manslaughter. If the omission is intentional and death is likely or substantially likely to result, the offense might be murder ( ).


One need not be a criminal lawyer (interesting job title, what?) to see that this definitely fits what is known about how Gunrunner and Fast and Furious were run. So, where are the calls for bringing the miscreants to justice? Where are the congressmen and senators, the judges and governors, the mayors, sheriffs, and county commissioners demanding that the Rule of Law prevail? The silence tells you all you need to know about the depth of corruption, the disdain for moral, Constitutional government that exists at nearly every level of public officialdom throughout America, today.


That Obama-Soetoro has been protected by political hacks, posing as federal judges from providing documentation, much less unforged, independently verified documentation, that he is indeed a natural-born citizen, and that he has not broken laws regarding identity theft, is more evidence of the endemic corruption that threatens America. According to these hacks, no one has standing to challenge Obama-Soetoro in court. No one. Period. Sounds more like Cuba or North Korea than constitutional America.


Moreover, it has just come out that, in an apparent attempt to legitimize Obama-Soetoro as a presidential candidate in 2008, a major online source of legal data has been caught editing a precedent-setting Supreme Court ruling, Minor v. Happersett, 1875, that defined natural born citizen as a person born in this country, and having both parents American citizens, which Obama, Sr., obviously was not ( ).


As the Democrats and complicit Establishment Republicans turn America into a cesspool of financial and political corruption where legality and ethics are meaningless words, it becomes evident to even the houseplants in the crowd that something must be done.


Regardless of whether Obama-Soetoro is legally the president, or whether the Senate will try and convict him, the House of Representatives must impeach him to show the American people that the Rule of Law is not dead.
In addition, they need to appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate, indict, and convict those who have so clearly committed high crimes and misdemeanors. Any less is unconscionable.


Michael Oberndorf




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Now how can anyone argue any point presented in this Document.  We are witnessing the FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATION of this country and   Our Representatives???  are all sitting on their thumbs.   One can only wonder what those New Faces elected in the last "Landslide Election" are doing and why they have been seemingly so easily "Neutralized".

A Sworn Enemy with his Cabal has infiltrated The Leadership of this country and each day it continues tell us increasingly there is there is only one solution left.  Our Courts, Our Ballot Boxes, and now more obvious to anyone paying attention, our so-called Elected  Representatives are refusing to CORRECT THE OBVIOUS while the criminals are openly destroying and raping the America we all grew up in.

Many of us see that time rapidly approaching when we will have no choice but to Re-Live and Re-Do the Declaration of Independence. 


There are a few in the House who are recognizing that crimes have been being committed; but they're not yet acting on that awareness/knowledge, and that does mystify me; if I know a crime has been committed I report it to authorities; only THEY are the authorities, and SHOULD be taking action.

Stingray, you fail to understand the system our Founders gave us.

When you talk about the establishment GOP you don't understand what you are saying.

First, what you are likely referring to are the vast minority of R's - which I can testify do not hold the same values you or I do.

You also give the group in general too much power.

They have power according to their numbers which is based on how we vote, and more importantly, how active we are in the political process of selecting them. Again, our Founders warned us this mess would happen when too many ordinary citizens like you and I failed to be involved.

The GOP is trying now to get their numbers up so they have the clout to do the things we all know is necessary.


Are you helping?

Yes, I agreed he should be impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors. He violated the constitution so many times I can't attract of it.
Since we are demanding on 11-11-11 that this Admin step down, how, exactly, will this be conveyed to these criminals?
Representative Harry Arconero of New Hampshire and Tim Fasano of Nevada should be invited along. They are calling Obama out for Treason.  This from Arnie regarding Tim making his stance:
The Honorable Richard C. Shelby 
United States Senate 
304 Russell Senate Office Building 
Washington, DC 20510-0103

October 22, 2011
Dear Senator Shelby,
            Most of you don’t know me but some do. I recently ran in the special election here in the State of Nevada for the U.S. House of Representatives in Congressional District Two as the Independent American Party candidate.
            I write this letter with sadness in my heart because of the lack of fortitude that has gripped our nations elected officials with regard to the most pressing issue that any of us has faced in modern times. Instead of respecting your obligation to the administration of our republican form of government for WE THE PEOPLE, you have shown disdain for those that you have agreed to represent in your official capacity; and for what, your own self serving greed and avarice. With the exception of one person, New Hampshire’s state Representative, Harry Accornero, all have either failed or refused to address the most significant constitutional crisis since [probably] circa 1861 under President Lincoln’s administration.
            What angers me, as well as countless other Americans, is that we are forced to remind you, over and over again, of the oath that you willfully and voluntarily took to uphold and defend the Constitution of the united States of America from all enemies both foreign and domestic. Increasingly, your constituents, as they become more and more aware of the current situations and statuses of conditions within our government, as well as your conduct, are without a doubt steadfastly concerned with the more alarming realization of your continued evasion and deliberate refusal to address the most important issue in the country. 
            Surprisingly, only one man currently holding elected office in our country has remembered the solemn oath that he has taken. Harry Accornero is a patriot whom I support without question because he is not afraid to face up to and deliver the truth to his fellow countrymen about our putative usurper president, Barrack H. Obama. 
            Among the countless documented offenses that have been leveled and committed against the American people by Obama, none is as damaging or possesses the potential to effect the rule of law secured by and embedded in our Constitution as that of committing TREASON against these United States of America.
            Perhaps it is necessary to state the case in other terms. If one deliberately or willfully chooses to ignore, practices an artifice or has any complicity in any act designed to abridge the bedrock principles of our founding document, the Constitution; that person wages war against that very document, the Republic for which it stands and the sovereign American in which the document is intended to protect against abuses from the government in securing life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. In other words, 

you too, Senator Shelby, have committed treason!
            We the people are not seeking reconciliation, we are demanding that the rule of law and due process, which our nation was founded upon, be followed and adhered to. We are also demanding that you, as our elected representatives, perform the duties of the job that we have entrusted you to do with consideration for what is best for our nation, your state, or your local community; not any one individual, corporation or special interest group. And that includes your adherence to the oath of office that you most assuredly swore or affirmed upon taking the office in which you currently hold.

            Personally, as a veteran, a son of a fallen veteran, and the father of a U.S. Marine, I am appalled at the level of corruption and contempt that those entrusted (current and past) with the care of the country have shown time and time again!  As I stated above, I have run for public office.  Not out of a desire to be a politician complete with the rewards for such service.  I reluctantly have done so because of my concern for the country, my state, and my community.  In other words, it was and is my duty as an American to do everything in my power to protect the freedoms and liberties for future generations to come.  I hold true to my oath that I took by recognizing that "Duty, Honor, Courage and Commitment" are the character traits in which true patriots and sound, responsible and effective leaders in our country are built upon.
            Be advised, in our nations past one of our first flags, which is still to this day being hoisted and flown by the U.S. Navy, boldly proclaims in unequivocal reference to the American people, “Don’t Tread On Me”. One should take note as to the intent of the banner; the American people are becoming impatient and ever-so weary with your continued conduct and our venom will be our vote. If you collectively choose to continue in your reckless and destructive demeanor and practices as elected public servants, the Declaration of Independence is as applicable today as it was 235 years ago.
With regards,
Timothy Fasano
Patriot and Former Candidate
Nevada’s Congressional District Two
P.S. from GRINGO -If anyone would like to call Tim and thank him as I will tomorrow morning, here's his contact info  
I just asked my senator John cornyn to get on board by sending him Tim's letter in his contact form:
Thanks for posting this,Gringo.I got an e-mail from Dr Gosar {AZ's 1st district rep} who is another of the freshmen from the last election, and he is speaking of Obama's crimes against the people and mentioned a letter he and about 73 others had given Obama about it; I think he might be willing to take some action beyond that with a little prodding and support.  I'll sure give it a shot.

I'm also working on other contacts who are pursuing other sources. It's like how much evidence would be needed to get a conviction against an individual?. Those who live on "Mount Olympus" believe themselves, (and seem to be ), untouchable. Makes one wonder if a prerequisite to join the legal profession was "Big Pockets" and NO Backbone.  Sheriffs who are on board with "Sheriff Mack's Program" should be deputizing militia nationwide to give 24 hour  protection to any judges that will take the multitude of Grand Jury findings and get ready to apprehend, confine and convict the Pretender-Puppet .  For November 11 th in D.C. there should be a cascading crescendo of Simultaneous outcry from Veterans and parents of active duty; phone calls, e-mails, telegrams to BHO and "his" BIDEN and all Congressional accomplices.   


And for the POTUS who steps up to the podium to second the outspoken defamation of the average American, there should be an outcry by Pastors and Bishops nationwide publicly scolding such indecent, indignant behavior by one who is in thew highest leadership position in the nation.

Impeach sounds good but it cannot be done before the fatal blow is delivered.


We are on a fast track to destruction, first economically, then militarily.


Predictions by the respected experts are saying 50% unemployment in 2012 and possibly by end of first quarter.


I don't believe for a half-second the evil crowd that is in power ever plans to let go of it.


They have carefully crafted plans to take us all the way down for the last 100 years. We are almost there.


All those responsible must be held accountable and fast.

Due to the way we are getting branded I personally must be careful what I say.


You are not so limited. You get it.



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