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Penned by Michael Oberndorf - (10/23/11)



A reasonable person, such as you or I, would probably say that involvement in acts that resulted in murder constitutes a high crime. It would certainly become one, if the perpetrators went on to lie and cover up their involvement. It has become quite clear that Attorney General Eric Holder, perhaps Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, and highly likely, their boss, Usurper Barak Hussein Obama-Soetoro, were involved in just such a crime and cover-up with Project Gunrunner and Fast and Furious.


Even at the current level of cursory investigation – a congressional committee, rather than a special prosecutor or counsel – there appears to be undisputed evidence that this was a politically motivated plan designed to create the false impression that massive gun trafficking from the U.S. to Mexico was taking place, so Democrats could demand and impose new, draconian gun-control laws. They allowed thousands of guns to be illegally transported across our open border into Mexico by known members of Mexican drug cartels. Some of these weapons were used to murder Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, ICE Agent Jaime Zapata, and wound ICE Agent Victor Avila. In addition the weapons were used to murder dozens of Mexican citizens.


At the very least, the actions of the people who proposed, approved, funded, and carried out Project Gunrunner and Fast and Furious resulted in criminally negligent manslaughter:

Involuntary Manslaughter Involuntary manslaughter is the unlawful killing of another human being without intent. The absence of the intent element is the essential difference between voluntary and involuntary manslaughter. Also in most states, involuntary manslaughter does not result from a heat of passion but from an improper use of reasonable care or skill while in the commission of a lawful act or while in the commission of an unlawful act not amounting to a felony…


…Generally there are two types of involuntary manslaughter: (1) criminal-negligence manslaughter; and (2) unlawful-act manslaughter. The first occurs when death results from a high degree of Negligence or recklessness, and the second occurs when death is caused by one who commits or attempts to commit an unlawful act, usually a misdemeanor…


…Criminally Negligent Manslaughter A homicide resulting from the taking of an unreasonable and high degree of risk is usually considered criminally negligent manslaughter. There are numerous cases in which an omission to act or a failure to perform a duty constitutes criminally negligent manslaughter. The existence of a duty is essential…When the failure to act is reckless or negligent, and not intentional, it is usually manslaughter. If the omission is intentional and death is likely or substantially likely to result, the offense might be murder ( ).


One need not be a criminal lawyer (interesting job title, what?) to see that this definitely fits what is known about how Gunrunner and Fast and Furious were run. So, where are the calls for bringing the miscreants to justice? Where are the congressmen and senators, the judges and governors, the mayors, sheriffs, and county commissioners demanding that the Rule of Law prevail? The silence tells you all you need to know about the depth of corruption, the disdain for moral, Constitutional government that exists at nearly every level of public officialdom throughout America, today.


That Obama-Soetoro has been protected by political hacks, posing as federal judges from providing documentation, much less unforged, independently verified documentation, that he is indeed a natural-born citizen, and that he has not broken laws regarding identity theft, is more evidence of the endemic corruption that threatens America. According to these hacks, no one has standing to challenge Obama-Soetoro in court. No one. Period. Sounds more like Cuba or North Korea than constitutional America.


Moreover, it has just come out that, in an apparent attempt to legitimize Obama-Soetoro as a presidential candidate in 2008, a major online source of legal data has been caught editing a precedent-setting Supreme Court ruling, Minor v. Happersett, 1875, that defined natural born citizen as a person born in this country, and having both parents American citizens, which Obama, Sr., obviously was not ( ).


As the Democrats and complicit Establishment Republicans turn America into a cesspool of financial and political corruption where legality and ethics are meaningless words, it becomes evident to even the houseplants in the crowd that something must be done.


Regardless of whether Obama-Soetoro is legally the president, or whether the Senate will try and convict him, the House of Representatives must impeach him to show the American people that the Rule of Law is not dead.
In addition, they need to appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate, indict, and convict those who have so clearly committed high crimes and misdemeanors. Any less is unconscionable.


Michael Oberndorf




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Do you remember the video where a gal asks Ben Franklin what form of government he gave her to which he replied, "A Republic, if you can keep it"?


We have the best designed government and our Founders knew corrupt men could ruin anything - so we had to stay diligent.


Guess what we did not do?

Yes, I remeber it well.... We trusted people instead of God....


I agree; he's not even consistent about the value of a life on the abortion issue.  This from a "doctor"???  Sorry, but that just infuriates me.
I do have one minor correction to this article.  The article reported that dozens of Mexican citizens have been killed with Fast and Furious guns.  This is an understatement.  The fact is that there are at least 200 deaths in Mexico where a Fast and Furious weapon was recovered at the crime scene.  Keep in mind that the ONLY WAY they have to track these weapons is when one is recovered at a crime scene due to the killing or capture of the criminals involved or if they just drop the weapon and run off.  What this means is that there are probably killings in the thousands more that have been done where the murderers were not caught and carried the weapons with them when they left the bodies.  It is absolutely correct that whoever planned this operation did so with full knowledge that the weapons WOULD NOT be tracked after they crossed the border.  Therefore it is an ABSOLUTE LIE by the administration that the goal of this operation was to trace the guns to the cartel bosses and arrest them.  All we need to be further investigated at this point is to find out how high the approval went on this and I personally believe that it goes all  the way to the Indonesian-in-chief, Barry Soetoro.
You KNOW there had to be a plan to leave the weapons with the victims. Then Holder could say for sure there were weapons bought here and it had to be stopped. Holder has a special place in hell just begging for his arrival.

It is truly a tagedy.... What will they insane politicians do when their guns show up at crime scenes in one of our homes? Cover it up and lie as usual?


Good post Ed.....think you nailed it...and of course Obama was aware.  Cross border operations, sovereignty issues, fooling with another nation without their knowledge (maybe).......these things just don't get done without the president being involved, if not approving it.....

Twana, were you a drill sergeant or something? While you may want everyone to stay on topic, your demeanor is one of a tyrant just like BHO. Perhaps you could soften up a bit. Request what you want and take an anger management class. I am not the only one that feels that way. This is a voluntary patriotic event that is costing some of us a lot of money to get here for this event. Kindness to one another is recommended. Thank you for reviewing this.



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