Constitutional Emergency

Of course the communist dhimmi witch does! Anyone hear anything from or about HUMA lately?



Creeping Sharia

via Clinton Blames America For Failures In Islamic Regions‏ – OpEd Eura....

As Secretary of State Hillary Clinton turned over her office to Sen. John Kerry, she stated on Friday during her speech at the Council on Foreign Relations that America is at fault for the unrest in the Muslim world because of a failure to explain U.S. policies.

When a reporter questioned Clinton on why favoritism toward America by the Muslim nations during the Obama administration has been considerably lower than during the Bush administration, Clinton responded: “I take responsibility, along with our entire government and our Congress and perhaps our private sector.”

Favoritism during the Bush administration? Like 9/11?

Clinton made her remarks at the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington in her final address as secretary of state. She stepped down on Friday and is succeeded by Democratic Senator John Kerry.

The former-First Lady and U.S. Senator said one of the reasons is the United States has “not done a very good job in recent years reaching out in a public media way or in a culturally effective way to explain ourselves.”

But Obama’s continuous Muslim outreach effort included a variety of controversial moves, including the rewriting of the curriculum for training federal law enforcement officials in anti-terrorism by eliminating all references to Islamic terrorism or that portray Muslims negatively, according to Judicial Watch analysts in Washington, D.C., on Thursday.

Clinton claimed she had encountered many depictions on U.S. policies by media in Arab and Muslim world, which she believed are ” absolutely untrue.” “Our response has been — nobody will either believe it or we can’t possibly contest it,” Clinton said.

To change the dynamics, Clinton called for active engagement with the media in the region, including al-Jazeera, the Arab satellite television channel. Ironically, her husband’s vice president, Al Gore, recently sold his cable channel Current TV to al-Jazeera after turning down an offer by talk host and author Glenn Beck.

“You can’t be in the arena and expect there to be a change if you’re not willing to get off the bench,” she said. “And from my perspective, that’s our fault.”

Why exactly do we – private or government – need to be “in the arena” anyway? For all their hatred, Muslims have no problems with the tens of billions of U.S. dollars plundered from American citizens to prop up dictators and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Then again, this is Hillary “Ikhwan” Clinton who just last week told the world she hopes to work with Islamic terror group Hamas.

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It is the fault of the USA. If it were not for us the muslimes would be in complete control of the world.

As soon as obummer gets us disarmed they will take over.

Read Twana's article by Stingray about preparing for war. I said 4 years ago that when this pinnacle was reached all hell wold break lose. Let Roll!

I have the answer what to do with the 7th century followers of Allah. A big bomb right in the middle of them.

Just need to stop giving them free food and money.  Let them eat sand


I say stop giving all those Mulims money and food.  Let them go back to eating what they were before USA free hand outs.  Camel and goat dung.  As we are at it stop giving all those DemoRats money and food.  This will solve the money problems those in DC have created for us.  When you were growing up and the kid(s) in your neightborhood was always mean you stopped playing with them.  As we all know those Muslims don't know how to play.  We need to fly over them shooting with the highest does of radiation possable.  Dropping a bomb can cause damage to our people over there.  The ones here put them all in FEMA camps.  You know they have fully automatic rifles and the DC gangsters know it because they've given them to those worthless rats.

She deserves death and f*** allah and obama

rich,we the people,who are the real government SECOND THAT EMOTION.hillary you a treasonous traitor and a musmutt as kisser and ovomit/satan to.god bless sheriff joe and cold case posse.

Bomb Mecca and Medina, problem solved.

This makes me sick too

well - Secretary Clinton was supposed to be the nation's mouthpiece, so it is obvious that she and her incapable boss created this problem.

The USA is not a Muslim state and so the nation's mouthpieces should quit talking about Muslim support.

The USA government is not supposed to identify with any religion.

Oh most notable high lady of the nation, please apprise us of how you and your mentally sick husband allow and championed our nation to pull away from God during your tenure in our nation's high office. Please advise us as to why you refuse to address our nation in a more perfect tone in that we should side with God and then please tell us how and why you allowed Barack Obama, that non-God individual, to be president of this nation and then declare, without any recourse from you, that America is no longer a Christian nation. So you have caused God to remove his protective shield from us and in so doing we were attacked, a sign from God. And you ignored the sign which shows your ignorance, your stupidity, and yet 7 years later another sign was given by God and you ignored that one also. The collapse of Wall Street and Lehman Brothers and it goes on and you do nothing to help return this nation back to God. You commit murder (Benghazi) and you do not repent. You lead this nation into the depths of destruction with the aide of Barack Obama and his ilk. 



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