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"Hillary to lose presidential Super Bowl"(But not to Marco Rubio)

Exclusive: Larry Klayman predicts Clinton's own party ultimately will boot her

Published: 11 hours ago

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Yes, he does look like Subud, but he also resembles Malcolm X as does his oldest daughter.... I find it interesting that there are NO pics NOwhere (that I'm aware of) that shows these girls as babies with Moochelle.... and they do not look alike or like the "parents" at all..... just an aside, but interesting, eh?

More to the point:  Tom Fitton points out that Comey can bypass the Justice Dept and go directly to a federal judge.  So, let's see what happens going forward as she needs jail time!  Hillary for Prison 2016!

This family was put together by Ayers, those kids were dug up from someplace just as the muslim in our White House was, That is not a legitimate family, he is GAY, she is a Lesbian, Those kids did not exist before they started grooming him to take over our country. No baby pictures, nothing, They put scammed the American people big time and the republicans let them. Makes me sick to even think ab out the damage he has done to this country and the amount of money the monkey wife and her monkey mother have spent from our tax dollars.

Yes, quite disgusting..this country is not of / by /for  . the global elites rule via their

agents ...government employees / judges / congress / POTUS / MSM.

Bush , pictured as a Texas Rancher , never rode a horse . his handlers decided to

create that image prior to the 2000 election...they bought the property and his truck,

while interviewed as POTUS, he stated the ranch was his favorite pplace on the planet

he would never leave . six months after his retirement , he and Laura moved to Dallas

and the property has been disposed of.

he was chosen as the agent to invade the Middle East.

Obama , half black , supposedly , was chosen to demoralize the military rescinding DADT

his first year in office , to increase racial conflicts and spread perversion and drugs.

there is much more.....are you one of the deceived ??

Harry, I found nowhere in the article that Larry says he supports Rubio - I think he is going on the same assumption many others are that Rubio is the one the establishment is pushing and intend for him to win.  I do not believe Klayman would agree that Rubio is eligible - no way!

True Judith...........I want Klayman to get on the issue and prove Rubio is not a "natural born citizen".  He has not said one way or the other to my knowledge.

   Read the constitution, it is very plain, it says( natural born ) The Father & mother have to be American's Citizen

 and the baby has to be born on American soil to be Natural Born citizen enough already !!!

  Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, ARE NOT ( natural born ) I am 84 with 8th grade education! !


I believe the count is up to 32 going back to Arkansas

NO, it is over 200...

Larry Nichols told me.

Thank you ,you have just reinforced what I have been telling people all along. If Cruise gets the nomination the Democrats will hammer him to death and put a Democrat in office.

Mr. Klayman, I am a great admirer of Judicial Watch and have made some small donations , but I am at the point of just giving up on your organization. Yes, you win all these actions, you go to the Supreme court, you win, then that is where it ends. There is never any end results of the actions you win. You get documents released etc and then the crooks are still in their jobs, nothing changes. What good is winning if they do not get prosecuted etc. Seems to me like a lost cause to even bother spending money to win when they win in the end by never having to own up or pay for their crimes. I am feeling less and less hopeful. Things just seem to continue as they have been under this administration. I E  Lois Lerner, the veteran scandal, the Tea Party still not having their exemption status, the Ben Ghazi murders, the list goes on and on and no one has been held accountable and seems like they never will. Hillary was just about laughing her head off at the debate saying she is 100 pr cent sure nothing will happen to her and she is right because nothing ever happens to anyone. Then we had that clown mocking and laughing just this week about the prescription mess. He was before the Congress and laughing at them. So where do we ever have a chance???

              That clown you talk about is not as bad as the people people doing the questioning !!!



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