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"Hillary to lose presidential Super Bowl"(But not to Marco Rubio)

Exclusive: Larry Klayman predicts Clinton's own party ultimately will boot her

Published: 11 hours ago

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What do you mean, "She'll never be indicted?"  This bitch is not one of the gods, and neither is the other bitch, Barack Hussein Obama!  They both MUST be arrested to restore our national standing for truth and justice. No more damn politics!! 


Your words are so true.  Should be shouted to all four corners...

I wish I had your confidence that she will not go anywhere in this election. While I greatly admire Larry Klayman for his ability to uncover the relevant facts and get to the truth, I agree with Jane Erway that Hillary (and many other qualifiers) are getting away with murder and are not being held accountable. It seems as if Hillary's outburst about "What difference does it make" is the motto she lives by because she does whatever she wishes and is never held accountable. Collectively, that is the single most damaging characteristic of the entire Obama Administration in that while corruption in DC is running rampent, no guilty persons are ever held accountable. This has signaled Obama that he can do whatever he wants, and get away with it. It seems that "We the People" don't really care that much; we write it off as "politics." This is why I have thrown my support in for Dr Ben Carson; he deplores this unaccountability dirty trick that allows corruption to flourish in Washington, DC, regardless of who or what political party it comes from, and he has vowed to do all he can to get rid of it. God-fearing patriotic Americans should be getting behind this icon of true justice and freedom to preserve the ideals under which our great country was founded! God Bless Dr Ben Carson, and God Bless America for returning America back to the truth, honesty, and vision of our founding fathers!

I also like Carson - however, there is a big problem in that he supports TPP as well as amnesty.  And his good friend and advisor, Armstrong Williams has put out some extremely racist statements in the past.  Carson is a good man who has jumped into the deepest cesspool and I fear he is way over his head.

DO NOT BELIEVE THIS  !!....IF INTERESTED , watch in the coming months as the agents of GLOBAL ELITES

maneuver to discredit all candidates other than Hillary / Bernie while the republican candidates do well in

destroying one another. i do believe Hillary / Bernie will do more harm.

 This is why OUR government ran Obama, and now they are running Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio,who are NOT legal to run,then they can say we set a president, so now they can change the constitution !!! It's up to us to stop them! WE NEED to give our vote to ONE of the others that are running !! who LOVES America !!!

Shameless to the core, Hillary, probably the most morally flawed political leader of our time, will go down fighting tooth and nail. She still enjoys enormous support from some well-heeled donors and simple-minded minions. BUT, I too predict she will go down. Such a tragic figure.

I do believe, that the only and only guy who could prosecute every crook in the establishment, including Hillary and Obama is Trump. The only smart guy with own money,guts and no political skeletons in the closet.  The question is, WILL HE DO IT?


Great article, should be running on every media network as well. Larry laid this out righteous for all the republicans running for POTUS



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