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I'm looking for the C-Span video. If someone finds it before I post it here, will you please post it here for us.Thanks,




Stars and Stripes AP


WASHINGTON (AP) -- The chairman of the House Armed Services Committee is intent on barring private security contractors and Afghans from guarding U.S. bases in Afghanistan, a move that could complicate President Barack Obama's timetable for withdrawing American forces after more than a decade of war.

Rep. Howard "Buck" McKeon, R-Calif., introduced the legislation on Thursday in response to the insider attacks by Afghan security forces against U.S. and other coalition troops. McKeon held a hearing last month in which the military said more than 45 insider attacks have occurred since 2007 - 75 percent in the past two years.

In a recent spate of anti-American violence touched off by the burning of Muslim holy books at a U.S. base last week, two U.S. troops were gunned down by two Afghan soldiers and an accomplice on Thursday. All told, six Americans have been killed by their Afghan partners in recent days.

"War is bad enough that we put our young people out there at risk," McKeon said in an interview taped for C-SPAN's "Newsmakers." "They shouldn't have to worry about security within the base."

The legislation would require the president to ensure that there are enough trained members of the military to fight the war in Afghanistan as well as provide security for American troops. If the president refuses, he must certify to Congress that private security contractors or the Afghan Public Protection Force can provide protection that is at least equal to the U.S. military.

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Time to get out of Afghanistan as they have proven all to often they are only in it for the US dollar and not a reliable ally; also get US out of the UN and spend the money on Defense and manufactoring projects to reduce foreign trade imbalance and depending upon "made in china."

Honestly, does anyone trust anything this president will say with regard to anyones safety, other than his own?  He and the DOJ have already scuttled our border patrol, tied the hands of ICE, attempted to shut down states that want to prevent voter fraud, throttled back on oil production, and lied to the citizens regarding Obamacare.  The list goes on, and on.  Maybe McKeon thinks he and some on the committee can haves some sway, but I sure don't see that.

Just my thoughts!!!

Doing a multiple search on the c-span site, I found multiple videos of McKeon; but probably not the one you want.  HA!

There is a "Newmakers" segment of McKeon that has yet to be broadcast, must have been recorded in the last day or so.It is listed though, so maybe it will be broadcast/archived tomorrow.   I did listen to the 3hrs regarding the 2013 defense budget.  Found it interesting.

Sounds  like a good idea that I believe the Democrats will NOT support. Like the 0  they think it's swell the Muslims are getting their  training  over there so they slay the infidel here once our Congress hands the local Islamists the surrender flag. Yes I do have such a jaded view of Democrats and cannot see them as my fellow Americans.

The safest place for our troops is at home. Time to bring them back and have the Afghan government deal with the Taliban. Lets see how long they will last.



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