[I do not believe for one moment that "invoking Martial Law", twice, without any mention to the public - especially via MSM - is just to speed the vote on a spending bill - (all done at the last minutes of course) as if they did not know that a spending bill had to be voted upon since last year.  All kinds of actions/deeds could be exploited behind our backs during this whispered invocation of Martial Law. It is just another legislative excuse for governmental abuse.  What else were they doing during this whispered invocation of Martial Law?]   

29 September 2015

House Invokes 'Martial Law' To Speed Vote On Spending Bill: 

"For the second time in a month, the House on Tuesday invoked 'Martial Law' to allow more expeditious consideration of a stop gap spending bill to avoid a government shut down on Oct. 1. 

The use of 'Martial Law' refers to bypassing the typical procedure that requires the House to wait a day after the Rules Committee produces a rule establishing floor debate parameters before voting. 

Instead, the House can now vote on the procedural measure on the same day. 

Congress is on a tight deadline to avoid a shutdown.  The Senate has not yet passed the stopgap spending bill, which lasts through Dec. 11.  Senators are expected to approve the bill Wednesday [today] morning, but a vote has not yet officially been scheduled. 

Wednesday [today] will be the last full day before current funding runs out.  The government will shutdown on Oct. 1 in the absence of congressional action. 

House GOP leaders invoked martial law earlier this month to fast-track a spending bill.  But they ultimately never had to use it after the Senate opted to go first with the spending bill." ...


17 September 2015

House Invokes 'Martial Law' For Avoiding Shutdown:


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I think our government needs to shut down....Loretta Lynch, Attorney General just gave a speech at UN....she claims she represents this Administration (Obama) and has agreed that US Cities, Join UN to Create a Global Police Force Intiative!  Congress has no idea what has just happened.   I would pretty much say they will not longer need Congress anymore, because they are making all the decisions themselves.  Lynch and Obama!   How can we let this happen?  https://youtu.be/FhuhHK2LAYg

Patricia Badish,

You got that right.  They just laugh in our faces.  I wish that there was some way that we could bring this hayride to hell to a screeching halt.  I think that they want to completely destroy us before the 2016 Election. 

Thanks very much for the Youtube link. Wow. We need her running for office.  I had just about given up on the younger generations of America - since many have been programmed that the United Nations Socialism, with the blessings of Pope Francis, 'is a good thing'. 

I had posted a few links/discussions about Agenda 21/2030 - hope you have a chance to check them out, and please forward the links and content from the listed websites if you can.   Thanks,  :-) 

[Remember the: "You have to pass the bill before you can see what is in it.", nonsense?] 

01 October 2015

Breaking Update: Congressional Martial Law Declared:

"For the second time in a month, Congress has implemented 'Martial Law' as a way of fast tracking unconstitutional spending bills in order to keep the bankrupt U.S. government from collapsing.  The use of Martial Law fast-tracks spending bills by BYPASSING typical procedures - it's a stop-gap measure of overt tyranny from the government of a nation which at this point is best defined as a 'Banana Republic'." ... 


Original Article From: The SGT Report - The Corporate Propaganda Antidote:




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