Constitutional Emergency

House Might Finally Move to Stop Obama's Lawbreaking

President Obama has been going outside his constitutional authority and ignoring his legal responsibilities for years, and it's been getting progressively worse since his last State of the Union address, when he told the world that he was going to nullify Congress and use executive orders to create any law he pleases.

After years of sitting on its thumbs, the House of Representatives is finally looking at proposals to rein in the runaway president.

According to The Hill, the House will take up a two-part proposal next week.

One part is called the Enforce Act, H.R. 4138. According to The Hill, the act would "allow the House or Senate to authorize legal action against the administration’s willful neglect of the law."

The second part, called the Faithful Execution of the Law Act, H.R. 3973, would require the government to make a report every time an existing federal law is ignored and explain why it was done.

Talk about a waste of time. ...

The Congress already has the legal authority to stop a renegade president. It's called the impeachment process.

The only reason it hasn't been tried is because the people who oppose the president's illegal actions are mostly Republicans. The impeachment process begins in the House, where Republicans hold a majority, but it has to be picked up by the Senate, where mob boss Harry Reid and the people who support Obama's lawbreaking, aka Democrats, hold sway.

In other words, impeachment would be pointless because it would go nowhere.

Just like these two proposals the House is going to take up.

If Republican members of Congress want to stop Obama, they need to think like Obama and go outside the nice, safe realm of law, sad to say.

Here's a random thought: Have the GOP members of Congress propose a bill recognizing and reiterating the Declaration of Independence. It's the document that identified America as a separate, sovereign country, and even liberals aren't likely to oppose that.

Once that's been passed by the House and Senate, Obama won't have any reasonable objection to honoring U.S. history and he'll sign it.

As soon as everyone's agreed, the House GOP could spring the trap.

The Declaration includes a section about how governments are instituted to protect the rights of the governed, and how when governments oppose that purpose, the people have a right to eliminate that government and set up a new one.

GOP House members, as representatives of the people, could simply declare that the U.S. government has become an enemy to the purpose for which it was established and that all of it, including Obama's Administration, the courts and the Congress, is null and void, effective immediately.

Yes, that would mean a new Revolution. But is it really any more radical than what Obama is getting away with right now?

We exist, at this very moment, under a government in which one man has assumed for himself the complete authority to make, break or ignore any law he pleases, and his underlings have shown a growing boldness in abusing the laws we thought we had in place, that we thought the president was sworn to uphold. And none of the people who should be stopping the president are doing so.

Whether the Congress does it or the states do it, the most likely end to Obama's burgeoning tyranny is that we will have to wipe the slate clean and start again.

It won't be easy, and it may not be bloodless, but our president and our feckless Congress and courts have made it more and more necessary with each passing day.

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We don't need the house to get rid of the government as We the People are the ultimate power.  Besides, it has been 5 years of the tyrannical regime of traitor Ovomit but not a single member of the gop has charged Ovomit with ANYTHING, despite knowing he is a criminal, a fraud, a traitor, and a murder, to name just a few of his crimes.

So why should we trust the gop now? Did they finally discover that one of them has a backbone that they can lend to all the others who don't? No, until they charge Ovomit with Treason I don't trust them.  More than that, they have failed in their primary duty which is to defend the Constitution so they are therefore complicit in Ovomit's crimes and should be charged along with him, for had they stood up to him before he was inaugurated, we would not be in this mess now, so it is as much the fault of the gop that Ovomit vs in office as it is of the dnc.  In reality, everyone in congress is guilty of Misprision of Treason and should be charged accordingly, for that is the LAW, they all know it, and they still ignore and violate it.



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