For along time manny Americans(myself included) have been passive in our opposition to washingtons greed and curruption. Manny of us have been caught napping. The majority of Americans seem to have awaken to a government who no longer represents the people. We are trying to be peaceful in our efforts to be heard. Our leaders in washington still ignore the wishes of the people. They choose to represent their own greed and  curruption. They seem to think we are pesants in their service and there is nothing we can do to stop it. This is where it gets scarry. there are some groups of Americans who are taking steps to prepare for civil war. I hope this can be avoided. The price is to high. As a veteran, i swore an oath to defind THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNINTED STATES OF AMERICA AGAINST ALL ENEMIES BOTH FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC. I beleve in the oath i took and will honor that oath no matter what the cost.

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I feel that the International London Banking Cartel that we fought against in 1776 has taken over the World. It seems that it would be easy that these controllers can shut this country down by the power grid which they can do to advanced societies forces them on their knees; no water,food,toilets,trash collection, booze,cigarettes etc, a little bit longer for the Islamic and North Korean resistors, they don't want to play ponzi puzzles with the money changers; this is why our soldiers are "Over There" "Over There" "The Yanks Are Coming"! To set up forced (Usary) banking over there, spreading the BEAST 666 money system. Satan knows he only has a short time left to deceive, steal, and kill.

We must Repent, Pray and seek Yaveh. 2 Chronicles 7:14

Please listen to JFK's "Secret Society Speech" on You-Tube/ Ever wonder why Special Forces School Of Warfare at Ft. Bragg was named after him???????
I have never used the word saton in anny way shape or form in relation to troops veterans or patriots. HOW YOU CAME UP WITH THAT I DONT KNOW
Thank you for your service!
If the newly fraudulent Democratic Party successfully defrauds the upcoming November elections AND leaves us all stuck with more radical leftwingers and more crook-o-crats on Capitol hill , then we will be at the threshhold of a genuine civil war.

NO ONE WANTED WHAT OBAMA IS SHOVING DOWN AMERICAS THROATS. NO ONE. These Crook-o-crats are doing all this to suit their ideological agenda. It is up to stop them. If the ballot box fails then it will have to be by the cartridge box...

And by the way, the principal villains in the still-unfolding political nightmare in the USA include George Soros (possibly the richest man in the world, easily the most corrupt, and among the most dangerous), newly rich developing nation such as Saudi Arabia, China, and Russia, the European Black Nobility (including the Bilderberg Group) reinvigorated and emboldened by the recent successes of the EU. Those who buy off our politicians and judges and attempt to enslave our people are NOT restricted to US citizenship. A lesson to be learned in... THE TWILIGHT ZONE.
Friends and fellow Patriots; There may come a time for violence but it is not here now. We still have a big chance to save the Republic; at least one chance. That being through the ballot box. I believe that unless we defeat the liberal/progressives this Nov. The Republic will be unrecognizable in 2012. That is why we must promote the conservative candidates in all the State elections. We must or I fear the unthinkable for my Children and Grandsons.

Let us step back from our anger and think about the possibilities armed insurrection will bring. We must be absolutely positive there is no other choice: that we have tried everything else possible. Let no-one mistake "meekness for weakness".
Gee, I am glad George Washington didn't say "Let's wait for the weather to get better before we stand up to those nasty RedCoats.

When will you and other Doves learn that time is of the essence. 8 months from now may be too late. Do you suppose Rush was saying last week, that there not be any voting in November? What do you suppose he knows that we don't.

If we are to take back this country, it had better start soon! later will be too late at the rate these Socialists are taking apart this Rebublic
How long had GW been losing every battle before he crossed the Delaware?
They are waiting for us to fire the first shot, so they can declare Martial Law and stop the elections.
And you are playing right into their hands.
Armed resistance is the LAST thing to do. And IF that time comes, I'll be there. OLD as I am.
Patroits Game all I am going to say to you is something I said in repsonse to what was originally said.
It is this. I HOPE before your speak, you read these words VERY CAREFULLY! Read them with an open mind, heart, and soul.

..."So now they're in power, the people who have plotted a revolution. They were plotting it in the Sixties. Some of them still talk about throwing bombs and everything else, doing whatever they have then what happens? They what? What? What after this? If you're going to take over, if you're going to end it, if you want to have the true fundamental transformation of America, what you do is you have to reverse the roles. You have to put yourself in the role of LBJ, the man, and you need to put the man, you need to put the good Christian people in your role from the 1960s, the ones with the signs and the banners in the streets. Because you can manipulate them like crazy because you know what the man did to you that pissed you off! You know what the man was doing to you that made you say, "I gotta get a bomb!" And you also know that doesn't work. So if they are now at the top, why do you think they are needling and poking and prodding all the time? Why do you think they slap you down on healthcare and just as you're getting up, they punch you in the face with immigration? Why do you think they are being so divisive? If you are a loving parent and you discipline your child, the first thing you do is hug them so you are not estranged from that child, so your child doesn't say, "My daddy doesn't love me." But what have they done? They gave us a spanking on healthcare and then they punched us in the face. They want you to say "Daddy doesn't love me." They need you to be estranged from them. They need you to pick up a gun or a bomb. They need you to break the law. They need you to become them in the 1960s. They need you to do it. Because they know America does not support those kinds of people and they have become legitimate. They have dropped the radical pose for the radical ends, and they are making you the radical. Do not play into their game. They hold all of the cards. Do not do anything but get on your knees. As we turn to him, he will turn to us. This is his land. Let it play out his way. Do not pick up anything... except your soul. They need you to become radical"...

You watch and see with these militia groups that were seized and raided. The far left press and media, You hear those on teh far left in COngress speaking out to.They will all be saying these words. It is these right wing tea bag terrorists that are causing all of this trouble!. They want to violently overthrow this government! They will try to use it to turn the American people away from the tea party groups, and movements. They will be painting the tea party groups as militia groups. You will see MSNBC, CNN,
NBC, CBS, and ABC do exhaustive non stop coverage on this. It will not let up.

To answer why won't they, let me repat these words Beck said...

"..They know they are pushing every button on you intentionally. Why are they do this you might ask?
Because they know the lessons we learned from 9/11, Timothy McVeigh, and Bill Ayers. The lesson is this


For remember these words.... "They have dropped the radical pose for the radical ends, and they are making you the radical." You know who said them by any chance? The person was Van Jones.




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