Constitutional Emergency

How liberals view Benghazi vs. Fort Hood vs. Bundy Ranch summed up perfectly in 3 pictures...

I can't imagine what they will call "peaceful, unarmed, non-violent, law abiding" Operation American Spring.............???

Tip of the hat to General Childers for the picture trio.............


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You are right on target, Col. This is exactly the picture we face....

What is surprising about this ? First  - Terrorists killing Ambassadors and military are not a direct threat to our elected/appointed government officials. Second - Terrorists killing our military and or civilians is also not a direct threat to elected/appointed our government officials. Third - American citizens stopping Tyranny is a direct threat to our elected/appointed government officials - thus Domestic Terrorists label. We the people are the threat - we've come along way in America, Patriots. 

Remember this next time you hear people like Harry Reid talking about American Patriots in this manner; What did the Tyrant King George call George Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Madison, Adams, Hamilton  etc. Radicals and domestic terrorists perhaps - Tyrants always call lovers of freedom and liberty these names. We are in good company folks lets take our Constitution back and make our Founders proud.

Yes Sir Charles Yes Sir..It is our duty to future generations of Americans..Someone gave us Freedom now it is our turn to preserve it...If you can no longer stand then you crawl...SEMPER FI!

I stand with you and all patriots United as one under God, country and flag. Our hour is upon us all. God Almighty rides with us and He is our Champion Defender of freedom for His people. God wants his nation restored to its once shining beacon which stands for liberty for all as our founders designed under His Holy guidance. This battle has always been between God and country and His will shall be done. We, the People, carry His mighty sword which is His word and we shall fly upon His holy wings to deliver His sword into the belly of the enemy and shall emerge victorious.
Yes, Obama We, the People, are coming for you and the insurrections of all those who supported your treasonous ways which have harmed our great nation. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness shall reign in our great nation forevermore so help me God.
See you May 16, 2014.

I think the reality is this is how mainstream media is selling this. All MSM is co-opted by the government but MSNBC is a mouthpiece for the Obama administration and FOX by the Republican Party. It's all spin. 

I hope they are enjoying there time because it is short counting down to 5/16/2014

I recall the day of the Ft. Hood Massacre - as usual the media cartel whispers the truth and screams a lie (by repetition)  On that day there were reports of three to five shooters - there is no way one individual could have done that much damage - the patsy - of course - happens to be a Muslim - what happened to the rest of the shooters?

But why do NeoCons make so much of an issue of Bengazi with only 4 fatalities yet ignore that we lose about 22 veterans DAILY that are not getting proper care - and the pretext for invading both Iraq & Afghanistan were BOTH fraudulent

There were no WMDs in Iraq - the Taliban only refused to hand over Bin Laden for the lack of credible evidence to support the TRIAL  BY MEDIA accusation that he was the "mastermind"

If Hasaan was involved it was far more likely caused by SSRIs than the Islamic religion

You assume that the official account is above examination - one major point - you assume that he acted ALONE - there has been a common thread - @ Columbine there were other shooters - conveniently allowed to slip away -

Of the three to five shooters - which was stifled after the day of the massacre - the only one caught happened to be a Muslim - why? 

You are accepting the official account at face value - an understandable mistake

There are many of us that believe the government or powers with in the government have been trying to manipulate and control us with false flag/terrorist events. and mainstream media is controlled by government or corporations that benefit from the likes of war. Gulf of Tonkin, OK city bomb, Columbine, 911, Fort Hood, Boston Bomb, Sandy Hook. There is always an eyewitness or a diary found instantly. a loner, possibly travelling a lot (Oswald and John Hinkly) with no means to support that kind of activity. Why would that be done? What has the government to gain? 

Now that we are all terrorized by 911, building the police/surveillance state is approved by many and going to the Middle East and destroying cultures is approved. Collateral damage? Dem's da breaks. Banking/military/oil machine is making a killing (literally). we'retold war is permanent now. Sure whatever you want great protector Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama. Try running down the street throwing pressure cookers over your shoulder (one of the official stories) full or empty. NDAA (Presidential power to incarcerate or kill any american w/out judicial review) is approved by most senators and congressmen including Tea Party (I know Allen West did). that's Treasonous! Ever look in the faces of these shooters? They're whacked! Is it possible they are being manipulated by some outside force (I don't mean the devil)? Hasan was hearing voices (MK Ultra?) and seeing a shrink. There is is government movement to not only disarm the people, but ex-military are targets in a big way. 

Worth taking a second and third look outside the MSM..

Praise God for helping find me a ride with an experienced caregiver. 65/w AOD, advancing, and will give this fight to win back our America all 100% of me, wheelchair and all. There is no more Republicans or Democrats, just a bunch of Naive, uncaring people, all 536 of them. When it come right down to it the entire world is laughing at us once again. We lost Viet Nam to the Politicians who thought they could run the war better then the Generals. Their stupidity cost us 1000's of American lives for nothing, not to mention the great greeting I got at O'Hare Airport in 1969 when I got back home. Since then I've watched every politician that made his campaign claims never come to fruition, but became very wealthy supporting the Lobbyists in D.C. who should legally be banned from D.C. My ride is staying for 4 days, and I'll arrive on the 16th in D.C. bout 1300. God knows with my health and problems I give all the Glory and success to Our only Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus. In his name I will be loaded with the Holy Spirit, and do all that's possible for me to do once I arrive. On arrival I will leave it to the Lord to guide us to Lodging, and transportation to and from D.C., or just camp out in my Wheelchair on the grounds if necessary. I Pray I have a chance to speak my peace for Our Father, through his Holy Spirit. N'Christ Jesus Amen Pastor Marc

You miss my point entirely - what of the OTHER shooters that were allowed to escape - why does the Rothschild Plutocratic Zionist dominated media actively EVADE telling the REST of the story



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