How much do you know about the Second Amendment? A Quiz

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Howdy. i took the quiz about the 2ND AMENDMENT it said i scored 100% right.

Semper Fi.


This link is wrong.  It starts out with question 15.

100%.  Bogus named survey though; should've named A Survey to see how the Supreme Court has ruled over the last 75 years!

A more true survey would have asked....."What is the definition of the word "infringe"?  <grin>

Regardless of how one scores on the test, the simple fact remains that this has been ignored with every piece of so called legislation, state and local laws and individual interpretation of the 2nd amendment since they began to regulate the ownership of guns going back to the days when some local sheriffs required folks to leave their firearms home when they came to town (western lore). And frankly, I do not care what the laws say, they are in violation of the Second Amendment therefore they are illegal and unenforceable and should all be removed from the books. And just as the FCC is now considering removing all regulations regarding the use of profanity and non-explicit sex (nudity) on TV and the airwaves, the Congress should enact a law which repeals all restrictions on the ownership of all weapons up to and including the ownership and use of nuclear weapons.  I know of citizens that own and fly former fighter jets (all unarmed) for pleasure.  But even those should be able to be armed by our citizens if for no other reason than to be able to defend the local population where they are based from abuse by their own governments.  And If I wanted to own and could afford an M1 Abrahms main battle tank, I should be able to acquire and arm it as I see fit....of course I could not afford it and even though I can fly a plane, I cannot afford even an old WWII style fighter plane.  In other words there should be no limits on ownership.  If the Government issues it to its military or law enforcement, the citizens should be able to own it as well. That is how I read the 2nd Amendment, no laws, no restrictions, stay the heck out of my business, my bathroom, bedroom and indeed my refrigerator.


I claim BS n this survey...

10. Does the Second Amendment guarantee a personal right to own fully automatic military-issued combat rifles, heavy machine guns, and perhaps even shoulder-fired missiles?  I answered YES.  Why?  because the Second Amendment makes no claim otherwise.  "Their" answer...Probably not.  My ass.

11. Does the Second Amendment guarantee a personal right to own semi-automatic rifles that resemble the fully-automatic military versions of the same firearm?  I answered YES.  Why?  Because the Second Amendment makes no claim otherwise.  "Their" answer...Not clear at this point.  My ass.

So, my answers are correct.  "They" claim I was 87% correct which is pure BS.  I claim I got 100% correct.  I can read.

Another discrepancy found in q 13. Adam Lanza did not use a bushmaster in his killing spree. so the answer of all of the above is wrong. his rifle was left in his vehicle and he used hand guns for his dirty work.

Yes, he did.  This whole survey is demented...

Mark, you need to look at this again. He didn't use the bushmaster.

I know he didn't but that was the only answer I could give considering the other answers to choose from.  Like I said, this survey is retarded.

Yes it wasn't a well thought out or investigated survey. Shall not be infringed , relates to your right to have weapons equal to that of the government. If it didn't the amendment would have little effect.



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