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How much do you know about the Second Amendment? A Quiz

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My response is I missed three of the answers they sought..My understanding of the Second amendment is the identifying term is "militia" thus those weapons common to  the defense are protected by the Second Amendment. Any weapon used for common defense ought be covered.But I am no attorney and certainly no judge.And in light of what happened in Boston I would prefer trusting a pressure cooker over the shotgun  Joe Bite me Biden suggests.

Thanks that was fun.

I only got 12 of the 15 but, the link had to be done backwards and then again forward amnd i changed two questions answers only because I became a bit disoriented having to view the questions in forward after having first answered them in reverse! what kind of a link was this anyway? I should have scored 14 of 15 and, I disagree with two of the answers I got wrong only because of the lack of definition of the word infringed, What is it that pollsters and politicians do not comprehend about 'Infringed as applied to the 2nd amendment, or "illegal," as applied to ENEMY aliens the government invites here by lack of background checks or  EQUITABLE AND EVEN HANDED LAW ENFORCEMENT?

 The shooter at Sandy Hook did not use the Bushmaster AR-15 like weapon. The Sheriffs found the shooter  Lanza AR-15 in the trunk of his car. The M.E. lied about the use of this weapon because of what the Sheriffs said 10 minutes earlier they found and the casing found in the school were not the NATO .223/5,56. The other answer about what weapons the Second Amendment covers is wrong. It states in the Federalist Papers that citizens should always have the right to arm themselves in the same manor as the Governments military. No they didn't know what we would have in this century but they knew they would advance and none should be restricted against civil use. If it was( as it is) tyranny would have an easy path.

Not really a good quiz about the Second Amendment.  It is more a quiz about Second Amendment case law and supposition.  A number of their questions were questions looking for a specific opinion rather than a factual answer.  For example, in the view of the founding fathers citizens should be able to acquire and own any weapons available to the government.  According to this survey that is probably not true.



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