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Notice under the PFA banner, you will see two rows of tabs. Note the 2nd row (bottom row)...Note the tab "Forums."

Click on that tab and you will see this page pull up.

Note the +Add button in the top right under the tabs.

Click on that button. It will then open a new page with an edit box for you to add your discussion.

You see the top box is for Discussion title. Type title in there.

In the edit box you have two rows of editing tools. To use the tools just click on them.

Top row is

1. link

2. add picture

3. embed video

4. Paste as plain text (I've never used it so I can't give direction on it).

5. Add a file from you computer.

Further to the right - you see two tab buttons. One says "Visual Mode" and the other "HTML Editor."

Visual Mode is mostly used by us that do not write code.

HTML is for changing code

Bottom Row

1. Font - If you click on the arrow pointing down next to it you will get a drop down menu that shows different fonts you can use. Click on the one you want to use.

2. Size - Size of font you want to use. Same with arrow - then click the one you want to use.

3. A - Colors you can choose from

4. B = Bold

5. I = Italic

6. S = Slash throw line

7. U = Underline

8-10 Are text alignments

8. left

9. centered

10. right

11. quote

12. bullet points

13. number points

14. Remove formatting - This is used when you copy and paste something and you don't like how it pasted.

15. Fullscreen = opens to a full screen edit box.

After you write or copy and paste and add photos, links and embed videos in your discussion, note below the edit box.

The URL fills in by your title you already added.

Note Category: Note the Arrow to the right end of the box. Click the arrow and you will get a drop down menu of many forum categories to choose from. This is helpful for when you or others do a search at a later time for you discussion.

The next thing to do is to add tags. Tags are what the post is related to. Tags help people online find subjects and posts about things they are interested in. When someone googles something, tags is what leads us in our searches.

Then note below that you will see Attach Files and empty boxes. If you want to add files from your computer, click on browse and your personal files on your computer will open. Click the one you want to add and click ok.

Note to the right of that you see Share on and a place to check for Facebook and Twitter. Check those boxes if you want to post your discussion on either. Delete the comment in box below and add the title of your discussion.

When you have completed all the above that you want to do then note:

Below that you see the Add Discussion button. You also have the option of Preview before you actually add the discussion. Preview will open in a new window so it won't affect your work you've already done.

Click Add Discussion and then you are done.

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Just a note about the preview option. If you have included links in your discussion when you preview it they will show up as links (highlighted) and you can check them to see that they work. I have had my share of troubles with this in the past and have had to redo discussion posts entirely to get them to work. Thanks Twana.

Yes mam, forgot that bit, still attempting to learn the system. Thanks.

Thanks Twana. Very informative to a rookie like me.

God  Bless  You, `` Twana  rookies  to  oldies  but  goodies..!!  Lets  make  it  happen  for  our  Children..!!

Glad to see how to add things to the forum...I don't know that I should though, because I would mostly publish headlines with part of the story and a link to the item...Is this OK?


Thanks Twana,

I've tried before but with this I'll know how to do it right. As good as a college class tutorial.



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