Constitutional Emergency

How to kill eleven million people, Andy Andrews, 2012.

Or even better yet, How to kill 63 Million people.

During World-War II (or perhaps during the Nuremberg trials), German NAZI General Herman Goering was asked “How did you kill eleven Million People?” His answer was “Simple – You lie to them”.

In order to convince the Jews to board the trains that would take them to the death camps Goering went into the detentions areas unarmed and alone and told the Jews they would be taken to someplace where they would be safer. There would be jobs, housing and food for them. There they would be safe. The result was that the Jewish people voluntarily and quietly boarded the trains that took them to the death camps.

Margaret Sanger, co-founder of Planned – Parenthood, and believer in Eugenics was a devout racist. She believed that the best way to rid the Earth of the blacks was to kill them all before they were even born. Planned Parenthood and contraceptives.

The German NAZI’s under Adolph Hitler decided they needed a better way, a faster way to rid Germany of the Jewish people. And thus the invention and use of the NAZI Death camps and gas chambers came into being.

Joseph Goebbels was Hitler’s Propaganda minister. A master of deceit and diversion. Goebbels said “Accuse the other side of that which you are guilty”.

How do you kill 11 million people?; Or better yet How can you kill 63 Million people.

The answer is still the same – You Lie to them.

Time to introduce the Coronavirus Covid-19.
642,751 people have died worldwide from the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak as of July 25, 2020, 03:44 GMT.

There are currently 15,941,806 confirmed cases in 213 countries and territories . The fatality rate is still being assessed.

United States:

Coronavirus Cases: 4,248,327

Deaths: 148,490

Now enter the Covid-19 tracing programs. This is the system being pushed out to the public under the guise of Government health officials being able to track the number and people those who have been diagnosed positive for the virus and who they came in contact with. The concept being pushed is that by tracking who people came into contact with since contracting the virus perhaps Government health officials may be better able to control the spread of the virus.

Remember back during the 2016 election campaigns when Hillary Clinton called all Republicans and Trump supporters a “Basket of Deplorables”? Not long after that Now Democratic candidate Ex-VP Joe Biden referred to Trump’s supporters as “The Dredges of Society”.
Those “Dredges of Society and the Deplorables” amount to a little over 63 Million Americans.

Under the Covid-19 Tracing programs anyone who is tested positive for the virus can and will be removed from their homes, and taken to “Healthcare” facilities.

And then anyone who those people came into contact with will also be taken to those same “Healthcare” facilities.
Hopefully most people will go quietly believing that they are helping to slow the spread of this CoronaVirus. If not peacefully then they will be arrested and taken by force.

Joseph Goebbels also said “Think of the press as a great keyboard upon which the Government can play”.

But the Democrats intend to get rid of those Deplorables and Dredges of Society one way or another.

Is this what is really going on today? You decide, but don’t get on that train voluntarily.

And don't forget that back in the 1960's Bill Ayres estimated that they would have to kill 25 Million Americans who would resist a transformation to Communism.
Sound crazy ??? Yes, but these people are capable of anything.

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