Constitutional Emergency

Hussein obama admin. was gun running in Libya that are now used in the attack in Algeria and now we send troops there - Hussein O is creating crisis' around the world to keep our troops out of county

The telegraph

Algeria hostage crisis: Most weapons used in attack came from Libya

Most of the weapons used by al Qaeda-linked militants to storm a gas facility in southeastern Algeria came from Libya, the Daily Telegraph has learned.

Weapons seized by the Algerian authorities following the hostage taking
Weapons seized by the Algerian authorities following the hostage taking Photo: EPA

8:50PM GMT 20 Jan 2013

Many of the Islamist terrorists shot their way into the In Amenas compound on Thursday using the AK104 model of Kalashnikov, which was typically used by Libyan rebels in the war against Muammar Gaddafi.

They brought F5 rockets that also surfaced in the Libyan war, said the security source.

The Islamists wore the same type of outfits that Qatar provided to Libyan National Transitional Council rebels by Qatar – yellow flak jackets with brown patches, known as "chocolate chip" camouflage. The garments are copies of ones worn by Americans in the Gulf war.

The terrorists also employed 60mm gun-mortars used by France and Libyan rebels.

Other non-Libyan arms used in the Algerian terror attack included German and Chinese-made Kalashnikovs, classic rocket-propelled grenades and Russian offensive and defensive grenades.

The Algerian army had two missile-carrying Mi24 Super-Hind helicopters, armoured cars, and Russian-made T90 tanks.

For the assault on the gas facility itself, special forces used incapacitating gas, infrared cameras, heat-seeking cameras and "optical devices to be able to see under doors and through walls"

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Why should we even be shocked at this, the ME is collapsing into the Muslim Brotherhood, obammy is leading the charge, doing everything in his Muslim power to change the ME and expect Sharia law here sooner than you may think.

Speaking of which you DO known that illegals can chose American law or Mexican law to be tried under.  Most chose US law UNLESS its murder or a few other violent crimes, where Mexico has soft sentencing.  Source:  NatGeo, TV special.

50 cases of Sharia law used in the US:

Don, in every case where these people are NOT tried under US LAW, those cases are null and void and need to be re-tried under the laws of THIS country...

Twana; it is positively eerie how our minds flow down the same paths...

Also the same arms were found outside of Tucson AZ. all ready to shipped north in 50 stolen vans already fulll of AK`s ammo rockets and stingers all from the Libyan supplys of arms carried over our borders by the brotherhood or terrorist... To be used on the American people....

It was on the net about a year ago and my other computor crashed so I dont have the ref... They showed pictures of the vans and being full and had the arms and ammo layed out in the pictures of the Libyan arms and we all know the ATF and DHS would have taken it down because it puts them in their normal lite as to what they are not doing...The Medias never showed any of it....

I think I have the pictures in question.  They were intercepted by the Mexican police/army.  I have more pics and this is just a small portion of what was found.

I concur! Saw all of it on the web too, but there was so much discussion going on about it in every site I visited, I didn't bother to save any of it.

Believe it, this is just a small portion of the weapons being spirited into America!

My belief is that sometime during the next four years, and probably sooner than later, most Americans are going to be in for a rude awakening when they turn these people loose here in the US and most of our military are out of the country.  DO YOU SPEAK  MARTIAL LAW?  Here are a couple more pictures from this raid.

This is not surprising at all!

Obama is a terrorist, and is fooling everybody ...

The biggest problem I see is that we have allowed him to be there in the Pale House for too long ... As long as he is there and getting things into place, we have lost ... being nickled and dimed out

For example, I am now reading that more than half is now supporting abortion ... ... it is getting to a point (maybe well past) where we will not be able to do anything!

only cure is that we get him out by any means pronto ...

If that doesn't work - getting him out of office I thing the red states need to secede from this Obamanation and a smaller, conservative nation that drills for its own oil and pipes its own gas, grows its own food, defends its land, teaches our children (instead of propagandizing and brainwashing them), lives in honor and peace, but has its own military, (not brown shirts like Obama) incorporating all patriots who wish to leave the Obama world and take back our constitution and values.  I fear that we're going to have to do something like that if we're going to survive.

yes, it is the only thing left ... if it can be avoided, it is way lot better ...

it is only way sometimes, and that is exactly why it is in the Constitution ...

We gotta admit that the biggest mistake we made was to allow him to stay there four years, infecting the gov't, setting things up (like ammo with the DHS and their brown nosing the local police ... teaching the military and law enforcement that the right are terrorists and not the Muslims, etc etc) ...

It is going to be a lot messier now ...


I don't think anyone is "asking" for it.  It does not appear that there are any other "choices" left.
(imho) The election process is corrupted.  The judicial process is compromised.  Our Congress is complicit.

What choice do the true, conservative American people have left?

It's either that or lay down and surrender.

I am not doing it.



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