Constitutional Emergency

Hussein obama admin. was gun running in Libya that are now used in the attack in Algeria and now we send troops there - Hussein O is creating crisis' around the world to keep our troops out of county

The telegraph

Algeria hostage crisis: Most weapons used in attack came from Libya

Most of the weapons used by al Qaeda-linked militants to storm a gas facility in southeastern Algeria came from Libya, the Daily Telegraph has learned.

Weapons seized by the Algerian authorities following the hostage taking
Weapons seized by the Algerian authorities following the hostage taking Photo: EPA

8:50PM GMT 20 Jan 2013

Many of the Islamist terrorists shot their way into the In Amenas compound on Thursday using the AK104 model of Kalashnikov, which was typically used by Libyan rebels in the war against Muammar Gaddafi.

They brought F5 rockets that also surfaced in the Libyan war, said the security source.

The Islamists wore the same type of outfits that Qatar provided to Libyan National Transitional Council rebels by Qatar – yellow flak jackets with brown patches, known as "chocolate chip" camouflage. The garments are copies of ones worn by Americans in the Gulf war.

The terrorists also employed 60mm gun-mortars used by France and Libyan rebels.

Other non-Libyan arms used in the Algerian terror attack included German and Chinese-made Kalashnikovs, classic rocket-propelled grenades and Russian offensive and defensive grenades.

The Algerian army had two missile-carrying Mi24 Super-Hind helicopters, armoured cars, and Russian-made T90 tanks.

For the assault on the gas facility itself, special forces used incapacitating gas, infrared cameras, heat-seeking cameras and "optical devices to be able to see under doors and through walls"

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Thank you for making sure of that ... that is very honourable!

I know it is going to be rough, especially with the news out ... of how Obama is choosing military leaders who were asked if they would shoot Americans ... (and said yes)

It is amazing that many do not see it ...

It is happening exactly as the scriptures say ... it gives me peace ...

too many are expecting a "rapture" to take them away, only to find themselves here still with us ...

We are rapidly getting down to 2 choices.  Leave the country as 2 of my friends have or hunker down out in the country own a piece of land with a flag that says "This I will defend"

I am an American. If anybody is leaving this Country, it won't be me! I would rather die driving them all across the southern border and into the oceans than give up OUR Country to THEM!!!

No - I don't want war.  But I don't want to leave my children and grandchild in this America - the Obama America, the new communist/Marxist nation that is growing in leaps and bounds in every aspect.  Every day this evil grows and soon there will be more freedom, more wealth in Canada.  The greatest nation on earth destroyed by this evil man? 

Granted it's been happening for 100 yrs - the slow growth and deterioration of our constitution, our ethics, our educational system, our engorged central government, our weakened military, etc.  But now we're in high gear and these evils are so entrenched in our nation's work ethic, morals and individual accountability that this country, without a miracle of leadership which has the ability to inspire the "under-informed" citizens (Obama's collective) so they too will see what is really happening to America, I fear we are stuck on this downward path.  I don't want to believe that it's improbable that we'll ever get back to basics.   But that is my deepest fear for the USA.  I will fight to the death - I've lived my life in full.  I would fight for my beloved country and my loving children and grandson and all patriots out there.

Stephanie, we'll not only be facing off against our own government, but Communist China as well! Are you aware that they now OWN a 1/3 interest in ALL of our petroleum resources? Includes my own state of Oklahoma, several others, and all US waters in the gulf! We can thank the obumbler for it. He reversed US policy immediately after inauguration in '08!

Stingray,  I only read recently that China owns interest in our petroleum resources - also in Texas.  Can't the States stop it.  Is there any stopping it.  Everything is moving so "fast and furious" (pun intended) that we need a leader, a G. Washington, someone with military training and contacts to organize our patriots nationwide.  Could it be Allen West? 

West told Fox News that he is joining conservative PJ Media and will be the host of “Next Generation Today,” which launches in February. 

ANY member of Congress, past or present, are NOT the person we are looking for. Simply because NONE of them have spoken up about the Constitutional in-eligibility of obama to be president. NONE! Not even West or Paul. Hell, they are even putting others like Rubio out there as possible GOP candidates when even HE is not Constitutionally Eligible. Even Sarah Palin, who I liked, has shown her true colors as well by not speaking up on this issue!

Frank got it right ... they have proven themselves to be traitors ... all of them, and all of those society leaders like Jacksons, etc ... are just scum ... I must stop here ...

Remember that muslim controled women can not even go to a Doc much less have abortion for the hubby would kill them....  Sheria Laws....

I agree

 the terrorist obama and his regime are the worlds biggest gun traffickers and they want to outlaw us from selling guns to one another ....what a load of  horse shit these progressive /communist democrats are

Yes he wants the troops out of the country so he can bring in NATO or the UN when it is necessary and the Big wigs in the Pentagon are too stupid to see it or agree with him. WOW! And now he wants to disarm us all so we are screwed aren't we.....



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