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H/T to Armed Forces Tea Party
Ted Nugent accused President Obama issuing a "soulless" mandate barring from performing in honor of dead and wounded soldiers, a move he believes pleased the "maniacal" Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla.

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Hussein Obama bans Ted Nugent from playing memorials for fallen soldiers. Who does he think he is, God

NOT surprised, but mad as heck!! The husk of Obama is a soulless character that cannot tolerate any critiques, or jokes about his maniacal ego. He is a true sociopath. Narcisstic. Paranoid. With delusions of grandeur. I know that a lot of our legislators have restrained themselves, pretending to go along so as not to be noticed. It's a self-preservation syndrome, almost like the Stockholm Syndrome. But, this type of personality is a "take no prisoners" one, & absolutely no one is safe from his wrath. We need to prepare for the worst. His illness is accelerating!!
I was wondering if there was anything we could do to show him support, too. Other than signing petitions or writting letters to people THAT DONT CARE how we feel.
Wonder if we could get in touch with the families that are going to be there and ask them if they want ted there, they need to goto the madia and express it. That way, if obama still refuses, itll all be out in the open

I have an idea. Any of you who read this that live anywhere near Ft. Knox, maybe we could hold a rally outside the front gate, picketing it. I think it is time for some good old fashioned Civil Disobedience of ANYTHING Obama-Bin-Laden mandates!

This is a great idea! It is, indeed, time. Could we get some media there to cover it? Then Ted would see the signs of support.

Ted is 1 googleplex more American than that damn muslim-in-chief will ever be!

Obama and his groupies only want to turn the USA into another muslim controlled country which have no freedoms and only the elite have power over everything and the people have nothing but orders... which is do or die...

I will stand by and watch Ted Nugent's back any place in Pennsylvania he wants to preform and I know we could gather another 100 or so more persons from PA.

They may be able to ban from services that the military officially is represented at, (but the thought these people give their lives for freedom and this order does away with that freedom is disgusting.) But how about Virtual Concerts! The world is on the web these days,LITERALLY, so can't we work with Ted to make monthly Virtual concerts to honor our military people?

If the word gets out , and even college kids love the web, how many more people would he get watching them and if he sings to honor our military who've given all won't their comrades tune in and discover just what they're doing?. I doubt if news of this ban gets told to the soldiers on the battlefield (and probably they have enough to worry about) but he's always been an active supporter of theirs, I'm sure they'll appreciate online memorials to honor their fallen and injured comrades.

And I would do the same in Ohio and could round up a dozen friends to help!

I don't believe he has that authority.



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