Constitutional Emergency


H/T to Armed Forces Tea Party
Ted Nugent accused President Obama issuing a "soulless" mandate barring from performing in honor of dead and wounded soldiers, a move he believes pleased the "maniacal" Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla.

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Amen Harry!

Obama you idiot you hate America and are a racist prig. Ted Nugent Rocks He at least is for God and Country. So Obama get your feet off our Desk and get the Hell out of our White House. America is kicking you out in 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!! We do not need a Hater of America in our White House. This is Our Country and we are not going to continue to let you let these muslims take over this country. In the Koran it says They are to kill all Infidels and that is all of us. We refuse to let that happen. You are FIRED OBAMA!!!!!!

I apologize to everyone if anyone thought what I put was wrong. I love Ted Nugent and he is a Good American. I do not believe Obama should do this to a good American and to the families whom members have fallen to their death in Honor of the USA.

Is that even LEGAL?   Go play OUTSIDE the venue, Nuge!

Now Pat Boone is being given the boot because he spoke out against that terrorist in the people's house.

This is Bull Shit at its smelliest....he can suck on the teat of a Pig, that is all BO is good for.  Ted, you can play for me anytime.

I hope Mr. Nugent contacts the COUNTER to the ACLU---The ACLJ The American Center for Law & Justice. It is a Conservative group of lawyers, mostly Christians. I would LOVE to see them take this case and SUE our Communist-N-Chief!

How about a MASSIVE write-in campaign? On the Presidential ballot in November, write-in Ted Nugent's name.

To HELL with Romney!!!!

Yes, he does think he is GOD!!!!   However, he will never convince the True American patriots of that fact....When are they going to remove this usurper?   I believe I am more upset with the House and the Senate, for they are aiding and abetting Obama and all of his Appointees.....most of them are all criminals and traitors....We the people must do something soon as a group in order to take back our once great country and make it great AGAIN....keep sending letters and comments to your local and state reps and senators and of course your Sheriffs.  God Bless.



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