Hyperinflation in the Weimar Republic of Germany in the 1920’s. it's comming here soon

Hyperinflation in the Weimar Republic of Germany in the 1920’s.

The hyperinflation that occurred in Germany in the 1920’s was not the first that ever-occurred in Europe, or even the most extreme that has ever happened. Inflation and eventually hyperinflation happens when a government starts spending and printing money out of control. During the early 20’s Germany had just come out of a very expensive war, (WW-I ). Europe was demanding that Germany pay back all the costs and damages associated with that war.
Rather than go through all the gory details of why they ended up in such a mess for the sake of this article, I’ll simply remind you of the results of that hyperinflation and the devastation that occurred because of it. At the beginning if you were working at a regular job like most people, you were paid perhaps the equivalent of $20-$30 dollars per week, (just an example here, but also in terms of the German currency). Working for a weekly income of $20-$30 per week back then was probably about a normal rate of income. The cost and price of everything else would have been proportional to that weekly income. For example a loaf of bread probably would have cost about 30-40 cents. A small sack of potatoes would probably cost around one dollar for a five or ten pound sack. Once the out-of-control spending and then the subsequent printing of money got out of hand inflation and eventual hyperinflation started to kick in. That 30 cent loaf of bread went to one dollar, then to ten dollars, then it went to $30s, then up, and up, and up, until that simple loaf of bread cost over one Billion dollars. That’s right folks, over one BILLION dollars for a loaf of bread. That one-dollar sack of potatoes went to over one TRILLION dollars. By the time things got to their worst the German currency wasn’t worth the cost of the paper it was printed on. People were rolling it up into “logs” and using it to burn to heat their homes. All manufacturing and jobs had shut down. Employment went to nearly 90 percent of the population. The German civilization went into total chaos. That situation was what lead to and allowed the peoples Socialist Republic Party to gain power. Today we know that German Socialists Party as the Nazi’s. It doesn’t matter now that they called themselves a Republic or not. The opposition party was the Communist party from China and Russia. By that time it was easy for a slick-talking mad man by the name of Adolph Hitler to gain control of the system. He promised to ‘take care’ of the people. He had a plan to get things straightened out. And people believed him.
By now we all know the result of this was World-War-Two, (WW- II ).

The reason I’m writing all this is to remind people of what that hyperinflation did, but more importantly I want to warn people about what is coming. Yes that same type of hyperinflation is coming here and soon. This time it’s part of the plan, it’s all been written down. Read the Communist Manifesto and watch the video called “The Project” on The BlazeTV.com It is all party of the Obama administrations “Fundamental Transformation of America”. So what if anything can we do about it?

Well one thing we can do is to warn people of what is coming and more importantly we need to make sure people know and understand what is causing the inflation. Obama will of course try to blame it all on the Republicans, he will blame it all on Bush again. He will blame the Republicans for their failure to “compromise” on his budget and “tax-cuts” plan.
We need to make sure people know the truth. That is where all of us can help stop the take over of America. We must make sure every person in America knows the truth, that this hyperinflation is deliberate and it is all part of the Obama administrations plan. It is all part of their “Fundamental Transformation” process. Do NOT allow them to get away with blaming it on the Republicans or the conservatives. Tell everyone you talk to and send this around to all your contacts. Make Obama and his administration “own” the coming mess all by themselves.


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Brother Ron....

I've followed this since Glenn Beck first discused it when he was on FOX.  I am afraid we will have to get through another scenario again before narcissistic pinheads realize that just because it hasn't happened doesn't mean IT CANNOT HAPPEN AGAIN! 

Even more reason to be self-sufficient, with enough firepower to protect your investment.  Just remember everyone, the weapon of the enemy becomes your EXTRA weapon when they fall..........their ammo too!!!!


Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis

I must agree with Snowman8wa on this one. And one of the real problems we have are the schools are teaching the "NEW" History and our younger generation is not learning the real history of our world. After seeing some of the pinheads (Love that term) that didn't even know that the JEWS were there (in Israel) 3500 years ago and that Palestine never had a nation but they are taught that Israel stole their lands in the 40s UG..... It is the same about this story, no one knows the real history anymore and it is so sad. Until we get the schools to start teaching the REAL history of America we are screwed. Now I'm not the brightest on history myself but damn just listen to people like Beck and as he says it "Research it yourself" and you can learn a lot. Yet here  we are folks. Obummer is re-elected and everyone thinks all is well. WOW! I'm trying to NOT give up on America but damn it is getting harder and harder for me. I served 13 years in the Navy and now totally disabled service connected (Non-Combat Injury) plus I have 2 sons serving, one Marine and one Army and it really scares the hell out of me that they will be put in harms way and abandoned like Benghazi. Oh and now I hear that Kerry is on a short list for Secretary of Defense? WTF over? Now that is just wrong but what can we expect out of this Administration? WOW!

Wow, Ron, I hope your kids will be safe and come home soon!

I just read that the Liar-in-Chief is trying to get the Lying U.N. Secretary (Rice) promoted to Hillary's position in the State Dept. when she 'retires'. Traitorous murderer rewarding Traitorous Liar that worked so hard to cover his butt! I've been promoting books to my friends to give to their kids: The 5,000 Year Leap and The Federalist Papers. I got those books for my grandkid to help her in her American Govt class. I wanted to make sure she hears the true history. I hope to find more books that will be useful.

People need to start homeschooling their young children (starve the public education beast) and stop sending the grads to the overpriced propaganda mills (aka universities).  They are brainwashing your children and creating another generation of easily manipulated kool-aid drinking zombies.   So many Americans are too lazy to do what they can to change things because it's "inconvenient".  Stop trying to stay "comfortable" while the marxists take over without a shot....there is nothing comfortable about where we are headed.  Feel some pain now or feel more pain later.  Your choice.

The problem Joyce is that YOU, WE are still financing the Publik Screwellll Madrasas of american education through taxes; regardless of where your children are educated.  Yes, we save our own kids, but I would rather have something that sends a CLEAR MESSAGE that the Sovereign will not support your indoctrination to the "collective".  Dollar-for-dollar tax credit for Private education from Federal tax bills for parents that pay for private education for their kids. If you have no kids, you get an Education exemption.  NCLB is not a charity and since we do not have a say in what is taught, we are being taxed without representation for Publik Screwell...... 


Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis

Hard Corps Family Brother Ron.....Ohhrahhhhh! 


Here is an essay on the so called history of Palestine that I found after Newt was all but put before a firing squad for his FACTUAL comment that Palestinians didn't exist until the 20th Century.


Here is a timeline from 1273 B.C to 1948...........Beck is right, you can do the research for yourself, but for "pinheads" that is tooo harddddd.....I don't have timmmeeee!  So, they simply drink the Kool-Aid and eat their cream of rice.



Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis

You're quite welcome........we need to know BOTH secular and theological history......I like the part of what Philistene meant.."TAKERS".......which is EXACTLY what they are.


Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis

Ronald please pass on to your sons our thanks and prayers for their service.  The likes of Obummer have no idea what caliber of men and women we have in our armed forces.  It p****s me off to no end to see how they are misused and abused.

Follow Peter Schiff and read (or read it again) his book Crash Proof. Although his business is investments don't let his career discount his insight into the world economy and its relevance to ours. The points he makes in the book aren't ground breaking, but they are pragmatic and sound. Most economists work on the public sector and their data an conclusions are tainted by politics. Peter and his Ludwig Von Mises principles explain the inflation scenario well. For most of us stuck here to endure such a probable economic future, we must begin to prepare by accumulating things of intrinsic value: gold, silver, guns, ammo and technology to enable the "sheep" to survive: water pumps, hand tools, etc.... The Yuan is creeping up in value and will soon make going to Target and Costco a different experience for folks as we will be paying 2x what we have in the past for the same stuff.

This is exactly where he wants to take us.  He wants to destroy the United States.  He makes a show of wanting to improve the economy but everything he does is designed to make it worse.  What Romney and the Republicans were advocating were the things that the Simpson-Boles commission recommended.  He appointed Simpson-Boles and he did not act on any of their suggestions.  We all know that inflation is already upon us.  The only thing that might save us is the fact that we are/were a truly capitalist economy.  Germany at the end of WWI did not have a capitalist economy.  Manufacturing was in the hands of a few wealthy tycoons and aristocrats.  Granted there were many small shop owners but their ability to influence events simply didn't exist.  All that being said this SOB is out to destroy our economy and in the process the country.  I'm stocking up on ammunition along with other things.  I have a feeling before too long ammunition is going to be as good as gold.

A year ago, I bought Carnation dried milk for $11 a bag.  I went to buy more a couple of weeks ago and it was $22 a bag.  I have seen all prices go up 30 - 40% this year with many food products.  It is already happening here, but many are not aware that the portion sizes are also going down as prices go up.  I have been reading that ammo prices are on the rise as well. 

obozo is well on his way to ramming his program of destruction down our collective throats.

How very true.  I am a very devoted coffee drinker and the increase in size and decrease in size is unbelievable.



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