Let's take this to D.C............OAS Patriots reflect America........

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 great song,  a true statement of true americans.

 may god bless and protect all who go to Washington. and all who do what they can to support the cause .

 we can and will take back our rights and freedom.


The Battle Is THE LORD'S !!!

Dear Father,

I pray for a hedge of protection, a cover of blessing, and your favor.

We will remember your mighty works of old, and what you did to 

protect the Bundy Family, by your mighty hand.

Thank-you, for Your Faithfulness, and love, for your Children.


Dear Patriots,

Please remember Israel, as you go to DC.

What is happening to Israel, is happening to us. 

We must stand against this administration's tyranny, to devide Israel.

 Please Pray for her peace, and bless her.


If my people, who are called by my name, will HUMBLE THEMSELVES, and pray,

and seek my face, I will hear from heaven, and forgive their sin, and heal

their land.

Dear Carol,

---...and this as well as we Folks have fought literally "Forever"............


(Yes my name is Bavarian, but my grandmother's and mother's side is Irish & Scottish...) - By the way, my father's family came here from Bavaria when the German Army threatened to take their farms from them in the late 30's- My Mum was born in County Claire, Ireland I believe....(From what I've been told...)

 Thank-you Don,

Braveheart meant more to me, after hearing your story.

Our Country was built by immigrants. They did all the hard labor, 

and helped make it what it is.

GOD BLESS each and every one.

makes u want to cry b/c of what is being done to her today

This could be the best contemporary patriotic song since the Battle Hymn of the Republic or Dixie.

Great choice,
In fact my family code of arms goes to the Drum castle surrounded by the black Forrest in Bonshaw Scotland and was given to my family by Robert the Bruce when he became the King For their 20 years of faithful service .If you Like histoty look it is really neat , Jonathan Irwin

I sent this to John Boehner.  It will accomplish what it will accomplish......

All this power for the committee, but, where is the power, the right, the responsibility, John Boehner, to place people who refuse to give testimony, such as Lois Lerner, in jail? Where?  Do not tell me that is the function of Attorney General Eric Holder as you and I both know he will NOT do so.  Instead, Holder will shield Lerner.  By not granting the right to place Lerner, and perhaps others in jail, you, John Boehner, are also shielding Lerner, and perhaps others.  Therefore, you, John Boehner, and Eric Holder, are cut from the same cloth. There is NO difference between you two.  If Eric Holder should be dismissed from his office, why should you not also be dismissed from office?  If you, John Boehner, are not a Democrat and/or not a liberal, then grant this right and responsibility to the Select Committee immediately.  It would behoove you to do such.  Sealed largely and boldly, JOHN H. BRIGGS, SR.

This is TOTALLY awesome!! Thank you to all who support our America rising from the ashes! E ARE ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We love her but we must turn back to the ways in which God our heavenly Father envisioned perfectly for us, a nation blessed by grace! Thank you to you Colonel Riley and everyone who cares so much for her.. You are a saving grace!!!!!We are rising from the ashes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I STILL believe in her.... We are challenged by so many issues but as we say we'll rise from the fire....We have not forgotten her generosity to all the world!!! She always BELIEVES in the virtues of the God given grace of freedom..I saw dozens of bald eagles recently at a secluded park and they are the "highest flying freedom beauty of God"
She represents this magnificent symbol..Thank you to ALL who serve this beautiful nation.... Yes it is time to boot out those who betrayed her and all of us..Thank you again...We are alive once again...Thank you to all who died for our freedom..WE say NO to all tyrants):

Wow, what a song!  It is most timely, giving us something to really focus on in trying times.  It almost even sounded like Elvis singing, and what could be more American than that? Thanks for sharing.



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