Constitutional Emergency

I see a few folks advocating an armed insurrection against the government. Not only is this foolhardy at this stage we must ALWAYS REMEMBER that no American PATRIOT has ever fired the first shot in any conflict !!! Going into DC armed is inviting trouble that no one needs. If they mean to have war then let THEM firs the first shots and we will respond in kind...

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Charles........where do see this?  If you see it, remind the individual to read our mission/assumptions/concept.  We don't want anyone on this site advocating violence of any sort. 

In the future, it would be better if you simply sent one of the PFA staff, me, Twana or someone a message with details and we'll get it fixed.

I have been reading ALOT  of what's being said and I haven't run into this except for the occasional "bring it on!". Where specifically are you finding this said?  Post links as new discussions, I wouldn't mind a swipe at 'em.

I haven't run into anything like that here.  The opening declaration clearly states we are non-violent. 

"We must ALWAYS REMEMBER that no American PATRIOT has ever fired the first shot in any conflict !!!"

IF they fire on us, my organizations will go ALL OUT WAR.  BUT, ALL of my people have PLEDGED not to "INITIATE" any form of violence.

I am really glad you posted this, Mr. Holden, because I agree with you entirely.

Now is not the time for armed confrontation.  Some of the people who are now viewed as being on the other side are really on ours. But because of jobs, one example policemen, they can't outright openly condone our actions. I believe(hope) these people when they see what's going on will join openly. I personally know off some deputies, state police that have been voicing their displeasure since when 'the messiah' was elected the first time. These men will have no choice if fired upon but to fire back if not given that chance.

Theyve made it clear that this is PEACEFUL. This is an event that is 100% legal under the !st Amendment. There CAN AND WILL BE ZERO TOLERANCE FOR ANYONE COMING ARMED!

The most effective form of Revolution is at the ballot box!

And then violence would be a response.

I prefer there to be no bloodshed. Guns and ammo in the cellar, have done us very well I think. The mere deterrence effect has been working for a long time. And I for one, am grateful for the whole deterrent apparatus to freedom. Our sons go fight governments in other countries, not here.

20 million Americans marching into the whitehouse and congress will be a very joyous occasion. The police and any military will march with us. We'll barbecue on the WH lawn and shoot off illegal fireworks. Speeches will be made and we will all go home, ready at the drop-of-a-hat to come straiten things out as they go.

God will be praised in the highest before the whole world, and that will be the best of all.

NO guns permitted!

We have to develop a workable political solution. Violence begets scrutiny and conflict that we can ill afford!

Yeah there can be no tolerance of anyone coming armed! It will be more effective if we organized and we find a political solution rather than a violent one. Militias are welcome to come in uniform but may not bring arms!



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