I expect a full debate on national security!!! What the hell is the POTUS most important work?


Enough of these liberal ran debates! I want truth and time! We the people have to take this work in our hands. This is just flat out ridiculous what they keep calling a debate.


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I agree let's have a debate where the moderator doesn't cut a candidate off and not let them rebut.

But CNN was running the show for BHO and not for Mitt, so it was not a really fair debate.. and it was questions to help the democrats...

got that right.  I've thought the same for yrs.

Monday (22nd) The "debate" is only on foreign policy.  The R's should never have agreed to these monitors.

Crowley was hand-holding Obama...

Did you expect anything better?

 Dear Twana Blevins;

    You are absolutely right. I have been saying the same thing for almost four years. If we had taken care of this ourselves

 three years ago, America would be well on its way to recovery instead of getting worse daily. We have no recourse, not

 in congress, not in the courts. The level of corruption in all three branches of this government has reached critical mass,

 and we either purge it from our government or we become slaves to it. We have ran out of time people !

   If we must have war in America to preserve America and liberty, then let it happen now, so our children & grandchildren

will know peace and freedom. Our only hope to avoid the unthinkable is to elect Romney and keep a full court press on

him to reestablish the constitutional rule-of-law and both God given & Constitutional rights that are our heritage. There is no price to large to pay to accomplish this mission.


If I could can or bag all the crap that comes out of his mouth, I'd be the richest sucker on this planet.


Fertilizer sells very well.


Even though many, many miles separate us from each other, I can feel your anger and frustration as if you were in the same room with me. Maybe, just maybe, the next few words will help just a little bit... "Obama is going to be fired in 21 very short days"

Romney may not be the candidate we would like to see at the helm, but you gotta admit... he's many times better than the fool we have now.

Keep up the good fight!!!


We have precisely two options....   ROMNEY/RYAN 2012!  (Both Died in the wool Americans...  good, bad or indifferent... Both Died in the wool Americans!)  Or we have Obama/Biden 2012  (One, a muslim - NON American and one a doddering old idiot)..   Folks, there are NO OTHER OPTIONS!   Get real... a vote for anyone else is not a vote.  Don't throw away your vote! Our brave troops, living and dead, have given their lives to give us this precious right!  The bottom line is, for me, very clear!  ROMNEY/RYAN 2012!  OMG!  Obama Must Go!

Shirley, excellent assessment.  I hope you don't mind, but I'm gonna steal these words and post them on my FB page.  It's the clearest explanation of our choice I have seen in a long while!


Romney so dropped the ball on this.  He had enough ammunition to drive obozo into the dirt and he mildly shot out a few digs.  Romney needs to man up and maybe take a few debating lessons from Newt Gingrich.  This whole fiasco sounded like a third grade playground squabble....he said...no he lied....no I don't believe you.....come ON, BOYS!!!  Is this the best we can expect from either side??????  I am appalled and disgusted with both....but I'll still vote for Romney, the lesser of two evils....hoping that once he gets in, he shows his true colors.  Right now, I think he is being too influenced by political pundits rather than by his own convictions about what is right for this country.  I think his character and his intentions are good...but he needs to show us all that he won't get eaten alive in the world of international politics.  We need a true leader...not another lead from behind type.



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