Constitutional Emergency

“I guarantee you, we’ll get [gun control] done by the end of January.”.... JOE BIDEN.... WILL THE NRA CAVE IN AT THEIR MEETING??????


“I guarantee you, we’ll get [gun control] done by the end of January.”

That’s what Vice President Joe Biden told Bloomberg pal and Mayors Against Guns co-founder Thomas Menino during their phone conversation last week . . .

                    With anti-gun fervor raging in the national media, gun-grabbers are determined to strike while the iron is hot.

                     You know what’s at stake.

                     The Feinstein Gun Ban and bans on magazines holding more than ten rounds are two radical measures anti-gun propagandists constantly tout.

                    Those are bad enough.

                     But now the Washington Post says President Obama isn’t stopping there and instead will pursue a “broad gun control agenda” with the help of big business.

                     Already, bailout recipient Bank of America -- just months after loaning President Obama’s reelection campaign $15 million in cash -- has frozen one law-abiding gun maker’s account!

                     The Obama administration is playing hardball and they’ll use any means necessary to get their way.

                     So if you and I are serious about protecting our Second Amendment rights, we’re going to have to stand toe-to-toe with the gun-grabbers and fight back with everything we have.

                     Sadly, I’m not sure the establishment gun lobby is up for the fight.

                    The NRA went silent on Facebook after the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut.

                     Like many folks, watching a supposed ally run from a fight is bad enough.  But watching them cozy up to the enemy is even worse.

                     The fact is, Politico is now reporting the NRA has accepted a meeting with Biden -- the very man President Obama has tasked with ramming his gun control schemes into law!

                    Rumors of another “deal” where pro-freedom, pro-gun Americans get sold down the river are getting louder in Washington, D.C.

                     I hope this isn’t what’s in the works.  But you and I have seen it before.

                     Testifying before Congress in 1999, the NRA’s Executive Vice President said, “We think it’s reasonable to support the federal Gun-Free Zones Act.”

It was this bill -- and anti-gun thinking just like this -- that left the innocents in Newtown, Connecticut unprotected and helpless.

“Gun Free Zone” stickers and tin signs do NOT stop madmen’s bullets.

                     And if pro-gun Americans won’t stand up to the gun-grabbers and unashamedly shout the truth, who will?

                    No one.  And our Second Amendment rights will get flushed down the toilet.

                     I don’t know about you, but I’m not about to stand by while that happens.

                     But the NRA has already said they’d cave on a new “mental health database.”

If passed, this bill could leave anyone who has ever gone to counseling -- including military veterans who’ve admitted stress upon returning from war -- stripped of their Second Amendment rights.

                     Will they continue to auction off our gun rights behind closed-door meetings with Joe Biden?

                     What else will their new “deal” include?

                     An “assault weapons ban” with some “reasonable improvements” over the Feinstein Gun Ban?

                     A ban on magazines holding over ten rounds?

                     The outright elimination of private sales and transfers -- banning fathers from passing down guns to their sons?

                    Expanded federal background checks and databases of gun owners?

                     I hope none of this happens.

                     But as the NRA’s phony friendships get exposed for what they are, I expect things to get worse.

After all, they gave Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid nearly $5,000 of their members’ cash to go along with an “A” rating in 2010.

                     Now he’s twisting the arms of U.S. Senators to stay in line for Obama’s anti-gun schemes.

                     Democrats Mark Warner, Bob Casey and Joe Manchin all received high marks from the NRA, and are now also jumping off the bandwagon, as well.

None of these Democrats were ever pro-gun to begin with.

                     Campaign cash and inflated ratings might buy you fair-weather friends in Washington, D.C.

                     And the Obama administration will gladly sit down with you right before they stab you in the back.

                     But that’s not going to get the job done.

                     I’m not interested in making friends.

                     I’m not interested in wining and dining anti-gun politicians with your money just because they say“I support the Second Amendment, but . . . ”

You know what "but . . . " means.

                     I’m interested in mobilizing gun owners across the country into an iron fist President Obama and his anti-gun pals FEAR because you and I are more than willing to inflict political pain when necessary.

                     You and I can do that by simply telling the truth about our elected officials.

                    When politicians’ anti-gun views and records are exposed before the American people -– not some whitewashed version -- they go down in flames as the ballot box.

                     And that’s something politicians fear more than anything else.

                     But, the stakes are higher than ever for our gun rights.

                     The fights are coming fast.

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WHOA, hold on folks--you better CHECK for yourself--the NRA DID NOT ENDORSE HARRY REID--they stayed out of the Nevada race--they refused to ENDORSE Reid because of his votes for Kagan and Sotomayor for Supreme Court seats. Angle was an unknown to them and in recognition for Reid's past work on behalf of the Second Amendment and NRA they abstained from organizational involvment.  The NRA is normally a ONE ISSUE organization--2nd Amendment--I think they are realizing now that REAL support for gun ownership can't be expected from the leftwing controlled RAT party any more with DemocRATS following like dancin' marxists behind the PIED PIPER muslim.  They have spent MORE money protecting 2nd Amendment rights than any other organization in the U.S. and WILL NOT LIKELY COMPROMISE FOR ANYTHING IN THIS DEBATE.

I remember how the NRA caved during the Clinton years when the first assault gun ban passed.  Not to be trusted.

That's when I left the NRA and moved to Arizona.

We will get what they have in Australia.  Listen to this and be prepared for the same thing in the U.S.

The NRA better not cave.  I just sent them a bunch of money.  If the do, it will be the last time I send them money.

Will the NRA cave in to White House pressure?  Once again I ask the perverbial question: "Does a bear shit in the woods?"

Everything else is yaba-yaba-yaba, bla,bla,bla.

Only one voice they listen too..............................................          .



If you have a constitutional Sheriff in your State get ahold of them and see where they stand several have made open claims to stand for the Constitution as it was written.

My oath is still valid.




Obama thinks he is God . He hates America. He hates every one of us. The muslim wants to take us down and bring us to our knees. He wont do it. We the people wont let this Happen. God Bless America.

I don't see a reason to belong to the NRA when Gun Owners of America exists! Why would a Patriot put up with compromise of his Gun Rights from the organization that is supposed to stand for his Gun Rights?

This pretender who is infesting the White House has no regard for the Constitution. He is planning an end run around the congress.......again. (By the way, a recent poll finds that cockroaches are more admired than members of congress). Legally, the congress and the pretender have no authority to compromise the Second Amendment. Any changes must occur via a vote from all 50 states.



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