Constitutional Emergency

I have created a private group for PFA Veterans and All who have served

This group is going to be strictly for those who have served in our Armed Forces. This group is specifically to be a productive action working group - not so much just a location to shoot the hay.


To join this group, I, or group administrator will need to invite you. I also need someone who has served and has been a PFA member for several years and is well know by us on PFA to vet all who want to join to make sure no stolen valor kinds get in.  We want to avoid that here.


Troops/Veterans if you want to join please contact Marvin Green. He does the vetting for the PFA Military Group and will get you in.

Infiltration is a problem with any site. To help with security a copy of a DD form 214, ID card or other proof of service will be needed to become a member of this unique and honorable group. This should be send in private message not publicly.


Ask any questions you have and offer suggestions here. Thanks guys. Let me know if there is anything i can do to help serve you.


If you need to get your DD form 214 here is how you can get it.




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I would be honered to be invited US ARMY 96th ord det [GMDS] [NIKE] Okinawa

I forgot to give my info earlier, sorry brain took a slight vacation.  My name is Joe Miller BM2 USN retired.  Got sick in the first gulf war and now receive 100% disability.  I Teach for the DOD at times.  I am very involved behind the scenes in both politics (Rep.) if you want to know, and still have insight to some of the things that are happening and things that are planned.  I served from Jan 88 to June 99.  I have both my DD214 and Military ID and Privledge card.  I am very interested in joining this group.

My email is  and you can contact me anyting about any subject.  Thank You for considering me and I hape to receive an invitation soon


Thank You


Joseph Miller

Twana, just checking to see if I have been admitted to this group. Served 23 years, US Army, 1055 to 1978. Combat Veteran Vietnam Ranger US Army.



Sister Twana, I had a senior moment and accidentally deleted the Army email you send, please re send it and let me know where to send my DD 214, and I have saved the link to it.


Vetting PFA Veterans;

PFA has requested that veterans wishing to join the Vet-only group be “vetted’ before being granted full access to the members-only pages.

Twana has asked me to assist in this ‘vetting’ process.

I realize that many of you here do not necessarily have a document scanner, and even fewer of you may have the capability to scan and then edit an image document file.

So here is what I suggest;

1) Make a printed copy of your DD-214;

If you have a scanner or a copier, use that to make a paper print copy of the document. That’s just a plain paper copy of the front side only. You could also use a copy of your VA card.

2) Use a black magic marker to mask over your Social Security number on the printed copy. Remember, do this on the scanned or printed copy only, DO NOT mark on your original DD-214.


3) Now if you have a copy of your DD-214 or your VA card, you will need to make a scanned copy of that and create an image file of it.

Get that image file onto a PC thumb drive so it can be transferred to your home or office computer.


If you do not own a scanner try your local library or a local copy printer service such as Kinkos or The UPS shipping center. Remember these are just simple black and white copies. Even your local real estate agent should be able to make a copy from a black and white fax machine.


4) Now send a copy of that image file to who ever it is that has been designated as your PFA vetting member.


Ultimately the simplest way to do all this would be to make a copy via a fax machine, black out the SS number, and then fax a copy of that page to us.

Simple except that I don’t currently have a fax machine any longer, mine got too old and quit.


For US Air Force veterans, email your image file to me. Use the subject line
“PFA Vetting DD-214”


My email messaging service has a spam catcher and all messages from unknown people or organizations are normally blocked so I will have to check my on-line mail box in order to receive any message, Have no fear I do that several times per day anyway.

Also for security purposes all image files of any DD-214 or VA card images will be deleted from my systems. Your data will NOT be used or shared with anyone for any reason. The data will only be used to verify service duty and military connection.


Also; If anyone has a better idea on how to do this I’m all ears. We will also listen if anyone has objections to this method.

Remember, we're trying to set this up as a secure environment for all veterans to communicate.

My email address:




This group of Veterans at one time Signed Their Name on a Promise to Defend this Nation and it's way of Life.  That PROMISE does NOT contain an EXPIRATION DATE and will forever serve as notice to those WE EMPLOY as Guardians of our Freedom and out Posterity.


THAT NOTICE is directed towards those in Public Office... 


Those who have made that promise.....  Over 30 Million of those Veterans of which we speak  ARE HERE to ENFORCE that promise to our ancestors and our Founders as well as our Posterity yet to Follow........  




YOU can count me in I served in the ARMY 1967 to 1969 service number 54-821-249 and have been a member her for about two years?.

My service in the Navy was rather short-lived,but the kind offer

I recieved to "leave peacefully,or else" (LOL)came with an Honorable discharge.

I make no secrets about what happened,and I remain Loyal to My Navy,and

My Country.

We have quite a time ahead of Us,We MUST stand united!!

Leaders must be appointed whose orders are followed to the letter,unity is

nothing without organization.

Count Me in,contact Me via privete email if more info is needed.



Here is what I suggest. Do not, never, send/or a copy of, your DD 214 to anybody, never. There are other things you could send if you want to send anything. I think Twana has the intel to know who is and who is not a veteran.

Only thing I'll send via internet is a pic of Me in My Sailor Suit...LOL

Thats good advice,I'm new,I asumed there was no isue with the integraty of the people doing this.

Is there?



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