I have created a private group for PFA Veterans and All who have served

This group is going to be strictly for those who have served in our Armed Forces. This group is specifically to be a productive action working group - not so much just a location to shoot the hay.


To join this group, I, or group administrator will need to invite you. I also need someone who has served and has been a PFA member for several years and is well know by us on PFA to vet all who want to join to make sure no stolen valor kinds get in.  We want to avoid that here.


Troops/Veterans if you want to join please contact Marvin Green. He does the vetting for the PFA Military Group and will get you in.

Infiltration is a problem with any site. To help with security a copy of a DD form 214, ID card or other proof of service will be needed to become a member of this unique and honorable group. This should be send in private message not publicly.


Ask any questions you have and offer suggestions here. Thanks guys. Let me know if there is anything i can do to help serve you.


If you need to get your DD form 214 here is how you can get it.




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being a disabled vet 20% service connected, can u track me or do i need a dd-214? count me in i get it scanned and direct mail to twana, i have her email address ty.


To everyone.  I have taken over the vetting of folks to join our veterans group.  If you will contact me I will ask you for information off of certain items on your 214.  No need for you to have to send you 214 to anyone.  There are items on there that are no one's business but yours.

Do you need anything from me, sir?

sent in e mail.

Hi, I'm John McClain, retired Marine, North Carolina citizen, and just been selected to lead the effort here from my state.  I'd like to join this group, need some advise on posting my dd 214, (not very computer savvy) I've got a live one I can copy and paste if I know where it needs go.

   I've been active in the issue of saving our Nation for lots of years, I'm a well researched constitutional scholar, I've been involved in the exposure of our illegal alien, thanks to background experience, and three years of recruiting duty.  A "Navy Brat", I grew up overseas, a couple years in Spain, then a couple in Italy, with the ongoing experience of communist Red Brigades bombings being a regular occurrence during my stay, and I've been actively fighting the communists, knowing their infiltration since my return to the states in 62.

   I am deeply concerned right now, because it appears a majority of Americans want to consider what is taking place as either a "fool in office, making gross and incredible mistakes", or "a racist man intent on getting even, and punishing those with a different point of view".

    The fact is, we have an illegal alien in office, he has been installed no differently than "The Manchurian Candidate", and if you have not read that book, it would behoove you to do so.  As a resident of Chicago from 67 to 76 when I enlisted to get away, I am very much aware of the politics of Chicago, and have been close to the entire story of this alien's rise to power, knowing both the names, and in many case, the people themselves, who as communists, have put him in power.

    I spent six or seven years in a Unitarian Church whose teen services were run by the professor and mentor of Saul Alinsky, Dr. Leonard Pellegrino, and spent time "community organizing under the same", some mile north, and half a mile west of Obama's experience, some six or eight years after my own.

   I have been selected leader of the N.C. group only because I answered, if someone is better qualified, more active, and wants the job, it's yours if you can take it from me, if you can't, it shouldn't be.

   I don't care about much of anything but the Constitution, and setting to right what four generations of Americans have allowed to be done to our Nation.  North Carolina's "motto" is "First in Flight" because of the Wright Brothers, from Ohio.  It ought to be "First to Fight", because we have the most active, best trained fighting forces in America, and we supply these forces to the whole of the world, and it's not an accident it comes from here, but even more important in my own mind, is the fact our State was rebellious against central government from the start.  When the Constitution was ready, it was delegates from our State who lead the challenge of ratification, carrying the message, "North Carolina will not ratify this constitution if the basic fundamental Natural or Endowed Rights we hold most crucial, are not enumerated".  Five other states joined N.C.

   The first American compromise was established at that point, with the faith of the Members being such that the agreement to make the Bill of Rights, some 12 Amendments, the formal first order of business of the first elected Congress, with the intent of those amendments put in, being as fundamentally a part of the basic constitution as that which had been in the final draft.

   I'm calling for all you State members to get on the discussion, and get our state group moving forward, and making a difference, I believe we have a pivotal role in what is coming for a number of reasons, that stated above being one.  We are also a state where agriculture has been "king", but we are fairly evenly divided between rural agriculture as the driving force of our economy, with the Armed Forces being a large impact, but at the same time, we are a manufacturing state, having been a "Right to Work" state, and fighting communists to be such, we have rightfully attracted much business here, yet the collectivist mentality is strong in politics here, as we use the socialist stealth process of bribing business to come here, and by doing so, we establish their special conditions, paying them to stay, and relieving them of tax burdens.

   By this, I want to showcase the fact we have some of the best ways and means of leading the way out of our National mess, but at the same time, we have the worst of America deeply embedded in the political culture, and must root it out if we have any hope to make a difference.

   We must take Sovereign Control of our State, restore its Republican form, return to the State which stood four square against all, and demanded the Natural Truth of our place among Man, and among The States of the World, the equal status as a Free and Independent People.

    We do not fight today to keep our own rights, much as that is put forth as a matter of fact.  We are adults, we have lives, jobs, skills, we are armed, we have some modicum of control over government, such as we enforce, we live with the rights we have preserved, and which were bought and paid for by untold generations past.

   What we fight for today is the entire future of Our Nation, and in truth, for the whole of the world, because the founding principles of our Nation have stood, assailed by every force which holds God enemy, and our principles stand unscathed, even if we, as A People, have lost much face, and no longer cleave to principle with the surety we once owned in our hearts.

   My point is this, no matter what the illegal central government decrees, we have the means and capacity to ignore, deny, and throw down, because we are not disarmed.  We may be called criminals, outlaws, we may have departments of government set upon us by name, but we have the means to fight, even against odds incredible.

   Our rights were secured while we were babes in cradles, as we grew up, as children in grade school, and turning into adults, hopefully, by those who Kept and Bore Arms in our weak years, while we were unable to defend the rights we were born with.  By this, what we fight for today, and I hope from this day forward, with a vigor and enthusiasm we've, frankly, lacked, is the rights of "posterity", the Americans I think about as those descendants of ours whose parents are not yet born.

   It was looking out that far which gave good cause for our founders to establish the most carefully researched and organized deliberate design of a government ever accomplished since God established Israel, with His Law.  It has been short-sighted self-interest which has allowed much of what was principle, to fall away, and allow us become lesser, people, one not worthy of the moniker of "sovereign".

   Having allowed our government to assume full control of its self, we have given it our sovereignty, criminally, in full violation of the constitution, and it is and must be our own fault, we have all these problems of moral weight, and all the problems of principle.  If it is "not our fault" we stand having abdicated the sole chance we have to change things for the better.

   As a matter of natural law and principle, no one can effect the change of something of importance without taking on the full responsibility for it and that means assuming "fault", from the moment we decide an issue is worth fighting to put to right.

   I am not native to this State, I deliberately chose it as 'home', when I arrived here in 1977, in Cherry Point Marine Corps Air Station, and noted the general attitude and demeanor of most North Carolinians was as close to the form and ways of Americans I was accustomed of believing in, having learned about my Country from reading books about it, as a boy living in Spain and Italy.

   If we, The American People, are going to take back our own Nation, we are behind, we have much to do, and little time to do it is.  The central not federal government has been moved communist as much in the past five years as it had in the previous two decades.  The second party has ceased to even resemble an opposition to the first party, the socialist democrats.

   The State Governments have been deeply influenced by the use of "bribe money" from central, most particularly in the last months of the end of the last regime, with billions spread for the express purpose of altering the manifold State institutions which must change to fit zero-care in.  North Carolina was bestowed with a gift of some 40 million, for the institution of changes to align us with needs for zero-care, and it was given to the outgoing Governor, who accepted the money, even though it was not legal and applicable during her own tenure, and by this, our newly elected governor was given the opportunity to compromise on principle even before he fully seated himself in office.

    The fact is, such "bribes", even designated exactly, are frequently spent before they are legitimate, shoring up unfunded expenditures, recent, with the full expectation of "replacing" designated funds, not in reality, but by accounting means, after the fact.  The zero-care behemoth was passed with special caveats included which are designed to institute the programs and only later make provision to pay for the instituting.  This was designed to put programs in place, by fiat dictated by congress and with them in place, forestall any challenges by noting those who would be deprived of what was instituted if the funding were not applied.

   Some of that money was spent, even though what it was established for was not in any way legal to be implemented until specific dates with other measures also going into place.

   If we are going to do anything of value in our Stance, we must stand on fixed principles, the ones which our founders established as our Nation's foundation, they have been assailed for centuries, by every ideal and form, and they stand, unchanged, secure in their truth, and the nature having proved out to be absolute and undeniable in the face of every argument presented.

   If we are to move our Legislators and our officials to understand they are to represent our intentions and designs, we must have the knowledge of what we have as "law" in our State, what we KNOW is obsolete and outdated, what we can also know has been put forth to reduce our Citizen's status, and increase the status of State, because such has been done with deliberation, and must be the focus of our efforts, if we are to make any difference.

   We have not been "Sovereign Citizens" in the fullness of that responsibility, meaning knowing our Laws, and taking and keeping charge of our hired and elected servants.  If we wish to restore that aspect of citizenry for ourselves respecting our Nation, we must take on these responsibilities in our State, first, and become the leadership which decides the direction we will lead our own state in.

   Time is short, the effort to bring the world to the point of bankruptcy through the use of socialist economic doctrine, Keynesian economic theory has been brought to its desired place, and any lack of action on time means America loses, and communism wins its effort to break our standards.  Our rational and simple stance on rights and principles have stymied all efforts to accomplish two centuries of orchestrated effort.

   We must get control of our State Government, restoring our own place as true Sovereign Citizens, and if we accomplish this in short order, we can then tackle the problem of the invasion of central government into our State Affairs.  I call on all North Carolinians to take our citizenship seriously, and choose Sovereignty over the far less demanding "subject of the state".

   Our Nation, our State, our way of life is at stake, and only we can do anything about it.  We move now, while we still have the capacity, or we have chosen to fall, shortly, and have no right to even tears if that be our choice.

Semper Fidelis, John McClain, GySgt, USMC, ret. Vanceboro, NC

Gunny, scan and save to your documents.At the bottom of the message boxes, there is a link to upload files. Click onb that and go to your documents page and select your file for your DD214 double click and send as an attachment. But before you do, you need to blackout any personal info such as your social minus the last 4.

SSgt Young

Florida Warrior Patriot

Of course I do have my DD-214 in front of me, and I served in Vietnam: 68-70, as a helicopter door gunner with the 240th AHC @ Camp BearCat, and still communicate with my old war/ battle brothers 40 years after the fact.  I also write a humble, Christian based Blog:  TOM'S JOURNAL, have studied the Bible seriously, and am Saved, studied healing herbs, and teach tomahawk and knife throwing arts, am a welder,  wood carver, worked at Chrysler/ retired after 30.5 years of hard work.  I am a DISABLED combat Vietnam Vet, and have two bionic knees, the right one really messed up by the Milwaukee VAMC jerks 3 years ago,  and use a cane and power scooter to get around.   I have already started a "Co-Op" of trusted, armed Christians in my neighborhood in the U.P., and will expand to more folks only if I can really TRUST them!! 

     So, I guess that I may not be suitable to join some of your younger guys in running, super physical activities are concerned, but am now a teacher of survival, etc.  I felt that I ought to put this on the table now, instead of hiding it.  I also like the bow and arrow, and think that "Low Tech" stuff ought to be taught in case of a total melt down of society or "Pulse Bomb" attack.  tschuckman@aol.com    --Tommy Schuckman--  "Iron sharpens Iron" ~ Proverbs 27:17.

I am ready to join...



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