He may not have covered all the bases, but no one is perfect.  He has my admiration for trying something no one else had the courage to do.  The Progressives are bold, in their attempt to deny the rest of us the Freedoms our Founders guaranteed all of us.  We should be just as bold.  The Colonel does that. Good leaders come when you least expect them.  Churchill comes to mind.  Reagan.  The Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher.  People who speak out against what is happening.  These people have the knack of bringing the conversation back to what is real, what is really important in the end.
The modern day equivalent of all those great people I just mentioned, might be Michelle Malkin, or maybe Sarah Palin.  They are both fierce fighters for Freedom.  They both live the life they believe in.  America.  The way it used to be, before Obama.

I hold both Sarah Palin and Michelle Malkin to be pretty much the embodiment of all that America stands for.  They are both beautiful, both Mothers  of beautiful children.  The lives they live, exhibit every day what the American dream really means.  I'm not kidding.  They really do.  Against all of our sick politicians, our sick media, the Hollywood portrayal of how we should live our lives.  None of what we are faced with, each day, as we tune into the latest sick news, of some new degradation of our country's principles or values, affect the families of these two great Americans.

They live their lives the way good and honest Americans have always lived their lives.  Because they have principles they live by.  Perhaps that is the most important statement I could make.  They have principles.  Principles that give them a moral path.  A guideline.  Something most people don't even worry about anymore.

This new country the Liberals have created for us, is something indeed.  At least, its something different from what I grew up with.  

Understandably, there is a certain amount of frustration among those of us, who remember how great a country this used to be.  We hate to lose it.  We hate very much to lose it.  But, we're losing it anyway.  Seems its not even in our control anymore.  Muslims, Liberals, Progressives, Soros, with his millions.

Name your poison.  There's something in it for everyone.  But the pure simple fact, at the end of the day, is we're losing this country.

Sarah, and Michelle Malkin are willing to fight for it.  So is the Colonel.  I admire all of them greatly.

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Very well said!



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