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Many of you know that I live in a small Rural community in Central Texas. Some of you may also know that I own and manage several single family rental properties.
Well earlier this week I received a threatening letter from our local Code Enforcement officer. I have one house that has a closed in back porch, and I had a tenant that lived in the house for over eight years. He never told me that the metal roof on that back porch was leaking.. By the time I found out about it, (when he moved), the ceiling was completely destroyed. The porch and the roof do need to be repaired. (No argument there). And that's not my point in posting this here. The problem is the letter I received from this Code Enforcement officer sighted some previously unknown building codes. Most of us who have ever been around construction are familiar with the older BOCA building codes. For those who are not familiar, the BOCA codes are simply a set of codes and standards that outline how to do things like electrical wiring, plumbing, and how to install doors and windows, fire places, and furnaces. They are just good-practice guidelines.

But this new one sighted by this Code Enforcement officer is totally different.

What he sighted is something called :
"The 2012 International Property Maintenance Code"
Needless to say that word "International" caught my eye. So I decided to look it up.

What I found is what you need to be aware of. Yes - You guessed it, This is pure UN Agenda 21, - IN YOUR FACE TOTALITARIANISM.
This is a 702 page document that governs and controls every aspect of your housing and living conditions. This is not simply a set of "Good-Practice" building and wiring standards. The entire first chapter, (it appears to be about 15 pages), all focuses on authority and enforcement. If your community or City has adopted this thing it pretty well governs everything in your house, and how you are told to maintain it, It grants the "Authorities" permission to enter and "inspect" your house any damn time they want too. And if they decide to, they can condemn  your house any time they choose, for nearly any reason. And (if adopted) it's all legally binding - - against YOU. No recourse. And the really great part of it all is that they don't even have to tell you they have adopted these new rules and "Codes", until they decide to inspect your house.

Have I got your attention yet? Are we having fun yet?
Take some time to read this thing, at least the first chapter. And then call your local city officials and ask them if your city of town has adopted these new "codes" into your community.

This is how they plan on enforcing control, one more aspect of your life, death by a thousand cuts.

"The 2012 International Property Maintenance Code"

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Thank you , my friend .

Agreed...Just say the word!  A few years ago people had not been ready for the D.C. Action, I believe now a lot more People are ready and awake, again, just say the word and I believe People will mobilize now in support.  May God Bless!  Semper-Fi!

Old Rooster, you and PFA have permission to give my email address to Lt. Col. Randall Smith.

I am ready and able at 58 years of age to do what is necessary and required to protect the Nation and Constitution from the pending action coming forth before 11/8/16.

Randall........I think I'm correct in that we communicated several months ago regarding a nation-wide communication network.  You had agreed to work on the issue, we put the word out for anyone with commo background that wanted to help, to get in touch with you.  I suspect the response to you was minor to none............

Most of us have heard your message in our heats and's real.  As you say they are well ahead of us which puts our open activity into jeopardy.......I think Rick alludes as well as you, of the 0400 knock.

The big question is how to organize a peaceful force in a "vanilla" manner that doesn't get us all scooped up before our LD is reached.

As with OAS, we encountered "inside and outside" traitors that greatly impacted our efforts toward failure.

Colonel Riley,

It is good to hear from you. We did broadcast the need and the response was 2 licensed amateur radio operators, which is surprising because, historically, community service has been a hallmark of being a ham.

Colonel, for a long time (since OAS), I have wondered about what seems to me to be reluctance on the parts of so many Americans to take action, to make plans, to organize, to establish leadership, a chain-of-command, etc. At various times, I have attributed this to indolence, ignorance, desire for the the status quo, fear the "desire to be the boss" syndrome and other causes. Today, after doing some extensive reading in Keith Broder's "Constitution Club", I believe there is another factor that may be operating - not for all, but for some. In psychiatry, it is considered a disorder. It's called "dependence". I had never considered this possibility seriously before. I'd have been of no use in Vietnam had I been dependent - on anyone. I feel absolutely certain that you understand what I mean. Today, I noticed how many "patriots" asked about "who is going to get us out of this mess" or intervene with the U.N.s implementation of Agenda 21. Things are beginning to strike closer to home now. Likely, of course, peoples' reactions are due to some combination of the factors listed above - or to some I haven't identified. So many people seem to think that "someone" is going to enter America and "clean things up." It's a modern version of the Maginot Line mentality. We have no young men and women to fend off the Spetsnaz or Spetsnaz GRU or U.N. "peace keeping" troops for us. My response to these people, likely unappreciated, is, "take a look in the mirror". A colleague, a radiologist, once quipped, "The most dangerous item in your home is your recliner." I believe he was correct. The worst possible interpretation of reading much of this is that we no longer see ourselves as one people, one Nation with a vitally important cause and mission. Now, lives matter according to skin or uniform color. If not insane, this is unsane language behavior. The problem is that words precede actions; never the reverse. And we read about the consequences almost every day.

Colonel, my approach might be more "swiss mocha" than "vanilla" than yours, however I am now convinced that if we, the people, do not begin behaving like trained militiamen in each of American's over 3,000 counties, we will be no contest for the government's arsenal of weapons and ordnance. I am not talking about being obvious or blatant. I have never thought much of the way Oath Keepers brandished their M-14s or M-16s in peoples' towns and neighborhoods. 

I swore an oath with no expiration date. My wife is protected as much as possible. I do not plan to expire from a communicable disease contracted in a FEMA "relocation" camp.

Colonel, your e-mail came as a breath of fresh air. Do you have the time and inclination to help me in this endeavor? I fully expect to do the "legwork", especially now that the semester is winding to a close. As I may have mentioned, I will be relying upon our veterans due to their mentality, training and experience more than state militias or groups such as Oath Keepers. I'm afraid Mr. Rhodes has, basically, eviscerated them.

Would you be willing to assist in whatever capacity you are comfortable with? I'm sure you have other things on your plate. My concern is that if someone does not take up the reins now, no one will.

Despite its prohibition by the White House, my goal is to try to assemble a functional national militia. I am a neuroscientist, a teacher and a therapist. I certainly lack your background of military knowledge and experiences (in so many important areas that apply here). I know you are busy. If you would but consider my request, I would be grateful.

My best to you and yours, Colonel Riley.


Lt. Col. Randall Smith, Ph.D., KF5YMT/AAR6KQ, Commander

Civil Defense Nationwide Emergency Communication Network

Randall..........I will answer you off-line later today.

Thank you, Sir, while too, your heartfelt comments, message, and its Truth, speaks to, of a body, being fully armed to take on the task, resolving both Roosters important warning, has well as yours. Though those serving of its Truth, may be divided behind walls of separate denominations, its majority congregation has all the talents, supplies, and services needed, completely out of control of federal intrusion. Much of the reason, they target individuals, be it singular, small communities, or organizations not having all the answers to out of control regulators, who write up rules, has if law, so to protect their own power, wealth, and viability. You, we've seen, the Catholic hierarchy, vatican, pretty much, tamed, and controlled by UN "liberation theology", and 3rd world nations, Christian congregations, benefiting of its dollars being distributed to influence churches, education, and its nations political scene. I speak so much with my pastor, and various church members, how we, the serving, are hearing the call to unite, and the walls of division will fall, so not a "stone upon a stone" limits the Truthful Arm of Protection.  

What can I do to help?  PFA has my permission to give you my email address.  I am in South Eastern Virginia.

Obama has created one big mess in America. Time to clean the mess up and we throw Obama out of America.

Of course you are living almost 8 years in the police state run by Muslims. This building codes are just beginning for more things to come. I hope Mr. Trump will realize that.

Thanks for posting this and I hope the people will come together and kick the UN out of our country and I hope we can get someone in office that will get us out of the UN we  don't need the UN and if they want to send UN troops in here it should be open season on them 

Does this pertain to you? In court? Are you serious? Which court? On what legal grounds (just because you don't like it?). Would you truly be part of the "we"?

Col. Randall Smith, Ph.D., KF5YMT/AAR6KQ, Commander

Civil Defense Nationwide Emergency Communications Network



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