Many of you know that I live in a small Rural community in Central Texas. Some of you may also know that I own and manage several single family rental properties.
Well earlier this week I received a threatening letter from our local Code Enforcement officer. I have one house that has a closed in back porch, and I had a tenant that lived in the house for over eight years. He never told me that the metal roof on that back porch was leaking.. By the time I found out about it, (when he moved), the ceiling was completely destroyed. The porch and the roof do need to be repaired. (No argument there). And that's not my point in posting this here. The problem is the letter I received from this Code Enforcement officer sighted some previously unknown building codes. Most of us who have ever been around construction are familiar with the older BOCA building codes. For those who are not familiar, the BOCA codes are simply a set of codes and standards that outline how to do things like electrical wiring, plumbing, and how to install doors and windows, fire places, and furnaces. They are just good-practice guidelines.

But this new one sighted by this Code Enforcement officer is totally different.

What he sighted is something called :
"The 2012 International Property Maintenance Code"
Needless to say that word "International" caught my eye. So I decided to look it up.

What I found is what you need to be aware of. Yes - You guessed it, This is pure UN Agenda 21, - IN YOUR FACE TOTALITARIANISM.
This is a 702 page document that governs and controls every aspect of your housing and living conditions. This is not simply a set of "Good-Practice" building and wiring standards. The entire first chapter, (it appears to be about 15 pages), all focuses on authority and enforcement. If your community or City has adopted this thing it pretty well governs everything in your house, and how you are told to maintain it, It grants the "Authorities" permission to enter and "inspect" your house any damn time they want too. And if they decide to, they can condemn  your house any time they choose, for nearly any reason. And (if adopted) it's all legally binding - - against YOU. No recourse. And the really great part of it all is that they don't even have to tell you they have adopted these new rules and "Codes", until they decide to inspect your house.

Have I got your attention yet? Are we having fun yet?
Take some time to read this thing, at least the first chapter. And then call your local city officials and ask them if your city of town has adopted these new "codes" into your community.

This is how they plan on enforcing control, one more aspect of your life, death by a thousand cuts.

"The 2012 International Property Maintenance Code"

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It sir has been past time! The best plan was in 2014 with the Leadership of the Col. and Sgm.! There has been nothing of any comparison since! It takes Leadership to rally the numbers from all sections of public, private and federal sectors of OUR Great Nation! Leadership we have had many times in the past, but have been missing as of late.

That code is bull S . Dam obumer

Well who turned you in??? Someone had to do it! Was the tenant a US Citizen?

Thank you for the "heads-up" ! I'm in Hunt Co. (Tx) - if you don't mind I'm gonna put that link on Twitter !

Many Texans here , myself included ; I will take it to my city council .

Has anyone taken the time to investigate what they are truly teaching our Children in "K" through "12" and what these Communist College professors are teaching in their classes?  I have, and what I have found out would blow the American Parents collective minds!  You may as well have Karl Maxx teaching our Children!  The play book used is a complete indoctrination right from the Communist Manifesto and the American Sheeple wonder why all those 30 years and under support...Feel the Burn?  These, now Communist...our Children, will be our leaders in a few years from now, so unless "We the People" take matters into our own hands and soon, American WILL BE A COMMUNIST NATION..!!!  These Commie/Muslim/NWO/Elite/Liberal/Monsters have themselves so deeply entrenched in our Fed, State and Local Governments (including our public and private schools) that nothing short of a Civil War will save our Nation and the Fed Gov knows this!  That's why foreign Troops (U.N. Troops mostly Russian and Chines) are stationed all around our Nation, and for good measure, BO and Clinton are working together to bring in Millions of Illegals and Muslims to make sure that a major false flag event takes place so they can call out all the U.N. Troops to save our sorry and complete BS and anyone with half a brain knows this!  Why do you think all these Military Arms (Tanks, APC's, MRAP's, etc. are being pre-positioned all around our Nation...quick deployment against "We the People") are ready at a moments notice on own SOIL!  Our own Government, along with the U.N. has already declared War on "We the People" and the World at large (just look at the shape Europe is Commie/Muslim/NWO takeover)..!!!  So what's left for "We the People" to do?  Again, anyone with half a brain knows the answer to that..!!!  Repent, get on your knees, turn to God/Jesus/Holy Spirit and PRAY your hearts out to the one TRUE GOD, and if it's his will, our Nation will be saved, but to be real I see the "Book of Revelation" unfolding right before our very Eyes..!!!  So "We the People" need to be ONE with "GOD" so "GOD" can be one with "We the People"..!!!  God help us, PLEASE, and Praise be the Lord Jesus Christ!

We are going to clean up the filty mess the illegal A&& H*** has made in America.

I own a backhoe.

Old Rooster,

My name is Randy Smith ("Sparks"). I live in central Arkansas. I built and command a nationwide emergency communications network, and maintain close contacts with active duty communications and intel officers on a weekly basis. I was a comms officer in the USAF and a combat vet during the Vietnam war. The reason I am writing to you is that I have had more than my fill of things like this coming at us from Washington, the UN, the illuminati, the "New World Order", not to mention Obama's illegal "Executive Orders". Rooster, I see no end of this in sight and that cocurs with the intel I am receiving. A couple of weeks ago, the intel officer closed off by saying, "The fuse is very short". Through the nationwide network, I have had contact with comms officers all over the Country. The problem with state militias is that they come and they go. Staff officers become disgruntled and quit. Perhaps we are not a particularly cooperative group of people, but that had better change. After resigning, I became interested in young vets whose closed-head-injuries prevented them from speaking, understanding others, hearing at normal loudness levels, even swallowing food in such a way that they did not give themselves aspiration pneumonia. I worked in several V.A. and general medical and surgical medical centers. I teach at a med school, treat patients and conduct brain-speech and brain-language research. Rooster, I mention these things because I, for one, have had enough. Though a member, my impression is that Stuart Rhodes has eviscerated Oath Keepers. State militias come and go. It is not uncommon for staff officers to go AWOL. Weekend training sessions are devoted to boy scout-like shooting .22s or older guys shooting up empty beer cans. I may be mistaken, but I feel that the most knowledgable and trustworthy militia members are going to be our ex-G.I.s. Right now, we have NO national plan, very few operationally ready state militias, NO leadership, NO chain-of-command, NO strategies, NO tactics and, despite  he efforts of a few very dedicated amateur radio operators, NO useful, functional communication. As I write, several aircraft, helos and fixed wing, are being fitted with high power, wide frequncy range jammers. The same applies to USCG vessels, all FEMA camps and re-vamped military installations under FEMA's control. In a word, "they" have thought of just about everything.

More than a militia, Rooster, I want people who are willing to (1) acknowledge and (2) take back the authority rightfully granted to them by both our Constitution and by our Creator. We had an expression in the Air Force: "No officer outranks a civilian". The same applies to law enforcement officers who, by the way, are killing us in unprecedented numbers and with impunity. Black lives are not the only lives that matter. In this Country, all lives matter. So let's abandon the foolish concept of classifying people according to skin color or dress and pretending that their lives matter more than some other groups lives matter. Are we children? There is, and never has been, another document like our Constitution on the face of the earth. We do not work for the FBI, the "code enforcement" department or any other public agency, yet they strike fear in the hearts of most law-abiding Americans. THEY WORK FOR US. They have sworn to do so. We pay them. Yet, look which way the money flows (fees, permits, tickets, licenses, taxes, etc.). I am looking for a group of level-headed Americans who realizes, appreciates and understands that he or she has complete authority over each and every public servant in America - from the President to the local dog-catcher. Likely, some of the greatest sins have been committed in Washington, D.C. and in the halls of our state capitols. However, this is a reversal. The Americans to whom I refer remember what the term "public servant" means. They understand that EVERY public employee, whether hired, appointed or elected is first and foremost a public servant. Any employee who swears an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution and then breaks that oath is guilty of treason. If you are unfamiliar with the bonding of all law enforcement officers, judges, prosecutors, fire fighters and other public employees, I strongly suggest that you look into it.

Rooster, over the past couple of years, people have devoted the equivalent of millions of man-hours to writing largely meaningless e-mails. A colleague at the medical school believes that the most dangerous item in your home is your recliner, and I think he is right. Rooster, if my information is accurate, time is running out. The feds are ahead of schedule and using the elections as a "popular distraction". Studies done by their social psychologists state that we are "ripe for the picking". I think that men with testicular fortitude need to move out of "e-mail mode" and into action mode. This will be an incredibly huge undertaking. Lots of compromising and flexibility will be required. However, if it is planned and executed well with the right spirit, I believe there is still time to not only take our Country back, but re-build it with built in protection so that none of the lust for greed and wealth of the past can ever again defeat it.'

Like many people, I have a 2 year old grandson. This is about a whole lot more than us and our generation. The oath I took in officer candidate school has no expiration date on it. I will protect my family to the best of my ability, and I am prepared to surrender this life in the process. What, exactly, are most Americans going to do if a knock comes to their front door at 0400? Their home will be surrounded. Confiscation of your weapons and therefor your ability to ever defend yourself again will take a matter of minutes. I, for one, will not languish in a FEMA "relocation" center and languish or expire from contagious diseases - all entirely consistent with the first declaration of Agenda 21.

If you know of anyone whom you trust and who would be ready and willing to begin forming effective militias across the Country - county by county if need be, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you. I, for one, am tired of waiting for "the other shoe to drop" - economic collapse, Martial Law, civil unrest with needless bloodshed, incursion by Spetsnaz, Spetsnaz GRU, U.N. "Peace Keeping" or other foreign troops while our young men and women are being injured and killed daily for no valid reason. Those thousands of APCs, MRAPS, tanks and even field artillery pieces have been criss-crossing our Country via Union Pacific or Burlington Northern for a reason. As my good friend the Major expresses it, "Time is not on our side". Whether our lack of action as a Nation is due to just plain ignorance, fear, apathy, preoccupation with personal interests or pursuits or other reasons really makes no difference. The time for these has come to an end. While in Vietnam, I and most of my guys were scared most of the time. However, we did not allow our fears to paralyze us mentally or physically. Scared or not, we did as ordered, did what needed to be done and covered each oth ers' backs.

Can we afford to do less now? Let's make that letter from your code enforcement board count for something. If we do not start and prepare now, my guess is that we never will. Stuart Rhodes has effectively eviscerated the "Oath Keepers". Hundreds of other "patriotic groups" in reality do nothing. State militias come and go. The only group that I feel we can truly rely upon are our combat veterans who already possess the skills required. They know what they are doing.

I recall how back in the '60s and '70s, Americans had enough gumption to protest against the war in southeast Asia, to fight for civil rights and to fight for equal pay for women. What has become of our Country? Has it truly changed so much? Do we truly have no courage left? A colleague, a philosopher, feels that, the more we fail to act, the more we deserve what we get. I'm not there yet, however I am concerned for all of us.

Lt. Col. Randall Smith ; WE hear you ; just got off from talking with Old Rooster about your message .
Sir : WE got your back . O.R will get back with you soon .
Thank you Sir and God Bless Always .

Thank you for your reply Lt Col. Smith,  Actually I've been hoping that you would return to this PFA/OAS site more often. I am VERY interested in what you have had to say about communications and networks.

I agree with you 100% on the current situation surrounding our Militia groups. It seems most of the local and state level groups are all headed up by egotistical computer warriors with little or no actual active duty experience or training. These people will never do anything to actually save this country. We need to get organized, assuming it's not too late already. (Cannot say more than that here on an open Internet forum) But I hope you have knowledge of younger and stronger veterans who would be willing to take a stand. 

Col. Harry Riley is still on board and still commands most of this PFA/OAS Network. But Col. Riley is like many of the rest of us, growing older and getting tired. Family and health problems are catching up with all of us. But we are running out of time, our Country is running out of time. I am going to send you a personal message, I hope you get it and perhaps we can communicate on a slightly more personal level.

I think this Obama administration IS about to drop that other shoe, there is no way they are ever going to allow an out-sider like Donald Trump to win the elections in November. Coordination and Communications as always are crucial and right now we have neither, much less the strength of arms to mount a sufficient defence.

America is calling, our Founding Fathers are calling. There are some who will answer that call, many of them are right here on this network.

GOD Bless, and GOD Bless America.

Please get back to me as soon as you can.



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