I'm paying attention to the activity here on PFA. I've noticed if I or Harry do not post, then nothing goes on here.

This is the month I have set to evaluate if PFA is really helpful or not.

  • It's not looking helpful. I've asked for help many times. I get in return folks telling me how necessary PFA is and then those very same folks rarely show up nor help.

  • Mindful of all of this, I'll release a statement at the end of August.


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There at the first of Aug. I thought the site was shut down and I have not been online much

I know and that is why I am glad that the site is still here

I am doing as was asked of us a while back, in working on a local level.

There are only so many hours in the day, as we are all aware, and need to figure out, to the best of my limited ability, how best to spend those limited hours.

While I would like to see this site continue, as I find the information provided invaluable, I also realize it takes time, which is in mighty short supply for all of us.  I can not imagine the effort it takes to keep this alive.

The choice must be yours, and yours alone, I just hope I might make it onto some of our members email lists.  There is much to be learned and shared.

Best to you, what ever path you chose.

In Peace and Liberty,


Peoples Republik of Kalifornia.

I second what Brian has stated.  Thank you!

I also agree with Brian, I can't imagine how much of your time and energy this must consume. I'm a Californian too, and it's hard to do much of anything from here. We are so spread out that  I find the best thing I can do is attend local Tea Party meetings and help on the local level when possible. I see other's have posted about the info they get from other sites - I get info that way too and would be glad to post to this site if it would help out. Of course, that would take oversite from (probably) you and Harry Reily.


I will get that done today, will be this afternoon/evening, though.


Peoples Republik of Kalifornia

Brian, that's "Peoples Republik of Kalifornica. 


Twana your post are needful because it is a source of news for the patriots in our nation. Without posts like PFA we would be very lacking in what is really going on in America. Thank you for the hard work that you do.

This is one of the better sites. But, it is your decision.

Ditto  Deb,  I'm  out  of  band--aids  to  fix  so   many  wounds..!!  But  Obama=Care  can  step--in  ~~~Not  a  Chance..!!

I agree this is the best site for what is really going on.  Thank you ,Twana for all your effort. Past ,present and I'd like to hope in the future. But I realize you can only do so much.  Just like I tried to get a face to face together in Tavares.    4 of us showed up  and then it' was like no one knew what  else to do.  Our tea party in Tavares right now seems to be focusing on  fair tax versus flat tax .  but if we lose our constitution and rights what difference does the tax mean anyway.  I think a lot of people ought to watch the DVD " Masada."  Are we going to end up like that ??  Janet



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