I'm paying attention to the activity here on PFA. I've noticed if I or Harry do not post, then nothing goes on here.

This is the month I have set to evaluate if PFA is really helpful or not.

  • It's not looking helpful. I've asked for help many times. I get in return folks telling me how necessary PFA is and then those very same folks rarely show up nor help.

  • Mindful of all of this, I'll release a statement at the end of August.


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I appreciate the job you do with the site.  You move the info quickly.  As you know the market place for

this type of site is fairly large.  Several losers, many redundant, which is to be expected.  If you require

professional help with this operation, then we all should be helping with a specific fundraiser for a specific

reason.  You are the critical link for this operation.  And, people are busy, worried, new expenses i.e. on preparations etc. since we do know what is coming down the pike.  I look at Egypt today, and wonder when or if it will come to the streets here in America to counter, object, protest, not comply, with unconstitutional actions taken almost daily by this administration.  We did not elect a dictator, rather the head of the Executive Branch, one of three in our Government.

I have had more that one person ask me lately, when are the men going to do something?!  I frankly think we are at that point, since our own representatives and Senators are dissing us routinely.  It is a given that the administration will do that, always.  So what is next.  Massing with very large protests and with more that lunch break duration.  Taking over a particular agency, or element of government.  Pushing a State to rebuke and throw out the feds who as a result of a standoff, physically move to force State compliance to a particular statute the feds demand, from an illegal executive order. How many needed, How long can we stand and move and take counteractions to continue to NOT comply.

And where are the folks in their30's thru 50's.  Where are the young adults.  Well, the former,  working, raising families, and the latter,

simply so self absorbed they are unaware of what is unfolding.  The fact that we see through it, track a lot of the illegal activity from DC and communicate a lot up the food chain doesn't imply another generation or two is aware or involved at all.  That to me is scary as well as sad.  If 500,000 gathered in Colo. Springs, Phoenix, Redlands, Salt Lake, Las Vegas, Albuquerque, gathering a nice rounded 3 million would be a start.  A million is DC is nada.  And costly.  Where is the connecting thread and leadership for the Republican Party, the various Tea Parties, the various Veteran Organizations, Police, and First Responders et al??  Where are the causes.  Well we all are aware of them all. But without State or National Leadership to pick the salient issue of the Month, and set the date, nothing happens.  So we take one hit after another and we,  all of us, not just the men, do nothing "in public" that gain the attention of the media or each other or fellow countrymen.  But we do have social media , internet, facebook etc.  We need to be in public, organized, and on the streets, per issue, without bloodshed.  If our streets turn into Syria, Egypt, Greece,  and where ever, and we the protesters get shot down, and thus on the news,  (if it bleeds it leads).....that will be the beginning.  Presently, we are deep into a bloodless revolution,  and this administration is lawless, to include the Constitution.  We already are disenfranchised.
Major issues, illegals, immigration, legal immigration is one area where I would assume people would come out to protest the clear effect amnesty will have on the States, the Border States, and the political parties, and the budget.  The opposition started way before 2008, that much is obvious.  Another five years of lawlessness and where will we be?


One issue at a time,  one step at a time, one law at a time.  It has to be public and on the Capitol Grounds or the streets. 


'Doing the best I can, but there are times when I don't get anywhere near the 'puter for a couple of days.

Keep it going! All of the comments are the reasons!

One thing is for sure. People are getting tired. No matter what are their opinion, this administration will do what ever they have to do destroy the country from within. That was on plan by Communist Soviet Union at least for 60 years now. That plan was taken a modified by Muslims (there is no such a thing as non radical,peaceful Muslim) and everything goes as planned. There is already long list of proven criminal cases by administration, but the culprits were not prosecuted, included chief of Justice. Constitution, what use to be a sacred document is only piece of paper without any value and Senate, or Congress does nothing to remove those criminals from their offices. I am very sceptical, but I know how the countries were taken over. Do you think that all those billion and half hollow point bullets (prohibitive for military in war by Geneva convention I believe), urban tanks, internal security as strong as military, militarization of the police forces by this administration is just for fun? Do you think, that you can really organize? Control of guns, limitation and confiscation already started. Small cells of patriots will be liquidated. And "We the people",like the sheep will go voluntarily to the slaughter house. Just study the history. Hitler, Mao, Lenin, Stalin...You see, we, patriots are in minority which want to play by rules. Impossible task against somebody, who does not have a rules. As Stalin said: You kill one, that is the murder. You kill million, it is only statistic.

Twana, I was given permission from someone, on another patriotic site I am on, that I can copy and paste some information he received from a friend in CA regarding grants and Obamacare.  here it is:

Comment by Lothar Fritz Baier 11 hours ago           

Just in case you aint ticked off enough just yet , I just talked to a friend of mine in CA  and now I know why the Obama administration is so adamant about the block development grants and don't want them to be cut :

Did you know that those grants in CA and I am sure in other states as well are actually being used to pay for the hospital bills of illegal aliens ?

Off course they are not going to say this openly so they do it under cover , officially those grants are used to improve communities and can be used for every purpose , in this case they are used to improve the communities by keeping Emergency rooms open and staffed , that's the official line but here is the truth :

About 89% of all patients that are not paying their bill in CA are illegal aliens so if anyone who even looks Mexican walks into a ER and doesn't provide insurance info the bill goes straight into write off , now off course the hospitals try to compensate for this by raising their rates for service , charging more to the patients who have insurance and by cutting back staff but due to the sheer volume of non payers this has limitations so the government under the disguise of block grants finances the hospitals so they don't lay off staff or close ER facilities and this improves the community !

I may not post often, but check every day and read !

There are many sites and many people doing great work for the cause of America!!  This one is not the only one in town and are not threated with shut down and lack of spirit!  It is a very ugly time for all of us and for our nation! It is hard when there is little we can do as American's to save our nation short of taking to the streets with all the power we have and then what?...get mowed down and arrested by the police militia?  It is frustrating to talk and talk yet see nothing happening, but more ugliness....However, there will come a time that there will be no question that we fight or die....so store up, plan and get close to all you love and your faith.   We cannot stop the government alone...we have to have people who can truly stop Obama...not just us talking.  Local people are hampered to as to what they can do also, but they are doing it.  It  IS much bigger than any of us!  So take a chill pill and do what you can to help by sharing what you are doing to prepare, share your faith and take it easy-- because when SHTF there will be plenty of time to be all up in each others faces....!!

The reason we are here and there is that is more than just this site to be on, many messages and information out there Twana..while we appreciate what you share, there are many of us sharing, so either jump on board with us and 'get it' that we are doing what we can or leave and let someone else take over that will go forward with the group, if that is truly how you feel!!!  Get over yourself and join in and stop bitching at everyone!  Sorry, but we are tired of your attitude of challenging us when we are already challenged  as it is....be peaceful and relax so we can ALL take care of each other as friends....we fight together and we may die together, but hey, its better than being alone!!!!  This needed to be said!

I think someone is having a bad day.  I was going to reply to the person that is having a bad day......but......that would probably cause someone to have a cardiac.


Twana - Your doing fine.  I know I don't have to tell you to ignore ranting, but I would like you to know more people support what you do than implied in "someones" post.

Just my 2 cents but I'm sick of reading about all the depressing and overwhelming crappy news that is going on in our country.  I'd rather focus on PREPARING for hard times that are coming and how to survive.  We must work at the local and state levels of government to fight back to save our Republic. 

It does me no good to read about more corruption, more loss of freedom, more crap about the commie/muslim in the White House in the news.  All it does is beat me down.    

Let's focus on DOING and not READING.  Focus on becoming mentally tough.   To be honest, I don't read most of the posts anymore unless they are positive and offer proactive advice.  What good is it going to do to read things that are depressing or give me a feeling that I can't fight back? 

We all know we are in trouble so why keep reading about crap in the news?  What does it accomplish?  It's better to learn new survival skills. 

I haven't been @ much, but it's not because I don't like this site. I get lots of important info here and carry to all the things I'm involved in....My kids attend a private, Christian school, so I help there with things and they use me to keep up with politics and how to fight back. I've also been dealing with 'Overpasses for Impeachment', didn't work this time.....I need help to get it all organized and arranged. I have way too many medical problems to deal with that one, on my own. The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, just REALLY kicks my butt...BIG TIME!  I'm doing the freedom of speech, Religious Liberty and Right to Bear Arms here in my little town. My alarm goes off at 5am to get the kids up and I'm usually working on SOMETHING, by the time they head for school @7:30-7:40. If there is ANYONE in my area, willing to help me out with some of these things, please, please, PLEASE....get ahold of me. Being that my kids go to private school, they don't have class on Fridays, so I get to stay up a little later on these nights. Anyways, I'd really like to keep this site up, but I COMPLETELY understand not having the time to run it and needing help. If I was able to.....I'd do it in a heartbeat. As it is now, half the time I fall asleep watching FNC at night.     momof5shortstuff


Your posts are very valuable.

We are all working constantly in our areas- meetings, forums, websites, making lit on Common Core etc to grow awareness.

I may not actually post here much, but I take this VERY IMPORTANT information back to my local Tea Party and Liberty Chalkboard group.

Please keep it up if you can manage- what you post here travels far and is essential information.

Thank you for all your hard work- always.

God Bless.



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