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I'm tired of the ugly rude snarkiness at fellow Patriots on PFA

Folks, I've been seeing ugly rude snarkiness on PFA and I do not like it! We are here to work together with one focus and that is to save liberty! And this is our mission to restore it:

Our PFA Mission: In the coming times, we of PFA will identify our state leaders, work together as families and local teams to protect and defend our families, prepare ourselves for a long term siege and work to restore our constitutional republic when the internal strife ceases.

I understand we've had it with marxism and islamofascism shoved down our throats but going after each other and being down right rude and ugly to each other is not helpful and guarantees we loose - not win! I don't expect you to like another member here but I do expect you to show respect to every member. There are some folks that are vetted daily and when we (admin) find one who doesn't belong then we remove them....those folks I'm not talking about.

I am talking about those of us who are working together under the goal of restoring liberty to our republic.

This attitude of "I told you so and woe is me nobody listened" is old too! If your only purpose here is to sport an attitude with insulting slaps then I ask you to stop it! If you don't want to stop it then I ask you to go out from us.

We are not going to win our liberty if we are set on the destructive infighting and be asses to each other!

Enough! Stop it!


The video above is of a woman Stephani Scruggs. I worked with her in 2010 in UIA. I admire this bold truthful speaking woman! I, like her, am tired of herding cats. Plus I'm disgusted with feeling like I have to put on battle rattle to come to PFA or any online conservative site. It should not be so!


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I like the word "SNARKINESS."  The american gestapo is at our doors and we are acting like a herd of cats.  You are right on.

Sorry Twana, that's why I don't post. I've posted in the past and would get smart A remarks back.

Thank You!



I agree with the sentiment but sadly 'human nature' prevails in most forum interactions. Holding oneself above that behavior is an individual prerogative and one that, percentage wise, seems to prevail in some forums. So we have 80% who react reasonably and politely and the rest (maybe) do not... take any three or four 'threads' and count the snarky stuff... vs the reasonable interaction. Frankly I am happy with anything above 60% good... but it is not wrong to 'ask for better.' God Bless America.

God bless you Twana and keep up the wonderful work you are doing!

I will continue to post and I will continue to call it the way I see it.  If someone wants to get snarky with me I say stuff it and move on. I could care less about those that are so afraid of their own shadows and worry so much that they cannot think or even fathom just how far down that rat hole we are being led by our socialist dumbocraps and this increasingly dictatorial presidency. What surprises me and disturbs me even more is the responses I get from my elected representatives who proudly send me copies of their speeches and discussions about more legislation that has little or nothing to do with saving our country from the ruinous road this administration and the likes of Pelosi and Reid espouse daily while an adoring prostituted press tries to glorify their every act and word. So yes, I too am getting tired of the snarkiness and wimpified comments not to mentiion the No Can Do attitudes I see.  Frankly for the the lot of those I am simply ignoring them or callihg them out as I see them.  We are headed for War, there is no question in my mind unless we really get with the program and do more than we have been than just talking about it.....Start writing folks. The economy is miserable and I long ago stopped counting the number of requests for money to stop this action and that action but I can write my own letters and I do and I will keep writing them until they start answering my questions such as why has not a single Senator or Congressman questioned the purchase of all that ammunition for so-called civilian agency and department use.  As a retired 35 year Federal employee and Marine, I know that there is absolutely no reason that can justify that kind of expediture of billions on ammunition and weapons for use by FEMA, USGS, NOAA and other civil departments and agencies. And I was there when they passed the Inspector General Acts so why have they not used those tools to ask the same questions of each ahd every department.  And why has not a single request been made of the premier Audit and investigative arm of 'Congress, the Government Accountability Office been asked to investigate those expenditures and disallow all that are illegal (and most all are)? In this latter case, the Comptroller General has the authority to disallow expenditures and his decisions are enforceable by law. 

I suppose what I am saying to each of you and anyone else that is within reading and earshot, get with the program. Lets bombard them with pertinent questions and do not accept what they say in return unless it answers the questions you asked them to provide answers for.  I just received four letters from my own representives both Congressional and State and not a single one answered my questions posed to them.  They are being sent more letters and will continue to be until I get a satisfactory answer.  You must start doing the same and do not forget to prepare for the worst.....

A question as to the validity of a WVA and PA meetings was asked.  Get in your cars those of you nearby those locations and get us the answers.  I can tell you that more is going on that you can ever begin to realize. Believe it and start acting on it and stop with the snarky answers.

Twana we have your back and we know you have ours.. By the way, it would seem that I am the sole member of my State group from Loudoun County Virginia.  I know there are others out there, get with it and lets get things moving.  We are far enough from D. C. that we will have time to get set up when they send their "civil defense forces"...Semper Fidelis.

Mr. Nygaard: I have not personally run across the characteristic of which Twana wrote , or I have not noticed it because I usually am more concerned with goals than with snarkiness and dismiss it out of hand. However, I totally agree with your last premise about someone in WVA or PA who could either confirm or deny this story doing so. In order to be informed about what we should be doing we need to know the details and whether or not the report is accurate. I will be in VA for a few weeks at the end of April but that does us no good now. It would have been easy for me to inquire as I would only be 44 miles from Franklin, West Virginia. I am a former member of ther US Army and could not agree more with your expressions concerning what I too, feel is an upcoming conflict; not that we wish it; but , that it is being forced on us.  We need to find a common ground of mutual aid; some form of organized networking against the inevitable that will provide us the best protection we can realize. In my opinion, the course you are suggesting to make them accountable and resposible through petitions and faxes, emails and letters, even meetings face to face where possible , are for now at least the way to go. We will cross the other as yet unknown bridges when we reach them but until then, SEMPER FI - THIS WE'LL DEFEND.

Richard,  Twana  said  it; ``you  expanded  on  my  thoughts & actions  as  Well..!!  You  maybe   retired   in  one  sense  of  the  veteran  oath  we  took,  me  Too;  There's  that  self--rightous  oath  that  we  have  each  others--back..!!  I  have   love // hate  relations  with  my  Two  women `California Senators  and  have  asked  very  politely  that  they  stay  true  to  human  values   and  please  respond  with a  satisfactory  answer ,  not  with  a  hand  full   of  gimme,  and  a  mouth  full  of  much  obliged.. < never  works  for  Me..!  Lately  the  only  respected  answers  I   get  is  from  Mr. Issa..  So  keep  up  the  action  with  boots  on  the  ground..~~Salute  Ron  

Thank you Twana!  You are right.

Thanks Twana! My only hope is that we have not been infiltrated. The liberal, marxist, socialist, commie fools have inflitrated ever other place in our country, the govt, all education, local govt, businesses! They are everywhere! We need fall into their traps.


We have been infiltrated. The termites are everywhere. They have had 100+ years to set up shop while we worked and slept.

They are now lighting in your neighborhood as new neighbors and feigning moving to a safer place, usually from some northern city they have decimated. They will be in your churches, restaurants, bars, clubs trying to befriend you.

Stay vigilent


I'm a betting man, so I would say that the odds are in favor of having at least one or two infiltrators. With some luck, smart handling by PFA's administrators, and some Divine intervention, the infiltrating is limited to the website.

Every one of us should keep this in our minds whenever we post.



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