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I'm tired of the ugly rude snarkiness at fellow Patriots on PFA

Folks, I've been seeing ugly rude snarkiness on PFA and I do not like it! We are here to work together with one focus and that is to save liberty! And this is our mission to restore it:

Our PFA Mission: In the coming times, we of PFA will identify our state leaders, work together as families and local teams to protect and defend our families, prepare ourselves for a long term siege and work to restore our constitutional republic when the internal strife ceases.

I understand we've had it with marxism and islamofascism shoved down our throats but going after each other and being down right rude and ugly to each other is not helpful and guarantees we loose - not win! I don't expect you to like another member here but I do expect you to show respect to every member. There are some folks that are vetted daily and when we (admin) find one who doesn't belong then we remove them....those folks I'm not talking about.

I am talking about those of us who are working together under the goal of restoring liberty to our republic.

This attitude of "I told you so and woe is me nobody listened" is old too! If your only purpose here is to sport an attitude with insulting slaps then I ask you to stop it! If you don't want to stop it then I ask you to go out from us.

We are not going to win our liberty if we are set on the destructive infighting and be asses to each other!

Enough! Stop it!


The video above is of a woman Stephani Scruggs. I worked with her in 2010 in UIA. I admire this bold truthful speaking woman! I, like her, am tired of herding cats. Plus I'm disgusted with feeling like I have to put on battle rattle to come to PFA or any online conservative site. It should not be so!


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Well Twana, you're always gonna have somebody like this--whoever this person is should focus more on offering solutions and ideas than getting offended--I didn't see this comment before--on some of these sites when comments go on for days or pages--I will monitor for ideas or to give an opinion or to update folks on something I think might be important to us all--but getting so many emails from different organizations and members--and the 'NET and computer is probably the greatest information source for all organizations of this type to connect with one another--sometimes it's not hard to miss the "snarky" comments.  ALL FOR ONE, ONE FOR ALL--for those who'd rather argue and snipe--this country is facing the biggest threat to our freedom in OUR LIFETIMES--and they better realize it because we are not far from reaching the point of no return--not one to be predicting but history often repeats itself--we are as a nation on the verge of a Second Great Depression which will have far worse consequences.  Ideas, opinions, actions ARE REQUIRED--I'd say to anyone who's not happy or gets offended--debate or opine in a civil tone and manner--the Founding Fathers did it somewhat vehemently in their day but still gave us the most important document since the BIBLE--the Constitution.

I would like to suggest that all of you read a book called the harbinger, by Jonathon Cahn. I think it might help you see just where we are and how important it is to stop the infighting, and pull together. It is a very sobering book on where America stands, or maybe I should say where America is falling to. It is a wake up call at the very least.

It's a GREAT book!!



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