Constitutional Emergency

Can you take this image and add blood on it, running down it....then that will accurately show their contributions to our country and this world?

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Twana, I created and sent you the artwork, but I got an email from you requiring me to fill out a spam form...and the link isn't working.  So I have no way to get you the artwork file.

I cannot stand desert rats as they are evil followers of satan. They justify every evil there is. Remember the bible tells us satan will bruise Christ heel, but Christ will crush his head. No matter what we do or do not do Christ will be the victor with us beside Him. Keep working.

Kneel in Faith,
Stand in Courage,
Wait in Hope,
Walk with GOD

Proverbs 3:5 & 6

I got a friend who could probably do that let me know if you want me to contact him....

There may be a period of time void of elections, but as God as my witness, there will be elections and a return to the actual meanings of our founding documents.   I've reached the limits of patience.   LET'S JUST GET IT DONE AND OVER WITH.


                                   TOMAS PAINE,  COMMON SENSE.

"The constitution is not and instrument for the government to restrain the people, It is an instrument for the people to restrain the government."

                                        Patrick Henry


Do you notice how the copy subtly implies that the submissionists are saying that they own a separate part of America by saying "Muslim America" rather than 'Muslim Americans'? Notice how the dome of the WH and our flag is in fog and the hateful symbol of the Religion of the Sword is sticking up in the front. It's seditious. 

Another propaganda poster white-washing the advancing presence of Islamofacist ideology in our country. The first reason for the party is to kiss Obaminators' ass. They've contrived to ride on his coat-tails to introduce their second reason - to revise the brutal history of Islamic conquest "to the Nation (what nation?) and the World (otherwise who else would?)". Oh, wait, the entire Members of Congress would. A den of vipers.

Drops of blood running off "Gala" and definitely blood running on their detestable symbol. And restore our flag and dome.

How about this?


I made a change.


WAY! Excellent. Hope Twana checks back in to see it.

I'll see what I have inkscape ( Linux ) and Corel Draw ( Windows ) found this from a quick search

And why wasn't this done for previous POTUS?

Is Junior the only one so 'honored'and why?

Just a simple idea. Do you want it more detailed?


Thought you wanted the lettering in bloody and dripping blood . . as I made one with the word Muslim dripping blood like it should have been



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