Constitutional Emergency

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Works for me!

still counting, Twana, but it's sure looking like it is.

It's a winner as far as I'm concerned, Rachel.  NICE JOB!

Unofficially, yes....but I'm doing a recount just to be sure.

I love the shield of faith wherewith we will quench every fiery dart of the wicked one in the spiritual realm and the Crusader sword (which is also the cross of Christ) and the guns that defeat the enemy in the material realm.

Thank you for all your work to produce this powerful graphic for America.

look up muslim training camps state-side on youtube. watch them.   they've been here for yrs.  farrakan is recruiting the gangs for his military. it's here. now we have big sis releasing illegals on us. hussein told us he was going to create his own army. did u think he was lying?

there r too many.  just type in 'muslim training camps in the us" or some such. i found them yrs ago.

i just typed in "muslim training camps in america". came up w/ a slew of them.

This is one. There are many. Looks like Hancock NY should be on the list. I heard about this particular camp in NY several years ago, Islamburg.

they just became "legitimate" a few months ago....incorporated.

LOL... Of course they did! I don't know why these things surprise me anymore. The people who are running this country are clueless. Or, they are complicate.

I think you meant 'complicit'.



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