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Is "Gray State a psyop?"

I read this a while ago.  Click thru and read for yourself and see what you think.  Interesting premise (imho).

In reading the post from the first link, it is right in line with my gut feelings. Having been in covert ops I know for fact that the military and government would never participate, much less grant permission, for a movie of this type unless it was made to induce fear and thus compliance of the public.

Take it only for the message that it is a scenario that could happen if we allow it. All the more reason to get Patriots organized and prepared!

Excellent, they present a worst case scenario to the unknowing to spread fear and to instill a sense of conform or die choice towards the masses.....notice the trailer was all done wth regards to "Inner-City" urban warfare because that would be the easiest scenario to contain...keeping the cute and soft bunnies in the cage.

From Sun Tzu 1.18-21

"...18-All warfare is based on deception.

The truth of this pithy and profound saying will be admitted by every soldier. Col. Henderson tells us that Wellington, great in so many military qualities, was especially distinguished by "the extraordinary skill with which he concealed his movements and deceived both friend and foe."

19-Hence, when able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must seem inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near.

20-Hold out baits to entice the enemy. Feign disorder, and crush him.

All commentators, except Chang Yu, say, "When he is in disorder, crush him." It is more natural to suppose that Sun Tzu is still illustrating the uses of deception in war.

21-If he is secure at all points, be prepared for him. If he is in superior strength, evade him...."

For those here who haven't YET downloaded it, here again is one of the links for the 'Art of War'.  This version has commentary.......

In reading the comments posted, it seems there are many praying for Jesus to come quick and save them from the calamity that may befall us.

I must ask of them, are you only concerned with saving yourself, or are you ready to help us get prepared for what may come? Please explain!

Are you not up to a fight to save America?

Stingray...IMHO, the Bible never tells Christians to cover their own butt and hide from trouble and every man for himself, but rather, Jesus commanded us in Matt 20:18-20 to go and make disciples.  He didn't say "until the going gets rough" or "until I rescue you so you won't have to suffer" instead He commands we love our brother as ourself.  If He chooses to come before times get horrid like in the traile... great! wonderful!  I'm certainly not a masochist!  But I am planning on being here to tell others about His saving grace while I am preparing for the worst and continue preparing to defend my family and friends.

Judy, you don't have to tell me about the bible, I studied it in several versions for several years as an adolescent and young teenager.

What I'm concerned about is that so many here seem to offer so little comment input but to pray or quote bible verses. That won't help us to get prepared and organized. Many of us have joined our state groups, and have been asking others to announce their presence in their counties to link up and begin the process. Yet I see almost no effort to do so, including in my own county. With well over 2,000 members here, I see the same handful of members being the only participants. I doubt that Twana will even be able to find leaders for many states!

Keep your chin up, Twana.  Everyong here is working on their own issues.  Thank you for all you are doing and contributing to the welfare of each one of us.  I admire your dedication. 

Twana, I wasn't meaning to discourage you! The fact is that so few have stepped up, I don't see every state being represented with enthusiastic people wanting to take hold and go for it. Several have said they would be happy to assist a leader, but bowed out of doing it themselves. A person doesn't have to be 'leader' material, just gather others in their state until someone shows they have the ability to take it over. (with your approval of course)

Surely you don't think I was preaching at you, Stingray!!  God forbid!  I was attempting to answer your question and I could only answer for myself.  I don't want to insult anyone because everybody has to walk in their own shoes, but I will say, if anyone is saying, "I am going to sit here and do nothing because Jesus is going to take me out of here before it gets bad so I'll just keep praying and not prepare", is deceiving himself and putting himself and anyone with whom he has influence in grave danger.  I, for one, would not include a person with that mind-sinc in my plans.  People who want to be involved with me or want me to be involved with them need to be planning for the worst possible to happen and then, if it didn't, we could all celebrate and thank the Lord!!

I like your thinking, Stingray though you could use a little of considering your cup half FULL!  Yet, I have to admit, sometimes I think like you do when I see the numbers.  There are/were 176 members in TX.  I sent a friendship add to each of them and got 8 replies.  I decided I approached them wrong.  So I deleted all the unanswered requests and am going to use a different strategy.  I am going to insert a short message, something to the tune of  have they seen the the new direction Twana is leading this group and then encouraging them to get involved.  I'll give an update after I have gotten it done.  :-)

Judy:  For what it's worth, you can't "finesse" fighters into a program!  They either understand the threat our Country faces today or they're sleepwalking towards catastrophe.  Spend your time working with committed individuals.  The rest, even if they're induced by your cajoling to join the group, aren't the type to "stick" when pushes come to shoves.  Don't want them at by back. 

I agree mostly with you Clarence.  However, I'm hoping there are still some "out there" or who are on this site already but haven't checked in to be encouraged with what's going on here.  I was a member for well over a year before I check in just a couple months ago in time to see Twana's new direction.  I am hoping others will be curious enough to check it out too.  There surely are others who agree with the tune here, have been preparing and want a group connection.  Those are the one's I'm looking for.  I have been more encouraged recently than for a real long time!  I don't plan on "evangelizing"....honestly, I think it is too late for that.



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