Constitutional Emergency

"we will so weaken your economy until you fall like overripe fruit into our hands.”  Nikita Kruschev

Are we overripe?  IMO we are not banana bread yet...

As I study the growth of our Movement on the search engines, I see rapid and exponential growth.  I also see that those that disagree with us are referring to us as "fu@%-tards".  The first thing a liberal does  when disagreeing with someone is start calling names.  Once a bully....  Then they come up with a "label" i.e. birthers, truthers, tea-baggers etc.  This is an effort to discredit the speaker, the group or whatever. Reality and truth are not factored into the equation at all.

The post that referred to us as -tards is a great example of how misinformation can be a positive.  First, the comment was on a SPORTS page...we made it into the sports section ya'll, Great Job!  This guy that has so vehemently expressed his opinion of us on a sports page probably knows more about the 1980 NFL draft than he knows about the Constitution. And, there are so many like him.  Second, the post included our objectives in their entirety as well as the link to us. Thanks Dumb-4$$. (oops)

Be wary of engaging people like this.  They are party-line followers and most likely the recipient of some kind of social program, they mean nothing!  Being the loudest person in the room does not make one right...just loud.  They are not worth your emotions or even your pity.

I have always been able to recognize "spin" for what it is and there is a lot to be gleaned from it.  It is an effort to divert attention from the truth and to encourage people to choose sides.  Smoke and mirrors. My problem is, I don't have the capacity to use this particular tool. 

The above example is only one of many that I read.  Since the demonization of our effort has begun, that means we are getting the exposure that we need to accomplish our goal.  The name-calling has started and the labels are soon to follow.  Whatever label we get stuck with, wear it with pride. We are on the right path.

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Well, Kevin, it works here! I, too, am seeing the negative comments as our mission grows - & growing it is. And, I feel a deep dedication among us. Thank you for your words of warning. I will remind myself every time I'm called a name that it means we are on the right road to taking back our nation.



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