Since I've become more involved in my local community, county, district, state I am seeing that PFA is not getting much attention. I'm also the caretaker of my sister who has cancer and is in really bad shape. So as you all can tell I am without much time to be active here like I was before. Plus I've just been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis so I'm also doing lots of PT time. 

I do realize that most folks here do not want to be led in working in local community. I have thought alot about that. 

What I do what to know from all PFA membership is what are your thoughts and ideas for PFA. If we do not come up with a working goals for PFA soon then I will be closing it down. I won't turn it over to militia groups or others. 

Do you want or need PFA to online and if so, why? 

Plus another thing, I'd like for you folks to post important info here on PFA for each other. I don't mean recruit for another site, but I mean important info that your other brothers and sisters on here need to know. Most everyone knows the standard of PFA so I would also like you members to handle something if something should arise. I cannot do this all by myself nor do I want to. We are a team so we must start working as a team. 


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I really am not certain how to locate like minded people in my area. My second problem lies... we are both laid off refuse government assistance... but pretty much black balled because of my being outspoken politically.... any ideas of like minded people hiring? Any and all ideas are welcome at this point.... thanks!

Wendy, keep the faith up, things will always be pointed in the right direction if your heart is right. It has always been that way for me..... there are a lot people who lose their direction, I have been one of those on several major intersections in my life and generally just saying a little prayer will get you moving in the right direction. What part of the country are you in? I am in Central Texas, close to Taylor.

Maybe Wendy, if you kept your opinions secret, and played their game of deception, you could gain the employment you need.  Beat them at their own game, and laugh all the way to the bank.   I truly hope you find work, and would suggest taking anything you can, until something better comes along.    In periods of my life I have had to take some pretty crummy jobs, to keep my Kids going, as a single Mom, but something better always came along.

Do what you need to do girl. I'm sure everyone appreciates your efforts. We all can't be a Glenn Beck or the Daily Caller.

Twana, first and foremost, may the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob bless and keep you and yours!!!  What you have accomplished has brought patriots together no matter their state within the Republic!!  We all know now that there are Tens of Thousands of like minded Americans who when the chips are down we will act as one to preserve the Union!!  I went to a Memorial Day ceremony at the Citizens Cemetery, in Prescott, Arizona.  One of the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors read the Gettysburg  Address to the 3 or 4 hundred attendees!!  The words as always are so poignant enhancing them was the fact that he unashamedly wept while reading them!!!!  God bless America!!  Semper Fi!!!  MOLON LABE!!!!!! 

Twana, I thought it was "matter of fact" that you wanted to close down in August, at least this was my impression, so I haven't been on the site nearly as much as I like. I feel like everybody is closing down because of this. My problem is doing the daily research and then posting that information. It is time-management 101 for me. I can understand clearly, your sister's cancer issue and now your diagnosis of arthritis. For people like you and me, and our aging bodies we become painfully aware of our limitations. If you have any needs that I can help with on posting or research or for that matter anything else that I can help with, don't hesitate to ask, just send it to me on my e-mail and I will do my best to get it done.

Twana,   Sorry to hear about your sister's illness and your issues too.   However,  your site is unique and important to this country and I ask you to extend yourself, if possible, and continue PFA.   You and most of your followers are super patriots and this country needs every patriot taking active rolls since too many citizens just only care about sitcoms and sports.

Patriot and Veteran USN.

Dave Connell.

I've been silant because I've been searching past investigations of lost constitutional history, found the original 13th amendment- titiles of nobility and honour,it was hidden after it was passed in congress and signed into law after pres. Monroe signed it but the corrupt politicans hid it and the organic act of 1871, that's when the corrupt congress again pass a unconstitutional act teason of course( that's when act made that 10 square mile around dc to become a banking corporation and hid the original 13 amendments to the real constitution look it up, look for the 13th amendment tona, essay 13th am. 1-2-3- ect a lot of lost history have fun learning oh the congress was notified in 2026 they were unconstitutional to serve

Beverly,   Very interesting and all news to me. What is the bottom line?  What  kind of date is 2026?


If you found the 13th Amendments why not post the link so all of us can got to it.  I have read many times where a member has found something interesting and not post the link.  For me I just don't get it or am I missing something?  Are we suppose to pass on what we have found?  How else will we have the knowledge?  I search and found it here.



ex Army

Vietnam Veteran

I truly get a lot out of the postings and thank you for all your work.  I try to share them with trusted friends.  I signed onto the Virginia state group but never really heard anything back.  I participate in other northern Virginia groups with VCDL and ACTforAmerica and Americans for Prosperity to the extent that i can. I will miss your writings if you are unable to continue but you need to take care of yourself and family first.

I hope that your sister's condition improves.  I have been reading a lot on cancer treatments in books such as "Knockout" and "Think Outside the Box" after losing my wife to conventional treatments and reading that way over half of all oncologists would not use the treatments on themselves that they prescribe for their patients.. I also like Life Extension Foundation ( and their ideas.

Thank you for your dedication.



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