Since I've become more involved in my local community, county, district, state I am seeing that PFA is not getting much attention. I'm also the caretaker of my sister who has cancer and is in really bad shape. So as you all can tell I am without much time to be active here like I was before. Plus I've just been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis so I'm also doing lots of PT time. 

I do realize that most folks here do not want to be led in working in local community. I have thought alot about that. 

What I do what to know from all PFA membership is what are your thoughts and ideas for PFA. If we do not come up with a working goals for PFA soon then I will be closing it down. I won't turn it over to militia groups or others. 

Do you want or need PFA to online and if so, why? 

Plus another thing, I'd like for you folks to post important info here on PFA for each other. I don't mean recruit for another site, but I mean important info that your other brothers and sisters on here need to know. Most everyone knows the standard of PFA so I would also like you members to handle something if something should arise. I cannot do this all by myself nor do I want to. We are a team so we must start working as a team. 


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Twana, your life sounds so busy with Family, and yet, do you realize how critical you are to getting out issues and info.    I pray things get better for you, and have found your site an invaluable source of information.   No one, can keep up with all the issues, and with the info I find on your site, I can pass that info to others.  Maybe, it is an issue they are aware of, maybe not.   It is critical for us to be knowledgeable, and your input is very important.   Maybe someone could help you in some way.   Offer suggestions for the Post, right now, I think the one concerning the couple handcuffed, for passing out leaflets in Philadelphia is pretty important.    A glaring video showing our "Gestapo" type offiicals attacking American Citizens.  I wish to be of service, but will admit to being limited on computer skills, but might assist in another way.

Twana...I believe God wants to heal you and your sister.  Where are you located? There are Churches out there that are moving in the Holy Spirit.  Don't let satan take you out. Jesus is still in the healing business. There are Ministries that can help on line such as Aslans Place or XP Media.

Could you delegate some of the work of your ministry to tech savy members? Maybe post every other day as opposed to daily.

Bottom line I think your work here is vital and should continue.

Could we start a prayer team to pray for God's help?

Be healede in Jesus Name.


How you have managed this site with the health of your sister and now with you is beyond telling.  Sickness as mentioned is all consuming and I pray God will show your sister and you His loving hand.

I have been on the circuit with local, state and national issues.  I now find myself just letting things take their course.  I cannot change the big picture and as the scandals keep coming hopefully there will be action with a push from We the People.We don't need impeachments--just forced resignations  It is quick and easy!

This site is wonderful and read quite often.  Thank you for your hard patriotic work!




Twana, so sorry to hear about your sister and you.  I will certainly be praying for both of you.  I greatly appreciate the PFA site and encouraging posts.  I feel PFA is unique and fills a need.  However, you need to do what is best for you and your family.  I'm sorry that I do not have helpful things to post for others to read as I live in the very liberal Pacific NW.  Most of what my friends and I do is on the one to one level and appearing at local town hall meetings, etc.  We do have some great 2nd amendment activists.  Most of the other sites I read are probably already familiar to PFA members.  Just wanted you to know that all of your work for us is greatly appreciated; that you will be in  my prayers; and that I will keep reading this site as long as it's available.

I am laying low because I really am on a 'target list'! I am just bidding my time waiting for the 'First Shot heard around the World'...again.

Dear Twana  ---   I was a caretaker for my husband until he passed away from cancer  in 2003.  From this experience, I would caution that you  please take the time to take care of yourself!  It is easy to place 120% focus on your loved one to the point that you neglect yourself.  I wish you the very best in a difficult, demanding job, and do hope that your sister gets the proper help from the medical community.


As for the PFA site - You have managed the Oklahoma site quite well - and it has a better reputation that some others  .it has proven to be a valuable source for all types of timely information, and also provides a place for like--minded people to discuss issues that are important to them among themselves.  I would hope that you know of a trusted friend who is willing and able to step in for you until you can return to your pivotal role. If I were 10  years younger, I would certainly make an offer. .  At any rate, you have our very best wishes, 

I like this place because you people are the onlt really intelligent people I interact with, most others are good little slaves and think our totally greedy and incompetant govt.... ohhh it makes me sick to think about how snowed they are.  But you do what you gotta do girl, some of us will step up.  I cant believe how deliberately ignorant and arrogant some us citizens are.

Twana,  I am so sorry that  you have so much on your plate right now. I think it is reasonable that you step down and let someone else handle PFA at least until you have time and feel better. I'm sure there are some on here who can take charge and follow in your footsteps. As for me, I would miss getting PFA since we apparently don't have a group in Missouri. Thanks for the good job you have done and God bless you as you help your sister and have your treatments.

Twanna, I am sorry to hear about your sister and your health issues.  I can relate. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family!!  

I appreciate all the information I have obtained  from this site.  It IS helpfull and usefull!  We ALL need to stay connected and pass as much information around as possible.  There will be a time when such information will be worth it's weight in gold.  As mentioned before, my mother doesn't have a computer, so I print off many posts and mail it to her.  She in turns passes this information to others.  I don't have a computer at home.  I am only able to open PFA emails when I get to work. So....yes....we need this site to stay up.  We all need to stay connected and sharing.  Times will get tougher and we will need like minded patriots uniting and lifting each other up. 

My advice to everyone is get involved locally. That is go to local government meetings such township, city, county, school board (very important - kids get indoctrinated). Join the Tea Party in your area. Meet with state elected officials and attend group meetings at their offices. Do not get discouraged because you cannot make all the meetings. But when you do go, get an agenda ahead of time. Go to government web sites. Talk to people at meetings and get to know them. Volunteer to help at fund raising events. Organize people in your area that are willing to attend a particular government meeting on a regular basis. Example, one person would attend the township / city meeting, another would attend a commissioner meeting and another attend a school board meeting. Then the group must get together and discuss what they found out at the meeting then take action by informing neighbors or posting on a social network ( I admit I hate social networks, because it makes it easier for the tyrants to watch ) or use email for communicating and informing each other. Also post your progress on this site. Most importantly run as precinct delegate and attend the meeting of that party. It is the precinct delegate that can and will make a difference in this country. Start at the local level. Since the TP has gotten many delegate in the Republican party in Michigan the politicians are listening and acting according to the voters. DO NOT under estimate what you can do as one person. In 2014 we must keep the US house and get super control of the senate. Sixty-five of all elected US representatives and senators started at the local level. I really pray that GOD will bless Twana and the rest of the people that want a GOD filled county. BUT along with prayer action is required. In the bible when GOD answered pray there was always instruction for action. So let your action do some talking. American Majority has some teaching tools for helping people to get involved. Go to their web site for more information. There is tons of information out there make use of it ( pass on here ). I think PFA is an important site for reliable information regarding the action of our tyrannical government. We need to find a solution to help keep it going and relieve Twana of all the responsibility. BUT the most important is the majority of GOD. Always keep Him in mind every second. Pray, pray, pray always.

I started by attending township meetings regarding an issue. Then attended a C4L group after reading their literature. Then became a precinct delegate. Attended GOP meetings and now am the secretary of the St Clair County Republicans in Michigan. Go to the web site ( and you will see me. When I can I attend commissioner meetings and speak out, which does endear me to the old guard. What do I care when the voters listen to me about candidates and the team wins. Victory is sweet - defeat (losing freedom) is extremely bitter. What is your choice.

T.E.A.M. means:


Victory is sweet - defeat (losing freedom) is extremely bitter. What is your choice?

Closing down the PFA network.

Twana, I think that closing down the PFA network now is completely and totally the wrong thing to do right now. It is the absolute worst timing possible. Over the past year or so you and I have communicated and talked enough that I think by now we are friends, (at least I hope so). I listened to you and I tried to help as much as I was able too when Jayden needed help so desperately. I tired to help you struggle through your ordeal with Savannah and trying to support her through Jayden’s heart surgery. I tried to listen as much as possible and provide moral and emotional support for you because I know you will take everything upon yourself. You are a one-woman-army. So I know you are a strong woman. But now you have taken on more than any person should be expected to handle alone. As far as Rheumatoid Arthritis is concerned, I have lived with that since 1966. I can help you work through some of that struggle. Rheumatoid Arthritis is not as bad as it sounds, it’s worse, but it can be controlled, and you can live with it. During those struggles last year my advise to was to take care of yourself first. If you are not healthy then there is no way you can help others around you. And none of them will ever care about you and your own personal problems.


What I hear from you here is a cry for help, even if you are not ready and really willing to admit it.
The PFA network has become many things to many people. It is a means for people to stay in touch with others who share the same interests, and fears about what is about to befall our country and our families. PFA has become a means of communicating what is happening around the country. There are members here from all fifty states. And what is about to come down on our country over the next year or two will require all these people to be aware and knowledgeable about what they must do to survive. But PFA needs to be more than just a preppers forum. You say you’re not going to turn it over to a Militia group, well I agree. There are plenty of other forums groups available for that, I belong to three or four of them myself. PFA is, and should remain, different from those groups. But it is just as important if we expect to survive as a free country. The Militia groups are all about defending our communities and our country. They cannot be seen as being on the offensive, or pro-active in mounting any kind of organizing any methods of fighting back. Mounting any kind of preemptive action, (even if it is strictly political in nature) is beyond the limits of any of the Militia group’s charters or mandates. That is where PFA could play a roll in the broader picture of our national defense systems. I know, pushing people to contact their Representatives and pushing people to try to get involved in State and national elections is a waste of time. (especially national elections). But right now – this summer- while we still have several members of Congress on our side, and with all the other things happening in Washington or these Obama scandals, we may still have an opportunity to have an impact on what will happen in the future. These are courses that you have chosen to delete from the PFA forums. Because you don’t agree that any actions dealing with elections or Congress will ever do any good until we fix our political system. Well you’re right, except that we can’t fix things that we are not allowed to discuss or talk about.
Don’t shut the PFA down now, the timing is absolutely wrong and it may become critical to the survival of all these people that are here.

I’m sorry, I’ve gone and written another book here, I apologize. As far as all the things happening around you, and all those things that you are trying to deal with and handle and manage on your own, I hear your cries for help. All you have to do is ask, if you can bring yourself to do that. But then you also have to allow them to help if they will.

Your friend RPM

Well I'm glad to hear that you do NOT have RA, that is very painful and there is no cure. My referring to you as "an Army of One". I'm sorry but you took that the wrong way. I did NOT mean that to say that you are not a team player. Far from it. I meant that to say that you are the equivalent to a whole darn Army all by yourself. It was a compliment to your strength, stamina, your persistence, and your drive. It was a COMPLIMENT girl, not a slap in the face.

As far as developing an action plan that people will follow,,,, Good luck at that,, These folks are like trying to herd a bunch of cats. I think you know that already. But this site is not alone in that problem. In fact it is the same on every group I'm in. They all want someone to figure out what the hell are we going to do as a nation, how are we going to straighten out this mess in DC. But if anyone makes any suggestions it gets blown down before the type is set on the pages. I've done it myself, right here on PFA, and my ideas got blown away as soon as I posted it. In fact - you just did it again. All I had to do was suggest that we (or someone - some group) could develop a plan to deal with DC. And your reaction is "why the hell would I even waste others and my time doing that?". I'm NOT asking you to waste your time working on any plan of action. What I'm asking you to do is to keep PFA up and running. As for developing a plan of what can or cannot be done about DC, let me worry about that. If people don't want to hear about it, or if they don't want to participate, If they don’t lilke my plan, let them say so. But then let them decide. One thing is certain, this country is in deep deep trouble, and that includes every person living here. You've heard the famous old quote "the only thing that is required for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing". I for one do NOT intend to sit on my dead ass and do nothing. And I know you don't either. But we have to do a lot more than simply gripe, complain, Bi_t_h about things, and try to figure out how to grow a nice garden or can some vegetables for survival.
And once again, don’t take all this the wrong way. I’m not bitchin at you, it’s a damned  COMPLIMENT woman – take it as such. You’ve done a fantastic job here, for a long time. Over the course of the next few months and possibly the next year PFA will become more and more necessary for the continuing survival of the people that depend on this site to receive and pass information around the country. What I’m asking you to do is to keep the PFA up and running, and if you need help doing that just ask. You know I can help if you want me too. You are the communications director, don’t abandon your post at the beginning of the conflict, it’ just getting started.
OK, I’m done.



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