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Since I've become more involved in my local community, county, district, state I am seeing that PFA is not getting much attention. I'm also the caretaker of my sister who has cancer and is in really bad shape. So as you all can tell I am without much time to be active here like I was before. Plus I've just been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis so I'm also doing lots of PT time. 

I do realize that most folks here do not want to be led in working in local community. I have thought alot about that. 

What I do what to know from all PFA membership is what are your thoughts and ideas for PFA. If we do not come up with a working goals for PFA soon then I will be closing it down. I won't turn it over to militia groups or others. 

Do you want or need PFA to online and if so, why? 

Plus another thing, I'd like for you folks to post important info here on PFA for each other. I don't mean recruit for another site, but I mean important info that your other brothers and sisters on here need to know. Most everyone knows the standard of PFA so I would also like you members to handle something if something should arise. I cannot do this all by myself nor do I want to. We are a team so we must start working as a team. 


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Twana, If you’re still reading this and not so angry by now that you’re ready to boot me out and close the PFA down through sheer disgust, Here is what I am proposing for a plan of action. Go back to the home page right here on the PFA network. That home page is a very well written statement of the grievances and complaints that the American people have against this Obama administration. It IS a declaration to restore the Constitutional Republic. And A National Call for United Action. Since those statements were written two years ago, obviously there are additional violations and usurpations that could be upgraded and added to that document. Back in 2011 you, Col Riley, and several other members held a rally in Washington. I did not attend that rally, mainly because I only learned about PFA just a few days prior to it. Even at that when I did learn about it, I tried to hitch a ride out of Dallas with anyone that was going. It didn’t work out. They had already left. But what I am proposing now is that we should try to revive that document and that spirit of trying to do something. Not another rally held at the Washington Mall. But this time perhaps we can form a delegation to actually present those grievances and complaints directly to Congress. When people here say they want a plan to do something, here’s your plan. Revive and update that document to reflect what has transpired since it was written. And then allow me to present it to others around the internet in attempts to recruit people who could testify in Congress and present that list of complaints and grievances. A well written document could serve very well to enlist the cooperation and assistance of people who are qualified to make that stand. You and Col Riley, Maj. Gen Vallely (and whoever else helped) worked so hard and did such a great job of creating that document that it still stands as the best example available for anything that could be presented to Congress to show the sentiments of the American people.
You say “What’s the use – they don’t listen anyway” well you’re probably right, I don’t expect them to listen, and I don’t expect them to change anything either. But it will serve to place those grievances and the objections of the American people onto the Congressional records. It will serve as notice to both the Obama administration and to Congress that the American people are fed up with their BS and unconstitutional and anti-American, destructive activity. That may be enough to cause the administration to make some really egregious moves. That may make them really screw up. One way or another we have to do something to get the ball rolling, we have to do something to get that bunch out of office. And the sooner the better, but it can never happen at all if you close down this PFA web system.

Twana...It seems to me this gentleman is doing his best to encourage you and offer some ideas to help you. I've been a part of this site for quite sometime yet I've personally never seen a detailed line by line plan of action listed here.

I probably missed it. But I agree that your work here is not in vain and greatly appreciated.

I would like to pray with you to recieve some healing from all the wounds you've gotten from this fight. Jesus still heals hearts, minds and bodies!

You are deeply loved and greatly appreciated by many here and especially by Jesus.

Also; if you sense it is time for you to stop doing this site then
I want to encourage you to follow God's promptings and in his Name release you from any feelings of guilt or responsibility to keep doing the site.

God desires that you be free and full of His joy.

Yea...I am an 'Army of One' and I am prepared and awaiting 'that' day to arrive. I suspect it will be here sooner rather than later. May God help us ALL when that day does arrive.



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