Constitutional Emergency

If you post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or other social networks please let me know here.


UPDATE 12/125/13

Thank you everyone for letting us know you are active on other social networks.

Would you all start posting the Operation American Spring (OAS) information on your social networks?

You will find all posts about OAS in the OAS Forum. Click on the tab button Forums.

That will open up this page.

Click the arrow by Discussions and click categories. That will open another page for you.

Click on American Spring. That is the OAS Forum and all things will be posted there. So always check there. If you have any questions please ask here.

And Patriots if you do not use other social networks, please do not tell us that here. This comment section needs to stay as clean and on topic as possible. There are many pages of comments to go through and it will get longer thus absolutely a very huge help for not posting off topic comments.

This is just for new members information because they don't know some basic rules I find very helpful for PFA/Constitutional Emergency. I delete off topic comments.

Twana Blevins


I'm sure you all know about the American Spring Harry is introducing. We are in need of knowing who to look to for specific help. This is a specific help. 


If you post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or other social networks please let us know here in comment section and also please share which ones you post and communicate on. 


If you do not have an account on any of those social networks l listed or any others, then please don't leave comments about why you do not. That is not the information that we are searching for and needing. 


Thanks everyone.


Twana Blevins




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I've lost count.
Shouting from the rooftop.

I post to Facebook and Pinterest...

Merry Christmas & Happy Healthy New Year....Twana... :-)

I post on Facebook and Pinterest.  Merry Christmas everyone!

I am on Facebook, Twitter and Word Press

Im just on nazibook...oops, meant facebook

I post on facebook. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year one and all. :)

Then we should all start to get into every realm of communication and join every like minded groups out there that we can. All the Tea Party, Patriots, Constitutionalists, Truckers, Bikers, Veterans, etc.. You have the picture. Media and newspapers are useless, but social media is happening.  Conservative College age groups and military groups, too. Younger generation is social media educated. Everyone start joining up from now to then, reach far and wide with our groups and it will spear fast. Get our kids to help out. Let's go, it's almost to late and be ready at the drop of the hat, in every way.

Note:  my husband ran into a Fireman yesterday and he told him they were being approached by the government to secretive and immoral tactics against the citizen's. He said he threw his badge on the desk and walked out. Money was a carrot and he refused. Many don't, though. ( Our Police chief's are in constant training right now and many special meetings going on.?)

He wouldn't tell what it was, but said to arm and ammo up, they plan to take us right out of our homes. Security systems and readiness, please everyone.

I, post on facebook.  Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year.

May I ask where you live Cheryl?  That is creepy what the fireman said. 

Why did the fireman tell your husband this? Do they know each other? Did the fireman throw his badge on his OWN desk and quit? I'm a member of a widespread prepper group spanning several states. Any information you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Merry Christmas Cheryl!

Only facebook and not that frequently.....

I post on Twitter under 'Nachumlist'



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