If you want to be on the Operation American Spring Prayer Team Please alert us to this here

This is what we are looking for in a Prayer team for OAS. 


We must have our works be blessed by God and in God's will. Thus we need all you PFA Prayer Warriors to fulfill this mission of non-stop prayer from now in the beginning stage, through the planning stage, the boots on the ground stage through the completion of missions. Then we need to all rejoice in thanksgiving and honoring God. 


We need full covering prayer. Please let us know in comment section below if you will commit to this work. Thank you so much. 


If you are not interested in this work then please do not post in comment section. We are not seeking that information only the information I asked for above. Thanks for helping out.

Twana Blevins













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Yes , definately. I will talk to my Pastor about this too if that is alright. I will just explain the objective. Either way, i will be praying.

Count me in......Romans 8:28 - 31

I will be willing to pray

   Count me in and my whole family, we will bring it into our Church family, also.

This is the most important thing we will do, and I will be on my knees like George Washington.

My prayer is never with fancy words I don't pray pretty.And the sum of my prayer is always "Thy will be done." For when I was young my prayers were for what I wanted.for I thought prayer worked that way I thought God existed to do my will. I will pray that Our efforts be directed by God --For His Glory--and that We will allow His Holy Spirit be our guide;that Our eyes be on Him Our desire to be His hands,and feet, and Our tongue bridled by His Holy Word.That we remember daily to put on the full armor and check each other as good soldiers ought-for the battle is the Lords.May Our minds be as One/Undivided.And we be willing to hear and able to understand the purpose of our action is to honor God To restore this Nation Under God.To reclaim the Rule of Law that our Law is NOT valid unless it reflects and does not contradict the Laws dictated by God ,Himself,which laws are two the Laws of Nature and the Revealed Law of the Sacred Writings(the Holy Bible) In all things may we never be ashamed of the Gospel and Doctrines of Jesus Christ And may our actions be such that Our Lord and Savior have no need to be ashamed of us.All this I ask in the Name and through the merits of Jesus Christ -Thy Son -Oh God Creator and possessor of all the Earth and All that is within it , In His Name I pray it be done for Thy Glory  Amen .

such is how I pray --If I can be of a help in this endeavor Here am I.

Amen Robert.......we are helpless without your example of our dependence and servant status...fervent prayer for Divine guidance is essential, otherwise wisdom escapes us.......

T'anks Harry --I am honored by your reply.

My prayers will be in agreement with yours....where two or more are gathered...

As we should pray, Robert. I will join you in this.

Amen Robert. We two/too are of agreeance in this matter. may God hear our voices as one great cry for his guidance, understanding, intercession in the affairs of our nation and hearts and actions of he appointed leaders (as we ought to) and that we may, as his holy ones, do as he wills and not err by doing our own.

I am in also

By all means - Count me as one of the "Prayer Warriors" for the success of this endeavor.



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