Constitutional Emergency

If you want to be on the Operation American Spring Prayer Team Please alert us to this here

This is what we are looking for in a Prayer team for OAS. 


We must have our works be blessed by God and in God's will. Thus we need all you PFA Prayer Warriors to fulfill this mission of non-stop prayer from now in the beginning stage, through the planning stage, the boots on the ground stage through the completion of missions. Then we need to all rejoice in thanksgiving and honoring God. 


We need full covering prayer. Please let us know in comment section below if you will commit to this work. Thank you so much. 


If you are not interested in this work then please do not post in comment section. We are not seeking that information only the information I asked for above. Thanks for helping out.

Twana Blevins













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I am in, prayer is a really needed in this country and so is God.

I'm with you!

Twana,please count me in.

Dear Twana, please count me in.  Thank you

Yes, please count me in!

Ewudschka--Twana has asked me  to help with prayer warriors--on prayer  team. I've never been an organizer-before-- and My  ideas might not seem like much--But first we must --in all things  pray that our desire be for God's Glory- That our Prayers be no for our desire-- but that Gods will be done in all things. That He might  show us His Will.And how to accomplish it. I think it important we have  Prayer warriors who will keep our leaders in this American Spring in prayer  Twana--and Harry , and -for that matter Everyone  signed on here.Once we show we are of one mind --and are not  divided The evil One will attempt divisions--and will Beguile. So we all need prayer.That we will ALL be acting as one for the benefit of ALL America.That God be Glorified.

I would ask for others to pray for our local Community Leaders--In the Federalist Papers ,I believe it was James Madison spoke of an Armed citizenry  with the support of the local community  could overthrow any attempt at Tyranny -so if we are to succeed we need  Prayer that we will all act as One people-notfor personal gain --but to restore The founding principles. "Religion,Morality, and Knowledge.If the Patriots in the several communities are to succeed they need local community support.  

I would ask for Prayer Warriors to seek out local leaders who know how to gather --to organize --to set up-and keep lines of communication in operation--so the  local Patriot can  know who to go to--and who in the next town Next County can join that the many different strands may become One bundle. 

Our Prayer Warriors need to be in communication with the Leaders not only of other prayer groups --but of the leaders in each of the efforts--that we might keep their needs before the Lord--and be a reminder to them of the fact we were established ONE NATION UNDER GOD --ONE NATION UNDER GOD.

Our Educators--,Our Legislators-- Our courts-- Not to exclude the Black Robed Regiment-- Our Church Leaders--Our police,and Sheriffs/ Our State Militia/National Guard--Even our Active Duty service members--anyone who serves in any function we much reach out to them And we must have Prayer Warriors who can pray that these will hear and be moved by the Spirit of Our Lord and Savior . the Foundations have been destroyed-- Who will rebuild the old ways? 

God is Not a respecter of persons-- But if We obey Him If we search his Holy Scriptures to know His Will--there is Nothing New under the sun... have any questions --ask-- And I will pray for wisdom--and please Ewudscha --pray for me--That I might Bless God-and not mislead any.

I look and I see a cloud of witnesses. Glory be to God.

Count me in too.

Kathleen -- and ALL--please see my reply to Ewudschka--Twana has asked my help I am here to be of service to Her--and  all the Prayer Warriors--Open to hear your needs and open to any advice. In all things If God be for us who can be against us? 

My needs are great because I live in a state where an abortionist is disguised as a governor, the legislature ruled under the cloak of darkness against marriage, and imposed via another law a gun grab.

Blue states are very difficult to live in.

I ask for prayers that I am put in places where I can continue to influence the right people (local legislators, school board members, and on a national level, congressional rep) and support them in their up hill efforts.

I ask for prayers for my fellow citizens to awake from their slumber and help.

I want to be a prayer warrior with my fellow patriots and help turn my state and our country around.

That is why I say count me in.

My advice:  perhaps we can follow Mr. Churchill's lead where in England all turned to God at a certain time and asked for His help.

For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them. (Matthew 18:20)

Fellow patriots:  your thoughts??



My Prayers are with you. I too live in a very blue state, CT. to be exact. When I first moved here, in Aug of 2007, I felt overwhelmed by the magnitude of liberal insanity that was going on. It was then that I asked our Lord what He wanted me to do, as I know He had led me here for a reason. In no time, H e he gave me direction and purpose and, through His guidance, I have seen a tremendous change in my Community and it is spreading.


What I am trying to say is that we, like Daniel in the Lion's Den, are exactally where we need to be and can do the most good. Yes, it is exceedingly difficult and can be very frightening, but if the Lord brings us to it, He will bring us through it..


I Pray that The lord will give us all the guidance, wisdom, strength and courage to complete the Mission He has laid before us and, I humbly ask this in Jesus Blessed name..  Amen


I have been trying to encourage fellow Christians to do likewise, before I found the prayer warriors here. I have been asking them to go to d.c. to pray, but that if they can't then to set the day aside to pray for our nation and her leaders as we are called to do.


I have been wondering myself how will we find each other on site. i'm not really familiar with the area and due to health and in general, Gods plans for me from one day to the next, I can know for sure if I will be able to be there in person. I do have someone who is interested and we may come together if its Gods will.


Also, I was thinking, for anyone willing, maybe we could set up some kind of dedicated prayer schedule with time slots. people can volunteer to pray (and fast if you wish) on certain days at certain times from now to resolution. with a schedule we can try to ensure that we are praying continually, as a group, for Gods will, our understanding will, his blessing in what it is he leads us to do and his intercession because we can accomplish nothing without him.

Harry and Robert, thank you for your kind remarks.  God bless you both.  And thank you, Robert, for specifying that we are praying for God's will to be done in all things.  Pray for His holy will to be done, and pray that those of our nation's leaders who are still capable of seeing evil for what it is, will see the truth and stand with God for our nation.  Merry Christmas to you all!



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