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I'm curious to know why so many members have not joined PFA State Groups

PFA members,

I do not understand why so many of you have not joined your state groups. Would you, if you have not joined your state group, please take the time and share with me why.

For everyone...if you think there is something better we can do for/in our state groups please also share that information with me.

Thank you,


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I joined not only my State group but an American Irish group.

Does it not show that I am in a state group?
Ok, I thought maybe I had not joined properly. Was trying to figure out if I was shown as joined. I know the American Irish group is good as I recieved messages from them already.
I agree Zeb. This is the biggest problem with the Republicans...they don't know how to organize. We are a disparate groups of rebels and unless there is a way to have all these groups join up, we will never make any impact. Perhaps a celebrity sponsor who blogs and attracts people to one site would help. I hate to say it, but our culture pathetically worships idols and even if it were a patriotic idol, it has to be someone people can rally around. Someone like Sheriff Joe Arpaio? He's not a politician...he speaks bluntly, truthfully and bravely. No one intimidates him, he's not PC and I love the guy, as do many others. But he has his hands full right now with the investigations of his "racial profiling" accusations. What a bunch of crap.
Twana, see Beverly's reply. The same applies to me.
I think many people simply feel that as long as they are contributing to the cause and are sharing with others, they see no reason to join a state group because many belong to many different groups and feel by joining the state group they are being redundant and just joining a group within a group.

Ma'am, I've said it before and I'll say it again. We need a coallition of like minded groups. Operating on a statewide basis is important but we must be able to band together with other groups in order to put boots on the ground on a local basis. We do not have the luxury of a George Soros financed umbrella that can provide "sandals on the ground" for almost any purpose anywhere in the country as the far left does so strategically, we must operate mostly on a local basis in my mind. The possibility of making an impact with only 20 members in a State Contingent is minimal and yet while many people belong to many groups some are only members of one or two and only with an coallition of leaders could they be touched to become our foot soldiers.

As a board member of Eagles Up, I am aware of the petty politics that is involved in rival organizations with slightly different goals and their negative impact on the attainment of those goals and believe firmly that it's time for "We The People" to put aside our fragile egos and needs for fame, power, or whatever and to understand that we are in an apochryphal era of history which requires "We The People" to join together to save our Republic.

I also believe that we should focus on both national and local goals as the cancer of a growing totalitarian government seems to no longer be limited to our national government as witness the two items of major concern which I've witnessed in my State of Missouri. The first was the utilization by Senator Claire McKaskill of local DAs and elected sheriffs and other members of the law enforcement community last September which was going to monitor and prosecute those who "said" negative remarks against Obama and the other was the now discredited MIAC report which could have labeled one of my sons, a Ron Paul supporter, as a possible domestic terrorist.

I urge our leadership to reach out to every organization that we can to form such a coallition, develop a feasible OPLAN (Operations Plan), and begin to execute it. I, for one, don't care who gets credit for saving our Republic in the end as long as THAT goal is attained.
I believe there is a reluctance to commit to anything that sounds radical. It has become ingrained in us to just accept thing the way they are. That is the mindset nowadays, because that is what has been poked down our throats in schools, in the media, and even at home. The same minset which says, "Don't get involved", as in when you hear of a woman being attacked on the street at night and no one come to her aid. People/neighbors hear and see it happening but turn their backs because they don't want to get involved. This is especially true in big cities. Don't rock the boat, don't make waves. That line of thinking is what has brought us to the situation we find ourselves in today. If we want to maintain our freedoms and our traditional American way of life, we have no choice but to protest and make waves, rock the boat, raise hell, ban together and carry signs in public places. That is the only way we will be noticed and the powers that be will have to respond. But then, I have always been one to make waves. It has cost me in the past and I'm sure it will in the future too. The rest of you, show some guts and STAND UP AND BE COUNTED.
Nah, i think most of us are dying to be radical for a change and make some real noise. But there are too many groups doing the same kind of thing. It all gets diluted that way. We need to create an umbrella organization at least to pull all these groups together and have everyone rowing in the same direction.
Good on you!
You have to remember that some of these people that join are only here to keep an eye on this group. Not all are patriots.
I believe you are right.
Also, there are soooooo many groups and I belong to alot! It is hard to keep up. I know that we can opt out of following a particular group, but then you won't know anything that is going on. I am easily getting 200-300 emails per day. It is crazy, just crazy!!



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