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I'm curious to know why so many members have not joined PFA State Groups

PFA members,

I do not understand why so many of you have not joined your state groups. Would you, if you have not joined your state group, please take the time and share with me why.

For everyone...if you think there is something better we can do for/in our state groups please also share that information with me.

Thank you,


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Ray Chagnard, I am new on the coputer, I am not, and was not aware of any state groups in fl, how do I join.
Hi Twana,
I don't there is any doubt that most of the people to whom you refer are not aware of their state groups and see this as a "National" issue. Perhaps if the state groups were publicised more that would help. For instance, in the sign-up process for this, just ask a question, "Are you enroled in your state group? If not, go to this link first." No doubt that would help a lot.
There are many people out there who simply want to "do something" but don't know how or when or where. They are frustrated, and have no resources. Solution= Steer them to the resource. Simple.

Regards, John Burge Pensacola, FL
I agree with others that there are just too many groups of patriotic websites to be effective. This is working against us. The Obamabots are under one umbrella and ready to mobilize at a moments notice.
I have concentrated my efforts at like another member here. The reason I have stuck primarily with this site is that they have broken out the states into local districts. This way I can communicate with others near me and organize on a local level. When something of importance is going on in my district, I or others can post it on our district group. There is too much info and not having to read stuff about things happening too far for me to participate in etc, is an advantage. Likewise, having a spot to post/read about my district is time saving and important. This way the local stuff doesn't fill up the State Discussion board. There are over 31,000 members so lots of info is posted on the national level, state level, and then trickles down to the district level. Other groups have spun off such as Christian Conservatives, Gun Rights, etc.
My state group has 2 very involved and informative state leaders and keep me up to date on what actions need to be taken against the next piece of crap of legislation they are shoving down our throats.
I do enjoy reading the posts on the few other groups I belong to, but again like others, there is just not enough time in a day to post stuff on every site. I appreciate the efforts all have taken in this fight. Each site will appeal to a particular person. I do not have a solution to all the splintered groups out there. This is precisely what is dividing the conservative vote. Us conservatives are the majority, but we have small political parties that have divided off (and righfully so with all the rinos) and splintered the conservative vote. We are our own worst enemy. We are too busy pointing fingers. Just as I see some acting on some of these conservative websites. Just my take on it.
I belong to so many groups myself that I am overwhelmed
Some don't know this web site is here. I only found out about a week ago. I am a member now.

I do not feel there are to many groups. I feel that ALL groups need a central contact point. Each area in a state needs to have there own group. That group needs to belong to the State Group. You do not want everyone to be on the same page. If they come for us we need to make it as hard as possible for them to find us. All the leaders in a state need a way of keeping in contact with each other. Then each member needs to keep in contact with their group leader. The group leader can pass on to the members what has or is taking place. This keeps a lot of confusion off of the main page. A chain of command.
This is my way of thinking.................David
Gee David no one would ever know you have military training 8-) Good suggestion
Thumbs way up!
Twana, I have joined, but perhaps because there are SO many competing Conservative sites cropping up these days, people are getting burned out. It would be nice if all the Conservative organizations combined or affiliated themselves in such a way that it would create more impact, would have more members that way, and would be less overwhelming for those of us who want to be involved but can't spread ourselves so thin.

Just a thought...

Probably it's because you cannot find out how to join a state group. Instructions say "go to menu" at top of page and there is no menu.
I think there is something being over looked; some of us (and I am one of them) put our pictures up and shared information in some cases personal and others not. It was explained to me there are many more people out there but should the absolute breakdown of our system accur and we are fighting for our survival we could be located. I have seen pictures of men and women on the 2nd amendment site with pictures of themselves and there cashe of weapons. This data base could be broke into or any number of what we might of thaught as crazy and far out that aint so far out anymore. You think there will not be monitoring of all of the demestrations maybe film for reference later? I am hoping it is not a paranoia setting in. I can not help but think of the movie Red Dawn

I recognized the danger of identification as a possible threat to the established government quite a while ago. I knew fully what I was doing the first time that I entered a group and identified myself with my name, my location, and my picture. I also talked to my family before doing so. They understand what I believe and that I am one of those who determined that some of those in any movement to restore our national values will have to follow the John Hancock model and sign our names large enough for wannabe emperor Obama to read without resorting to reading glasses.

I also recognize that I am extremely concerned for the future of our Republic and that as many in our past have done that it is time to make a stand. I am dedicated to helping us restore that Republic for which so many have sacrificed in a peaceful manner using the tools that our founders bequeathed to us in the Constitution and which we still have available to use. If things go beyond that at some point, I will make a decision as to what to do based upon the oath of office that I took when I was commissioned in 1982. That will be one of the hardest decisions of my lifetime but then that's why they paid me the "big bucks" for twenty five years isn't it?

For now, I can only proudly add my face and my name to the thousands of others who are doing so today and accept the consequences of my action. We MUST stand tall, stand united, and deliver our message firmly and boldly to those in office.



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