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UPDATE ON THIS ALERT.  We now have more information on Gregory Burleson.  We know now that he has developed diabetes and very poor condition and this UPDATE will share with you what SSG Moe Posted on Facebook this morning on May 14, 2016.  I have much information on this and you can access all of it on link below which is the page on my website.   Gregory is the blind man in prison in Nevada, who is in danger of dying.  He is being ignored, and even calling and writing has not helped, as you will see in the Detention Order that the Judge signed on 5/12/16.  This has to be dealt with and  we cannot have Americans, who have done nothing, no real charges on them, be held in prison with no medical treatment or care, when their health is dwindling and that prisoner is dying. We believe at this time, Gregory might have fired his attorney, or that his court appointed attorney has failed him, as we don't even see the attorney's name on the Order the Judge signed.  I know working as a paralegal in Florida, all orders had the Certificate of Service on them showing that the attorneys in the case were provided with the pleading or order.  All that Gregory did was attend the Bundy Ranch Standoff in 2014.

Please see it in your heart to do whatever you can to help Gregory.  I am afraid he does not have much time, so calling seems to be better than a letter, but even calling and letters would be twice as good.  Here is the link to my webpage, the easiest way to share all this information with contact numbers:!urgent/x5l40  

Also attached a jpg file of more information for Nevada's Federal numbers for anyone involved. Gregory's Judge is not on this file though, and that probably could be found on line if you desire to call Judge Navarro.  

ADDITIONAL ALERT:  Michael Emery, Journalist with The Voice of Idaho was taken by the FBI (swat team) while going to work on May 7, 2016 early in the morning.  We were told he had recently received some sensitive information which we believe might incriminate a lot of government officials, we also learned that he was probably setup as well.  When  he was taken, his wife was home alone when a swat team broke in, held her at gunpoint and she says she was handcuffed for 3 hours while they cleaned out all of Michael's stuff, camera, video camera, journals, computers, etc.  We also have since learned he is being held in a undisclosed place.  We have not heard anything and we all are thinking of him, especially what our other prisoners are going through and have went through. PLEASE PRAY FOR MICHAEL EMERY.   He is also a Veteran, a very good person.

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Letter from Todd Engel
May 1, 2016

Last week was pretty rough around here. I caught a nasty head cold and being sick in prison is a whole new experience; All Bad ;(

I also lost 12 white guys out of my pod. Now, before you start thinking I'm a racist cause I said "white guys," let me bring you up to speed on some aspects of prison life.

Each race in here has a name that they go by. Whites are called "White guys." Blacks are called "Black guys." Your regular Mexican guy is called a "Paisa." Those from Asia are called "Asians." Native American Indians are called "Natives" and the Mexicans that are in "Sorenos," or mostly referred to as "Southsiders," are gang affiliated and they call each other "Homies." We call them "Southsiders."

The different races in here get along for the most part and there are not usually any issues. There was a fight recently but that occurred between the Paisa's.

So back to the importance of losing a dozen white guys last week.

As everybody probably knows, I'm rather new to living in a prison. Well, actually, I've never spent a night in jail before March 3, 2016 when the FBI so caringly kidnapped me at gunpoint from my work so as to protect the general public from such a violently crazed, wanna-be cop killer like me!! LOL

I digress.

So when you enter a new facility there are prison rules that must be followed so as to keep yourself out of trouble.

In the prison in Seattle there was an area of tables that the Black guys sat at and if you weren't black, you didn't walk through there. You also never went to talk to the C.O. (corrections officer) without another member of your CAR (don't know what it stands for) with you so that people couldn't say you were a snitch cause you had a witness with you.

So here in Nevada where I so reluctantly reside, there's some different rules. One of the rules is that when brushing your teeth, you don't spit in the sink. You spit your toothpaste in the trash can! Yea, I know, right!! The other is don't stress what's on TV cause it may get changed in the last 15 minutes of a movie. Grrrr....!!

Respect and courtesy are a big deal around here. Honor those two and it's smooth sailing.

So some of the white guys that left here were teaching me a lot of things about living in prison and since this is going to be my life for the foreseeable future, I was learning all I could.

So the things that suck about prison is that, Well, it's Prison! There's absolutely no privacy cause this is dorm living. Ninety-six guys in one big room. The mattress is about a half-inch thick so your hip bone feels the steel and your pillow is homemade out of a pillow case stuffed with clean clothes. We have to configure ways to cover our eyes at night cause the lights never go out and sleeping with the lights on is "NO BUENO!!"

What else?? Ah, the sounds of the vacuum sucking toilet day & night is something you have to get used to... Kinda like living next to the railroad tracks. Just tune it out.

Our daily meals are palatable & ordering from the commissary is like eating out of a 7 Eleven, except there's no beer, cigarettes or slur-pees. Stamps are currency & good T-shirts are sought after as they recently stopped issuing them.

I've read about 10 books or more in the last 2 months & my Spanish is improving daily. I'm able to get a little exercise everyday but not enough cardio. I'm gettin a belly from all the carbs they feed us!! frown emoticon

Well, I'll stop boring you with what a day in the life of Prisoner #18427023 is like. It's time to dive into the Word, do some stretches, eat, then go to the yard (30 x 40 area) & do some PT (physical training). After that its 2-3 hours of Spanish study & then it's social hour, without the cocktails of course! smile emoticon

To EVERYONE out there that have been supporting me with your prayers, letters, books & financial help, I have no words that can convey how grateful I am. Knowing that you are out there keeps me going in here. I wish I were able to call or write every one of you personally and give you a heartfelt Thank You!! You may never know how it is helping.

When God feels it is time for me not to be in here anymore, I'm getting out and throwing one BIG FREEDOM PARTY for ALL of you!!

In His Grace,

Todd Engel
Political Prisoner


Bj Soper
3 hrs · 

Ladies and Gents:

It is high time and our duty to put an end to the civil rights violations taking place in Our Courts regarding the Bundy Ranch and Malheur Wildlife Refuge cases. The Physical and mental abuse, ignoring Constitutional Rights, supreme court rulings and the lack of Due Process has to end, and end now.

Here is what I am asking of EVERY person that considers themselves an American that stands for American values...

For the next 45 days, COMMIT to writing, emailing, calling or physically talking to one elected official, judge, US marshal or prosecutor about the abuses taking place and demand answers to these questions:

1-Please explain how the Rights reaffirmed in the US Constitution can and are being ignored by the Court, US Marshals and prosecutors? The 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th and 8th amendments clearly state these Rights, yet they are being clearly violated.

2-Please explain why multiple Supreme Court rulings describing the use of solitary confinement being ILLEGAL and cruel and unusual for a person being held awaiting trial are being ignored. It would also be nice if you would please explain how a defendant could prepare to defend themselves at trial while being held in solitary confinement 21-23 hours per day.

3-Does "Innocent UNLESS proven guilty" have any bearing in our Courts?

These are good examples but do not limit yourself to just these 3 questions.
Wrap up each letter with this statement:

"We The People demand answers from Our Courts. We see issues of concern, and to date, those issues have been completely ignored and abused by those sworn to uphold the law of the land. Be ON NOTICE, if our concerns continue to be ignored the next actions take by The People will be deemed JUSTIFIED."

Please create a file where you document the date and time each communication was sent, and note if no reply was returned, or save the response. As the 45 days progress, post your messages sent along with any response.

I am asking everyone to PREPARE to travel to Oregon OR Nevada during the last half of June. If these concerns are not corrected, PROTESTS that rival what took place in the 1960's will be held. These are currently being organized.

Please spread the word across this Country. This is not an Oregon or Nevada issue. This is an American issue. Anyone and everyone that considers themselves a Patriot should make every attempt to be a part of this Action.

If you have any questions please contact me. It is imperative that our words have teeth, otherwise we will continue to be trampled upon. I need everyone's help to spread this far and wide.

Attached a picture of another letter sent out to CCA, this one from an MD who is with Rancher's Lives Matter.  Hopefully if they keep getting these they will do something.  They are over all Detention Centers in the USA.


LATEST UPDATE:   5/17/16  Finally got answers for everyone.   Found out tonight, the situation has not really been solved that much.  Gregory is in danger of dying in this prison.  I have gotten responses forwarded to me from others who wrote to CCA and CCA claims that they are handling this situation.   They told me that and told a few others as well.   Does not look like it is being handled.  I am attaching a file, and it shows the attorney as Terrence Jackson in Las Vegas, Nevada.  This attorney is not doing his job at all.   He should be filing motions.   It also could be that he is no longer representing Gregory as this pleading is dated April 18, 2016 (see attached file)

Here is the Facebook page if you are on Facebook to get all the information that is needed to make calls.   I have not updated my webpage yet, but will start that when finished with this notice.   If you cannot access Facebook, give me about 2 hours and I should have my webpage at!urgent/x5l40  updated soon.

Posted to Facebook, will keep following for updates !

URGENT IF ANYONE CAN HELP.  We have another prisoner out west who is in need of medical attention.  It is Dave Bundy.  It is his kidneys.   I don't know what they are doing to these people in prison, but they are not fed properly, and not treated well at all.   I have made a webpage with all the information on it so you can make any calls you feel comfortable with.  They ask that we be nice, but firm that this prisoner needs help.  Dave Harold Bundy Henderson Detention Center PO Box 95050 Henderson, NV 89009.  My webpage has more information and phone numbers.!g7/n1ijt

Thanks Patricia, I spread that as far as I can on FB.

Old Rooster:  I just got a message on Facebook from Dave Bundy's wife.  She said due to the fact that many took to the phones right away they finally got him medical help.   He still needs prayers though because his kidney's are really messed up.   I for a fact know that all of this that they are going through is putting a toll on all their health.   All 31 of them have been put through hell.  Dave was in solitary confinement for many weeks, and he was the one that was beaten and chained to a bench without food for several days.   It is deplorable how they are treating these men.  I think they are singling them out because it looks like the ones who are Mormons and the ones who are Militia are getting cruel and inhumane punishments.  These men never threatened anyone with a gun, nor risked any FBI or BLM agent's life.  In fact all I ever saw was the FBI and BLM with guns pointed at women and children and others.   I saw the live video of that Ambush and a video of the cell phone from the back seat of LaVoy Finicum's vehicle which was Shawana Cox's phone, and those people even when being shot at, never fired one shot back, and LaVoy was shot with hands in air.   He was absolutely no threat to them. My God there were about 30 of them with guns on one man outside with his hands in the air.  LaVoy was taken out because like anyone else who spreads the truth and our Constitution, they are terrorists according to this corrupt government.  I went to DC on April 29th and marched from Capitol Hill to the White House with a group, we had flags, signs and mega phones and even though small group we made noise.   Going again July 24th, 25th, & 26th as National Stand By Me For Liberty is hosting a big one.  Here is the link to their details on this event:   Calender Event     I will not be silent, and probably on this government's watch list as a terrorist, but what the heck.  They are all coming for us anyway, might as well fight them while we can with words and getting the word out.  We handed out 300 pocket Constitutions in April in DC.  DC is a dirty city, and the police there, not so sure how good they are.  Some friendly, but others work for the corrupt government and do their jobs accordingly.  Our Country is falling into a hell hole.   I just had my 3rd grandson born on 5/19 and I am frightened of the world he is going to have.  My kids are oblivious of what is going on, and they don't like me being involved, but since I got involved, I have met the nicest people.  Many are III%er's and Militia.   Would not trade these friends and anything in the world.  We all care and we all do what we can to help others.  God Bless all who are doing good and trying to change things and God Bless all our political prisoners out west!

PS:  By the way, I wanted to meet all of you for Operation American Spring, but was living in Florida at the time and just had surgery.  Not able to travel.  I am still thinking about what I missed when Operation American Spring took place.   But things happen and I missed that one!

Thanks Patricia, Thanks for the update on this, keep it up. Please.

Cliven Bundy has NOT broken any laws. Ammon Bundy and the other men currently being incarcerated also have not broken any laws. Dwight and Steven Hammond did not break any laws.

All of these people are being held prisoner for only two reasons;

(1) To send a message to the rest of us that Harry Reid and the Government will get what they want whether we like it or not, and that we had better not interrupt their agenda.

(2) Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton, and who ever else is involved that wants that land and all the minerals are going to take that land, and any other lands they want. The only reasons these people are in prison is to get them out of the way.

This is all a huge miscarriage of justice and abuse of office. The federal judges and prosecutors are all part of the corruption. All those involved and aiding in this injustice both in Oregon, Nevada, and in Washington must be held accountable.

Harry Reid wants to send us a message, then the American people should return the favour.

From what I have read regarding e-mail tracking, instructions on the murder of LaVoy came via Valerie Jarrett in the WH to the Governor!

I don't know where I got them from, but I downloaded a whole bunch of emails and faxes of documents between the Governor of Oregon and the White House....some of them were pretty incredible.  The Governor was really trashing "those Mormons, the Bundy Clan" and made other horrible remarks about them.  I started going through them a few months ago, but got busy trying to help prisoners, so I put that aside.  They actually exposed a whole lot of officials locally that were very involved and very nasty towards all those at the Refuge trying to help their neighbors out in need.

Patricia, make sure you archive the messages, save them to cd/dvd. Make several copies, and keep them is different places, off your property.

And now that you've disclosed this you'd better be quick about it.



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