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UPDATE ON THIS ALERT.  We now have more information on Gregory Burleson.  We know now that he has developed diabetes and very poor condition and this UPDATE will share with you what SSG Moe Posted on Facebook this morning on May 14, 2016.  I have much information on this and you can access all of it on link below which is the page on my website.   Gregory is the blind man in prison in Nevada, who is in danger of dying.  He is being ignored, and even calling and writing has not helped, as you will see in the Detention Order that the Judge signed on 5/12/16.  This has to be dealt with and  we cannot have Americans, who have done nothing, no real charges on them, be held in prison with no medical treatment or care, when their health is dwindling and that prisoner is dying. We believe at this time, Gregory might have fired his attorney, or that his court appointed attorney has failed him, as we don't even see the attorney's name on the Order the Judge signed.  I know working as a paralegal in Florida, all orders had the Certificate of Service on them showing that the attorneys in the case were provided with the pleading or order.  All that Gregory did was attend the Bundy Ranch Standoff in 2014.

Please see it in your heart to do whatever you can to help Gregory.  I am afraid he does not have much time, so calling seems to be better than a letter, but even calling and letters would be twice as good.  Here is the link to my webpage, the easiest way to share all this information with contact numbers:!urgent/x5l40  

Also attached a jpg file of more information for Nevada's Federal numbers for anyone involved. Gregory's Judge is not on this file though, and that probably could be found on line if you desire to call Judge Navarro.  

ADDITIONAL ALERT:  Michael Emery, Journalist with The Voice of Idaho was taken by the FBI (swat team) while going to work on May 7, 2016 early in the morning.  We were told he had recently received some sensitive information which we believe might incriminate a lot of government officials, we also learned that he was probably setup as well.  When  he was taken, his wife was home alone when a swat team broke in, held her at gunpoint and she says she was handcuffed for 3 hours while they cleaned out all of Michael's stuff, camera, video camera, journals, computers, etc.  We also have since learned he is being held in a undisclosed place.  We have not heard anything and we all are thinking of him, especially what our other prisoners are going through and have went through. PLEASE PRAY FOR MICHAEL EMERY.   He is also a Veteran, a very good person.

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Patricia. Could you please post Gregory's attorneys name and phone number please. Thank You

It will take me time to get that information.   I know he was a court appointed one...I will have to contact SSG Moe, as she is pretty much up on this stuff.  I will get back with you as soon as I get that information....Thanks for your time with this.

Thanks Patticia. I live in Las Vegas and I'll follow up as best I can just want to start with the Attorney. It would be good if others here would also call him and he numbers you posted on you page. They need to know people are watching and should anything happen people will be held accountable...
A thought for anyone here who is going to call in reguards to Gregory. For myself I'm going to use a public pay phone. Please remember we're dealing with corrupt, evil and dangerious people. I'm not in fear for myself but my wife reminded me to remember our family. So please use due care. Just a thought. Once they have your phone number they have you. All who get involved going against the BLM or supporting those who do are considered domestic terrorists.

Michael, I sent you a friend request as I was just to go PM you.  Could not.   Anyway on the matter of Attorney, I am hitting dead ends with US Attorney's office as no one returns my call, as they should be able to tell me who Gregory Burleson's attorney is.   SSG Moe is contacting Assemblywoman, Michelle Fiore, as she knows everything, or can at last get this attorney's name for us.   We are still working on it.  I find it impossible to do a court record search on the US District Court of Nevada, as I believe they are blocking any of these men's records to get online.  Most of this stuff is public, at least in Florida it is, as I was a paralegal in my working years and would be able to search any records online at home.   Not in Nevada though, as his name would not come up, unless they mispelled it.  Anyway, hope to have an answer for you before end of day.

Thanks Patricia, I have shared this around on several of the Militia group Facebook pages.

Yes, As Michael Regan requested, please get as much information as you can get.

I am on Facebook with SSG Moe and sent her a private message regarding the attorney.  She is good about getting back with me so should have it soon.  Thanks so much.  I spent 2 hours today working on this and making calls, sending emails and writing letters and even filling out complaint forms on line.  Hope to get some response from someone, but most important help for Gregory.

Lets see how this one goes today. Larry Klayman has filed a law suit against the Nevada Judge on the Cliven Bundy case.

We may be about to find out if any of these people will obey the Constitution or not.

My guess is they will not.

Nothing new to add about the Bundy case here today but what we already know. Buddy's attorneys have asked that the judge excuse herself. What's disheartening to me is that on the comment section of our local newspaper the Review Journal of the 60 posted comments all of them were negative for Bundy and their stand against the BLM as well as the reporter who was at the standoff who's also incarcerated and denyed bail. I'm hoping that those who support him just don't bother to post .
Disheartening to say the least.

I know what you mean, we are getting a little newspaper here in Ohio, called the Wooster Daily Record.  My husband calls it the Daily Movement, as it is ran by a communist.  I called the newspaper many times chewing them out with the vicious lies whole page articles about the Bundy Standoff.  It was just horrible, so to retract what they said I did up a huge article to try and get it published.  After calling them many times, they finally put me in the paper, but cut my article down 3/4 and put a small section of it below the nearly entire covered page of more lies about the Oregon Standoff.   I would no longer get this Daily Movement paper and only use it to wipe my (you now what), but my mom order's it and we are just living here temporarily.  No wonder these people here believe all the lies!  I preached about what is really happening at church so much thought that some of them are actually listening and kind of get it that our government and people working for them are liars.

Still working on Gregory Burleson.   Did you see the response I got from CCA.  Kind of depressing that they say they are working on it, if in fact they are because 4 days ago it did not seem like is a picture I took of the email they sent me.....

Thanks Patricia thsts a start. Now the comments are over 80 and ALL. Negative. I'm starting to smell a rat! I've never read comments on any article where there were not people on both sides of the issue. The RJ is a left leaning rag of a newspaper. And I now think their pushing the corrupt courts and governments agenda to try to show that Bundy and the rest of the resisters have NO support. This has become a 3 ring circus and the corrupt judicial system and are elected officials are the ring masters. Knowing the court system here I think I can say with certainty that nothingvwillncimebof the law suit against Obama, the Reid's and the presiding judge. The best you might see is the judge excusing herself to makevan appearance of fairness but she will be replaced with another corrupt judge to replace her.

Update on Michael Emery the journalist, he is okay, but going to have to go through the same as all the rest in prison out there....I just got this in my email from Vicky Davis a journalist from TVOINews.



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