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UPDATE ON THIS ALERT.  We now have more information on Gregory Burleson.  We know now that he has developed diabetes and very poor condition and this UPDATE will share with you what SSG Moe Posted on Facebook this morning on May 14, 2016.  I have much information on this and you can access all of it on link below which is the page on my website.   Gregory is the blind man in prison in Nevada, who is in danger of dying.  He is being ignored, and even calling and writing has not helped, as you will see in the Detention Order that the Judge signed on 5/12/16.  This has to be dealt with and  we cannot have Americans, who have done nothing, no real charges on them, be held in prison with no medical treatment or care, when their health is dwindling and that prisoner is dying. We believe at this time, Gregory might have fired his attorney, or that his court appointed attorney has failed him, as we don't even see the attorney's name on the Order the Judge signed.  I know working as a paralegal in Florida, all orders had the Certificate of Service on them showing that the attorneys in the case were provided with the pleading or order.  All that Gregory did was attend the Bundy Ranch Standoff in 2014.

Please see it in your heart to do whatever you can to help Gregory.  I am afraid he does not have much time, so calling seems to be better than a letter, but even calling and letters would be twice as good.  Here is the link to my webpage, the easiest way to share all this information with contact numbers:!urgent/x5l40  

Also attached a jpg file of more information for Nevada's Federal numbers for anyone involved. Gregory's Judge is not on this file though, and that probably could be found on line if you desire to call Judge Navarro.  

ADDITIONAL ALERT:  Michael Emery, Journalist with The Voice of Idaho was taken by the FBI (swat team) while going to work on May 7, 2016 early in the morning.  We were told he had recently received some sensitive information which we believe might incriminate a lot of government officials, we also learned that he was probably setup as well.  When  he was taken, his wife was home alone when a swat team broke in, held her at gunpoint and she says she was handcuffed for 3 hours while they cleaned out all of Michael's stuff, camera, video camera, journals, computers, etc.  We also have since learned he is being held in a undisclosed place.  We have not heard anything and we all are thinking of him, especially what our other prisoners are going through and have went through. PLEASE PRAY FOR MICHAEL EMERY.   He is also a Veteran, a very good person.

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Absolutely right....I am praying for justice soon and it won't come from the Federal Government, that is for sure.

The judge in Nevada that is presiding over the Cliven Bundy case has denied Larry Klayman to represent Bundy.

We need that judges name,,,,,,, and the prosecutors.

There is nothing in the books that stops us from plastering their names all over the Internet along with a description of what they are doing.

The same thing applies to the judge and prosecutors in Oregon.

Get those names and plaster them over the internet.

Two judges that I know who are involved in the Bundy case are judge Navarro who Bundy named in his lawsuit and Magistrate Judge Peggy Leen. I think we might consider contacting Bundys Attorney Joel Hansen of Las Vegas, I believe he represents the Bundys Patricia could probably verify that however, he might be able to give us names and numbers for follow up.
I have emailed the CCA, The Govenor and the detention center in Parump and to date have had no response, frustrating...

As Far as I can tell Attorney Hansen is still representing Cliven Bundy.  Navarro was his Judge, and I think they are trying to get her recused in this case.   See this article here:   I get frequent updates from Carol Bundy herself, and it has been silent, so as far as I know Navarro is still the Judge and they most likely still have Attorney Joel Hansen.  They wanted Larry Klayman of Judicial Watch to work with Hansen on this case, but Navarro denied that right.  I don't know why they didn't pursue that matter because that was illegal for a judge to deny Cliven the right to an attorney who he wishes.

Many of us have sent out letters and there is pure silence!  I even wrote to many State Legislators and pure silence on those letters as well.  The American people are on their own, I don't see anyone trying to help.  I just wonder where all our Constitutional Attorneys are, the ones that do pro bono work, for all our Patriots in prison? We thought that Jay Sekulow was going to help, as one of my friends filled him in on what was happening out west and he actually sent a packet to my friend asking for all the men in prisons,  addresses of their families, so they could get the paperwork to them, but that did not transpire.  I got all the information to my friend and he followed through but American Center for Law and Justice then claimed that no Constitutional Rights are being violated in this incident and it was dropped.

I even wrote to the United States Justice Foundation hoping a response back from them.  

Some of these men are starting to plead guilty to get lesser sentences and serve time because they do not have the means or money to get proper representation.   This is what happens, as the Federal Government financially breaks you that way you have no choice.  Just like they are doing with the ranchers!  Bankrupting them and running them off the lands!

I was supporting Jay Sekulo and his organization. And then I saw who he hobnobs with, I stopped that support.  He continuously denies that congressional members are corrupt.  He sees the legal system as legit and no rights violated while we are seeing it consistently.  I saw him on video on Facebook stating these things himself.  People on Facebook and on his call in show continually ask questions about the corruption they see in their Senators and Congressmen and he poopoos their gripes.  No wonder, he plays golf with them.  Mind you he has fought and won some serious battles in court, but He is very prideful and apparently very pleased with himself and His "progress" on Facebook.  

I have seen this pride and purposed blind eye in many of our elected officials.  There have been so many who disappointed that I can count heroes for the constitution on one hand.  One by one, they are all lead astray.  I was a real fan of Trey Gowdy for his abilities as prosecuting attorney and his truthful bluntness also.  But many of his friends are similar to Paul Ryan who is blind and a progressive. How do you contend with all this? I wrote my Congresswomen and told her who to hook up with in Congress who is legit, meaning they have eyes to see, support the Constitution, the military and Vets, and all Patriots.  

I have to say, that everyone is speaking out for Trump because he appears to be the underdog; he appears to be what the NWO hates;  He appears to speak about the truth that everyone ignores; he appears to be a Patriot and stands with Nationalism; he appears to be pro Christian and anti Muslim.  That does not mean we are not all being played and The Lord God Almighty is allowing it to demonstrate that there is no one righteous but Him.  The NWO and Satan who runs them have an agenda and have been successful thus far. Satan is not stupid, he has thousands of years of experience in running his minions.  Prayer and prayer and the Word of God is what the Lord expects from average Christians.  We have to keep supporting those who make a Stand, but the Lord needs more prayer warriors and spread of His Word.  He changes hearts.  That is where the most damage is done to the enemy.  

I don't know about you all, but the Holy Spirit has allowed me to help lead 1 person per month to him in the last year and a half.  I am telling you that His Spirit is pouring out like never before.  The Sword of the Spirit is stronger than the fear and entrapments the NWO and Satan are handing out.  You may think me naive, but I know that he has sent truth to confound those who think themselves wise, but are fools. And Pride goeth before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.

Patricia... This is exactly what many of us have been saying for years that there is no true justice when the De Facto legal system is run by corrupt judges, politicians and lawyers. Hence the Common law Grand Jury was our only known remedy as we will never replace all of these corrupt officials. I do not see any way Justice will be served seeing the level of corruption within the whole system, yet I keep trying along with others. It's frustrating trying to stay within the law while those who oppose us do not.
The level of corruption runs so deep our leaders are no better than thise of North Korea or Iran or Russia, their just better at covering up their corruption.

Amen Michael!

Patricia.. I got your private posts, can't get reply to send however. Glad to see others coming on board to help with those incarcerated. All we can do is try, I hope against hope, however as I said the whole system is corrupt so are chances are slim, yet we press on. Here's to the struggle..

Patricia, make sure you archive the messages, save them to cd/dvd. Make several copies, and keep them is different places, off your property.

And now that you've disclosed this you'd better be quick about it.

"WARNING THESE ARTICLES WILL MAKE YOU SICK.  I CAN HARDLY STAND TO READ THE Joint Status Report Regarding Jail Conditions"  There is something very strange going on out west in these prisons.  Just about 3 days ago, I heard that Dave & Mel Bundy, Eric Parker and Jerry Delemus (N.H. State Reps. Husband) are being moved from Oregon to Nevada and not because of a pending trial, just moving them.  Someone said the prison had said they were making too much noise.  Not sure what that meant, but this court system and the judges and the government are very afraid of these men.  They know what they are doing, and they are being hit with unjustly judges and being abused in the prisons.  Most of them being moved are the ones who are very knowledgeable in what is going on.  I fear for them especially when I saw that they are being moved from a prison with single cells to a prison who puts 100 men in one room.  I just hope and pray that they are not put there so someone can take them out. Here is a recent Facebook post that I put in PDF form for you to is from SSG Moe and regarding what Dave Bundy's wife told her about what Dave Bundy is going through with this transfer.....

Also on May 24th the law firm  for Ammon Bundy filed this Joint Status Report Regarding Jail Conditions, but the Court has no interest in it.....I put this in PDF file, but it is actually  a photograph of all 20 pages....

The more I see what this Federal Court system is doing to these innocent men, the more heated I get.  I am having trouble dealing with this.  It is knowing that our Federal Government allows this to happen in our Country and treats Americans worse than Islamic Terrorists.....When will we have some kind of relief and when will the truth come out?

Thanks Patricia, Please hang in there and continue trying to keep us updated.
This entire mess is hard to stomach. Attempting to work through the legal systems is nearly impossible as long as the corrupt criminals control the courts and the department of justice.
We all know this whole thing stems from Harry Reid and his greedy manoeuvres to seize the land in Nevada.
The questions I have here:

Has anyone filed charges of Conspiracy to defraud against Senator Harry Reid, the BLM agents, the Nevada and Oregon judges and prosecutors??? NO - why not ?

Charges of racketeering ??? - NO - Why not ?

There appears to be several charges that could be filed against a whole host of people, including murder and conspiracy against the Oregon State police and the Oregon Governor.

You say these courts and jails are afraid of these men, they should be,,,,,, But they should be even more afraid of people like us.  Donald Trump is not going to fix everything, even if he tries. But We-The-People are rising, and we are not going to be very friendly when we get there.

I just hope these men can hold on and survive until we can free them.

Here's some up-front information. If anyone has more please add to this; It's time to apply some heat.

Nevada Governor is Brian Sandoval , A Republican..

State of Nevada: Judicial;

I had the name of the judge in the Cliven Bundy case,,,,,,,, Who has that name?

Also any other names that might help.

One thing these people fear is having their names and faces spread all over the Internet.They are scared to death of what that might bring their way.

So lets spread some information.



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