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UPDATE ON THIS ALERT.  We now have more information on Gregory Burleson.  We know now that he has developed diabetes and very poor condition and this UPDATE will share with you what SSG Moe Posted on Facebook this morning on May 14, 2016.  I have much information on this and you can access all of it on link below which is the page on my website.   Gregory is the blind man in prison in Nevada, who is in danger of dying.  He is being ignored, and even calling and writing has not helped, as you will see in the Detention Order that the Judge signed on 5/12/16.  This has to be dealt with and  we cannot have Americans, who have done nothing, no real charges on them, be held in prison with no medical treatment or care, when their health is dwindling and that prisoner is dying. We believe at this time, Gregory might have fired his attorney, or that his court appointed attorney has failed him, as we don't even see the attorney's name on the Order the Judge signed.  I know working as a paralegal in Florida, all orders had the Certificate of Service on them showing that the attorneys in the case were provided with the pleading or order.  All that Gregory did was attend the Bundy Ranch Standoff in 2014.

Please see it in your heart to do whatever you can to help Gregory.  I am afraid he does not have much time, so calling seems to be better than a letter, but even calling and letters would be twice as good.  Here is the link to my webpage, the easiest way to share all this information with contact numbers:!urgent/x5l40  

Also attached a jpg file of more information for Nevada's Federal numbers for anyone involved. Gregory's Judge is not on this file though, and that probably could be found on line if you desire to call Judge Navarro.  

ADDITIONAL ALERT:  Michael Emery, Journalist with The Voice of Idaho was taken by the FBI (swat team) while going to work on May 7, 2016 early in the morning.  We were told he had recently received some sensitive information which we believe might incriminate a lot of government officials, we also learned that he was probably setup as well.  When  he was taken, his wife was home alone when a swat team broke in, held her at gunpoint and she says she was handcuffed for 3 hours while they cleaned out all of Michael's stuff, camera, video camera, journals, computers, etc.  We also have since learned he is being held in a undisclosed place.  We have not heard anything and we all are thinking of him, especially what our other prisoners are going through and have went through. PLEASE PRAY FOR MICHAEL EMERY.   He is also a Veteran, a very good person.

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Cliven's Judge was Navarro, but now I believe it is Magistrate Peggy Leen, according to this article is hard to keep up with this.

Magistrate Peggy A. Leen- Chamber Room 702-464-5570

My previous reply told you Peggy Leen was the Judge, but now I found this article.   In the middle of the month of May, the document I had showed Peggy Leen, now this article shows Navarro....check it out.   Not sure who the Judge is at this point unless they are taking turns on the case.....   It could be that Cliven has two different cases and one is the actual case wherein the government is charging Cliven and the other case is where Cliven is suing others.  I think Navarro is the one where Cliven is the Plaintiff and Peggy Leen is the Judge in the case where Cliven is the Defendant.

Thank you for the reply.   I just have been feeling a whole lot like everything is going to hell today.  Hearing about them being taken to Nevada, just very discerning.   I really feel for the wives as they are dealing with a lot.  I am friends with everyone of the wives so I know their feelings. Some times I few things are going better and then stuff like this happens to knock me down.  I will keep praying for all these men in prison and all of them who are awaiting trials.

Two of the attorneys for Ammon Bundy are named in the PDF doc Patricia posted here.

Lisa Casey, and Michael Arnold.


Same file posted above.

AMMON BUNDY just hired a new lawyer, J. Morgan Philpot, a former Utah state representative.  He has more education and experience into these land grab matters.  HERE IS THE ARTICLE:

Attached is a PDF of Arnold Law Firm's Statement of Release to Represent....FYI


He wanted Ammon to have the best.  The new attorney is very knowledgeable in the matter of land grabs and BLM.   This is why they decided it best for this new one to come in.  I posted above the Statement from Arnold Law Firm...

Ammon Bundy retains new lawyer, former Utah State Rep. J. Morgan Philpot from Molalla

Here is Ammon's new Attorney's statement.....

There are many articles on the internet trashing Cliven Bundy, saying he is leaving his sons and Pete Santilli high and dry, because he severed himself from their cases in Nevada.   I kept thinking the reason why he is severing himself is to protect them.  I have a feeling he fears his case is not winable at this moment.   If you read this article here by Larry Klayman with Judicial Watch, you will see why Cliven probably severed himself from the other Nevada cases....

UPDATE ON THIS AND HOPE EVERYONE WHO WAS INVOLVED SEES THIS!    I just receive this post on Facebook from a friend who visits these men in prison out west.....Remember Gregory Burleson who was literally dying in prison?  You need to read this message:

"Wanted to let everyone know that I just spoke with Josh Burleson who is Greg Burleson's cousin. I am very happy to report that he said that Greg is starting to put on some weight. He is getting some attention to his health,,,more than he was before. He gets to go out in the sun a little bit and gets some exercise. He is totally blind in one eye and only has 5% of his eyesight in the other eye. He can tell if it is light or dark but that's about it. Very sad. They are helping him to learn how to use a walking stick (not sure if that is what it is called) to help him navigate his way around with his blindness. The guards are still reading him his letters when they feel like it, it seems. The ones who were the sympathetic ones seemed to have been moved. So please keep on writing to him. Josh said his spirit is better and he is still standing strong on his beliefs. He still needs our prayers and support as always. He doesn't get many visitors so if you are in the area Josh is sure he would welcome your visit. God bless you all who are still helping,standing and supporting."




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