Is the uprising in Ukraine a blueprint for the March On DC?  Do we feel empowered by what happened in Egypt?  Are we ready to die for our belief in upholding our freedoms and our constitution?  Ukraine can give us hope but do some need to die?  Can we gain more support by other means? Is there an alternative?


I believe taking action on the breakdown of our political system is way past due.  I am all for our March on DC and the sooner the better, and the stronger we are, the more likely of our success.  But I believe we should give ourselves the best hopes for success.  But success will come from uniting as many Americans as possible behind our position and success will come when we can convince Americans of our legitimate cause.  And with that we may also convince authorities to restrain their armed forces and listen to our grievances.


I believe we have much more likelihood of success if we can prove to the US, and world, of the corruption ingrained in Washington politics and how it is destroying the US and the place citizens of the world dream of living in.


Will fellow Americans see us as just another bunch like the March on Wall Street protesters and just hope for the distractions to just go away and tune us out?  I believe we can gain their attention when we can entertain them and prove our legitimacy by holding public court.  Yes, public trails of corrupt politicians on the step of congress.  We should hold many constitutional trials of those in DC that are undermining our constitution.  Indeed, continue with all that is already planned for our March on DC.  But in addition, set up public courts, outside of Congress, that will daily, hold public court and trails of one politician (in abstentia) at a time, one illegal activity at a time, one impeachment at a time and for all that deserve such actions.


The Constitution/Federalist Papers suggest that ‘we the people’ have a right and ‘an obligation’ to remove a corrupt/tyrannical government, but it doesn't give it power to do that, except to suggest armed rebellion. Let’s create that power! Suppose, any and every march on DC simply sets up a public court on the steps of congress and/or the Jefferson Memorial. And let the public decide.   For days, public court is held for each politician that is complicit.  We use real prosecutors and real judges, with real witnesses and juries. Surely, much of the media would see that as very news worthy and show the country what some protesters see as impeachable such as the likes of Rep John Boehner and Sen. Harry Reid, and others.  It would be an opportunity to explain to ALL of the country why so many are aggravated at the fed gov and display evidence against corrupt politicians.  Public court on the steps of congress.  Once one of them is impeached in our extremely public trials, and the press and public swing in mass agreement, and one of those politicians agree to immediately step down, the dominoes may fall for a peaceful cleansing of our corrupt government.  Other politicians may all soon decide to quickly, and permanently start following the constitution or face the same in the future.  And perhaps we can set precedent for a new way to deal with a tyrannical government for the US and the rest of the world.


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Richard Kerns, I greatly admire your steadfastness in distancing OAS from the "protests in Kiev, Ukraine." 


Two Points In Your Support:


First Point: 

Your perceptiveness that we need not mimic Kiev, Ukraine, in my opinion is wise. I do not want to see us get sidetracked and cheer-lead for the Ukraine either.


I’ve been trying to follow this Ukrainian riot, looking for similarities that could occur right here in the US as a result of Col. Harry Riley’s “Patriot’s Call” for “Mass Encampments” without permits, in Washington DC. May 16th. This “Scoundrel Media War on Ukraine” a summary by David Lendmen, on “2012, What’s The Real Truth”, seems to offer reasonable insight:

Evidence the CIA is funding the rebels falls into a business-as-usual pattern of recognition. Notice the entire production, the whole tragic affair where this “rebellion is staged” is contained inside the central plaza, downtown Kiev. Notice also how relatively sparsely attended this staged affair actually is. In other words it’s much different than Egypt’s Arab Spring of millions composed of multiple political subgroups living side-by-side in unified protest against a democratically elected Morsi who began a swift undemocratic concentration of powers into his hands immediately upon his election. It appears Kiev has a mere handful of violent protesters. That’s a big clue the violence is probably started by hired agent provocateurs. It’s the ideal set-up for effect. So I give credibility to David Lendman’s summary linked above.

Yet my real concern is Washington DC, May 16th and following. Col. Riley’s Right Wing evangelical Christian church leaders giving meaning and purpose to his declared vision-induced movement. His vision is to replicate Arab Spring in a militarized “Operation” American Spring (OAS). Col. Riley’s “bathed in prayer” movement to upload so many (10-million minimum) Encampers to the Capital Mall, in nonviolent protest, without permits, with at least 1-million remaining in the Capital Mall long term with no exit plan (OAS wants mass resignations) seems to me to be an NSA set up, for a Kiev-like Production, and to this extent I believe OAS and Col. Riley appears it’s being used by NSA and it is up to us to protect Col. Riley from being so used by the powers that be inside NSA, FBI, DHS, CIA, and the list of usual suspects responsible for the endless stream of False Flag attacks in the US.


Second Point:

The Common Law Grand Jury is active now in 47 states. It has been upheld by the Supreme Court. Enforcement requires elected sheriffs to back them up in administering due process. So your idea of public trial, if necessary, is gaining strength among activist movements, that see themselves marginalized by our mainstream media-congress-lobbyist control of our government.


What we do not seem to have yet, is an official "Book of Grievances." For reasons known only to OAS leadership, it is being compiled but not made public. So in its absence, I post the Big 3 Grievances that will help us impede and thwart nonviolently, our real enemy: the Cabal. 


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TJ McCann, 

All my several days of internet research, brings me to concur with your post. Their violence must be pointed out as unacceptable. 

I appreciate your comments on my post, both you Rich Buckley and TJ McCann's response to Rich's initial comment.  I also find it interesting that on Rich's last comment, at least from my screen, he seems to be telling me to "Stay on Message."  Very good point.  If both of you would take the time to read more than the first sentence, which is the only time it even mentions "Ukraine" you will both understand my comment is not about Ukraine at all,  but something entirely different. Sorry you missed my point.  I thought it was well written and had good information.  Maybe both of you will have more people pay attention to you if you take the time to read what you are commenting on and for each of you to "Stay on Message."  Again, thanks again for you interest, however miss-spent, on my post.




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