In the past week there has been an ever increasing amount of talk about the possibility of the impeachment of President Barack Obama due to a number of different scandals that are rocking his administration.  From Benghazigate to IRSgate 1 & 2 to APgate to Operation Fast and Furious to EPAgate.  We can only hope and pray that all of these ‘gates’ (scandals) end up negating Obama’s presidency sooner than he had planned.

But what happens if Obama is impeached and removed from office?

Most educated Americans know that in the event the President is removed from office that the Vice President becomes the next the President.  When Richard Nixon resigned, Vice President Gerald Ford became the 38th President.  If Obama is removed from office, Joe Biden would become our 45th President.

However, I bet if you went into the inner city areas of many of the larger metropolises you would find a number of people who have no idea who would take over if Obama was impeached.  That’s because our public school system is turning out a generation of idiots that are uneducated on many important factors including our political system.

The thought of Biden as President is almost as scary as Obama.  We would go from a sinister socialist to a laughable lunatic who has no concept of reality.  There is absolutely no telling what would happen under Biden except that he would be handing out one executive order after another as he has urged Obama to do on many occasions.

But what happens if Biden is impeached along with Obama?

Attorney and WND columnist Larry Klayman, Founder of Freedom Watch, is representing the families of three members of Navy SEAL Team 6 that were killed in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan in 2011.  The families contend that both President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are responsible for the deaths of their loved ones because of the publicity they gave the Navy SEAL team after the raid that killed Osama bin Laden.

Three months after the raid into Pakistan that killed bin Laden, members of SEAL Team 6 were among those on board a Chinook helicopter that took off for another mission.  Twenty-five special operation forces were among the 38 people that were killed when the chopper went down.  Just prior to taking off on the mission, all of the Afghans on board turned out to be last-minute replacements and none of their names had appeared on the flight manifest.  It is now believed that some or all of those replacements may have been Taliban who could have sabotaged the helicopter and the mission.

Klayman says that Biden bears special blame for the failure of the mission and the deaths of Americans on board, including the three members of SEAL 6.  In a statement, Klayman said:

“Shortly after that successful raid on bin Laden, the president – through the vice president for political purposes – released the name[s] of SEAL Team Six. That’s classified information, and even (then) Defense Secretary Robert Gates was critical of that. So that was like putting a target on the backs of the sons of my clients.”

“Biden did something, which was more than irresponsible. He served on foreign relations committees, intelligence committees. He knew, or should have known, what he was doing. He should be held accountable. Frankly, he should even be held criminally accountable for doing that.”

In addition to the illegal and improper identification of Navy SEAL Team 6, Klayman says Obama is also to blame because of his ‘Muslim coddlying’ and the restrictions he has placed on US military personnel.  According to Klayman:

“This president has set a tone that Muslim outreach … is more important than protecting the lives of our servicemen, and that’s crept into the military brass to the point where they can’t engage in preemptive fire. They can’t engage in return fire until they’re fired upon once. They’re sent into battle without adequate equipment.”

“For some bizarre reason, probably this Muslim outreach again of Barack Obama, they had a Muslim cleric give a prayer. Why the heck you would have a Muslim prayer and the servicemen are Christian is beyond imagination. So it has to come from the top down. And this cleric then proceeded in Arabic. No one understood it at the time, but we have a video of it, and it was translated by certified translators. He proceeded to damn my clients’ sons, and others who died, as infidels and that they should go to hell under Allah, the Muslim god.”

“That’s unbelievable. We’ve never even gotten an apology from the military that they did that.”

“This is a major scandal. This is as big if not bigger than Benghazi because it concerns all of the military.  The mid-level military brass are not serving the interests of the brave fighting men that serve behind them. But the problem is that the tone and substance of these policies come from Barack Obama himself.”

So back to my question, what happens if both Barack Obama and Joe Biden are impeached and removed from office?

Next in line for the Oval Office is the Speaker of the House which currently is Rep John Boehner.  That would be a huge advantage for the Republican Party, but only if Boehner would actually align himself with the GOP instead of constantly compromising with the Democrats.

It would be a truly historic occasion since it has never happened in nation’s history, but then again, there is a lot happening now that has never happened before.  The stage is being set for the possibility of this all to happen.  I admit the chances are remote at best, but can’t help but wonder, what if?

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You are quite right, Susan! By the by, please do read all of the article below....VERY authoritative!



I still don't get why we need to impeach, He's illegally holding the office shouldn't he be arrested,tryed an convicted,And sent to a federal prison that would send a clear message.

The treason route is a lot harder to do than impeachment. Of course he's Kenyan, we all know that, and personally, I'd like to see him tried and proven to be a Kenyan and his punishment should be a public hanging! The caveat to this is, I get to pull the rope. I asked first!



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